Project Updates Newsletter, part of CC Revamp Draft 2

This is the funding request for the Project Updates Newsletter described in the CC Revamp. Before we can implement changes to the CC format, we need more voters. Please take a few minutes to read and vote if you haven’t yet. CCs are the cornerstone of bDAO. If you like 'em the way they are, my feelings won’t be hurt. Frog and I just want you to vote! :wink:

For those who have read it, I need your feedback on one more poll. This is to ratify the creation of the Project Updates Newsletter.

According to the Newsletter team, they need:

  • Weekly 2,000 BANK for a Project Newsletter Team Lead.
  • Weekly 1,000 BANK for Editing.
  • One-time 3,000 BANK bounty for the thumbnail design of the Newsletter, done by a bDAO designer.
  • One-time 6,000 BANK bounty jar.

Estimated ship-date of new CC format (if approved): Friday, February 4th.

Between the first week of February and April 8th, there are 9 weeks.

Weekly funding: 9 x (2,000 + 1,000) = 27,000 BANK
One-Time Bounties: 3,000 + 6,000 = 9,000 BANK

Total for 9 weeks: 36,000 BANK

  • Yes, fund the Newsletter Team 36,000 BANK.
  • No, supply project updates a different way.
  • No, keep the CCs as they are now.

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Thank you for putting together this proposal. To be honest, I’m pretty torn on whether to vote yes or no here. I have a lot of thoughts about this, and have written some of them poorly and hastily here:

My yes side:

  • 4,000 BANK per week seems like a reasonable amount of money to spend on distributing important information around the DAO.
  • If this project updates newsletter has a focus on governance and circulating governance proposals, it could be a real benefit to the DAO. (as an aside: why does our DAO skew so heavily towards voting Yes on proposals? I’ve seen in other DAOs it can be very challenging to get support for a proposal.)
  • People can consume the project updates in much less time than 1 hour each week if the updates are presented in newsletter format.

My no side:

  • I like the cc calls (while acknowledging that I have time zone privilege and that the timing doesn’t work at all for our members in Asia/Australia).
    The cc call is the one time each week when the bDAO community is in the same space together. This time is for us. I don’t really understand why we would transform the cc call institution into another keynote speaker showcase. There are 1,000,000 opportunities to hear from thought leaders and SMEs on Twitter, YouTube, podcasts, etc. at every minute of the day. How does a speaker showcase bring us more community cohesion?
  • I think the cc calls slide deck is a wealth of information and sending that around could take the place of writing a newsletter each week.
  • This recurring weekly expense could become a burdensome overhead cost to the DAO. 9,000/week looks small but that’s 468,000 BANK per year.

Overall, I like the idea of using cc calls to focus the community on circulating proposals and governance issues. Perhaps there could be a small panel each week that takes opposing sides of proposals and governance issues so that bDAO members get the benefit of hearing different viewpoints. (because when reading a proposal, you are getting a very biased view of the upside of whatever the author is proposing).


Thank you for your comments! However, it is only 3,000 BANK per week, as the other two costs are one-time.

On this comment below, the keynote speakers and roundtables are all going to be bDAO members. Right now, we only hear from a handful of project and guild leaders, which is barely the tip of the iceberg. I want to hear from more people and go “narrow and deep” on bDAO-relevant topics. This way, CCs are educational and community-building rather than simply providing updates.

On the comment below: Yes, this is one of the formats we are exploring for keynote/roundtable section! It’s in Draft 2.