Podcast Hatchery Season 6 Transition Retrospective

Authors: @WoonTan2967 , @EriDAO


  • Podcast Hatchery supported podcasters aligned with the Bankless DAO mission with a way to launch and scale top quality podcasts that create income and impact while embracing the opportunities in the web3 and DAO ecosystem.

  • As a project, we have continued to support shows: Making Bank, Bounty Hunter and Bankless Africa. Each podcast with their own core team have continued to publish weekly episodes and grow the audience. Each podcast has continued to refine their operations, production, marketing and funding. Podcast Hatchery has supported the podcasts to become more autonomous. All podcasts have been successful at receiving grant committee funding. We have done this through audits, filling roles in the podcast teams and coordinating conversations.

  • We identified our objectives given from our Grants Proposals for the season AND our vision for where we want to take the Hatchery.

Here are our key Season 5 creations, contributors, and results.

  • Creation of 3 workstreams groups to use our bounty budget on - Operations, Sponsorship and Product.

  • Operations has been lead by @Eri DAO . Hatchery organization structure was mapped at the top level. Podcasting workflows and team structures were initially mapped.

  • Hatchery organization structure was mapped at the top level. Podcasting workflows and team structures were initially mapped.

  • Liquidiot has provided technical podcasting production support.

  • A full podcast production process and checklist has been mapped out by @Meryl.

  • whales has done a great job in developing our ongoing KPI tracking and reporting.

  • infinitehomie has done a great job in enabling work tracking, payment disbursement and budget.

  • Sponsorship and partnership has been lead by @ZimTeemo. A podcast sponsorships framework is developed - podcast audience survey, sponsorship discovery calls and a key partnership with podcasting platform Kickback.fm AlexanderZ

  • Product has been lead by @Woon Tan. We are putting together a suite cohort based group coaching and agency service.

  • New contributors onboarding is work-in-progress. We will continue to evolve the structure of the team. We have mapped out gaps in the team based on personality profiling.

  • In season 5 we reached out to Project Management and have received great support. We currently have @Oaklfloors becoming a regular contributor through the Ops workflow.

  • Also, to note is that throughout the season, we have had great collaboration between Making Bank team of Elemental, salmanneedasjob Droste, Bounty Hunter team 0xBrandon and Bankless Africa ThinkDecade as well as many other regular contributors Winverse VickyOne Mceal nehkee

KPIs achieved to date:

  • 3 podcasts launched
  • Total number of episodes published 93 episodes
  • Total downloads across all episodes 9798 listens

Season 6 Grant proposal Podcast Hatchery // S6 Grants Proposal

Any questions, do reach out to us, or comment below.

Thank you for ongoing support and feedback!