Proposal: BanklessDao x Regens Unite Collaboration

Title: Bankless DAO x Regens Unite Project Funding Proposal

Authors: @Nehkee, @anna-marie#8824, NFThinker

Date: May 20, 2022


The Regens Unite event in Brussels (19th to 20th of May, 2022) is bringing together people and projects that have the same goal: respond to the climate emergency by shifting our intentions from sustainability to regeneration. By facilitating space for people inside and outside of the web3 space to meet in person, the event will not only bring much-needed real-world perspectives into web3 but, equally, introduce web3 tech and social systems to those working in regeneration outside of the web3 silo. It’s through these kinds of coordinated efforts that we are much more likely to effectively respond to the climate emergency. BanklessDAO has a unique opportunity to signal to the Regen community that it stands behind their mission. One way of doing so is by sponsoring this event through providing audio, visual, and written media content.


The world just broke the record of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere at 420ppm. We are heading to an inhabitable world. India, where a lot of unbanked and crypto projects are based, has been witnessing a massive heatwave. This can’t go on forever. People notice but they are trapped in the old fossil fuel economy. They burn out. They are lost. We are lost. We need to go through big changes together and that will require taking good care of each other. Going bankless is part of the solution. It’s our duty to go meet other citizens that also want “System Change, not Climate Change”. They are fellow “Regens”, fighting not only for a sustainable future but for a regenerative one. One that will regenerate the soil, our communities and ourselves. We share the same goals and we all have pieces of the solution. It’s time to unite and support each other.

The goal of the event from the start is to break the normal silos we work and build in, sending positive ripples out into the world. For people like us that are building and innovating in web3, this is an incredible opportunity to have our work be influenced and shaped by those in all other sectors of regenerative work, and introduce those people to web3.

However, without dedicated people attending the event and working closely together post-event to gather learnings and communicate them, the ripples of this event won’t be as powerful as they could be. BanklessDAO can serve as a platform to help spread the importance of tackling climate change before it’s too late and to help people step out of the fossil fuel economy by going… bankless

BanklessDAO is seeking to connect regenerative communities via BanklessDAO media initiatives. This could be the perfect opportunity to put that intention into practice and spearhead this direction. BanklessDAO can gather learnings from this initiative and apply them to future initiatives. BanklessDAO will also be directly in attendance at the event, giving us the opportunity to introduce BanklessDAO, web3, and DAOs to a non-web3 native but regenerative-focused audience. BanklessDAO could position itself as being not only a supporter but also a contributor from day 1 of this movement. The need to unite Regens goes far beyond just one event. This is just the beginning.


The mission of BanklessDAO is to progressively - through its efforts, collaborations, and strategic partnerships - onboard one billion people to DeFi and Crypto. One of the big hurdles on the way is the fact that crypto is too often perceived as negative for the environment. Many often say: “I don’t know much about crypto but I’ve heard it’s bad for the environment so I’m not interested”. We won’t change that on social media but by creating conversations between citizens IRL, where we can learn to trust each other again and realize that we all want the same thing. Only then we will be able to change the narrative. Regens Unite’s goal is exactly that: give Regens outside of web3 the information that crypto can contribute to “System Change, not Climate Change’’. And vice versa, give web3 people the opportunity to learn from other Regens, so ensuring that we bring these learnings into our DAOs and web3 communities, centering regeneration at the heart of everything we do together.


An initial request for two participants (preferably within the EU) was made via the outreach to BanklessDAO through DAOlationships. However, we have only one contributor who has indicated the ability to represent the DAO through physical attendance (@Tobias W. Kaiser) at the event. Tobias is an active contributor within the DAO, through the Cryptosapiens. His presence will encourage real-world onboarding of mission aligned people into the DAO space, while informing attendees of the brilliant projects coming out of BanklessDAODeliverables

Other contributors involved in this project will be participating remotely by creating visual and written content.


All the content created by banklessDAO will be branded banklessDAO. The logo will also be visible on the homepage of

While sponsor banners at the event aren’t available, there will be a strong online presence and visibility for the BanklessDAO brand. All notable contributions will get a shout out at the event and in the communication.


Travel Expenses: Tobias
Travel from Coburg, Germany to Brussels: $150
Per diem: 3 nights hotel + food: 3 x $100 = $300

Travel Reimbursement: 20,000 BANK


Media Asset Creation: includes on-site and remote contributors creating graphics, written content and storytelling about the event via a podcast and other platforms. i.e. documenting the BanklessDAO regen story.

The one person who will be physically present at the event will need an estimated 20000 $BANK which will cover feeding, transportation and accommodation for a duration of three nights (based on the current price of $BANK). The remainder (20000 $BANK) will be allocated equally to persons who contribute to the creation of the required media assets which will include graphics,podcasts, audio and video content. The team is expected to be composed of content writers, graphics designers and marketers to promote the content.

Total Ask: 40,000 $BANK (based on the current price of bank)


High Level KPIs

Produce x graphics / tweets / new connections / podcast interviews / etc etc

Short Term KPIs

Target a focused audience based on the content produced by banklessDAO media assets team.

Create a framework that will allow for increased awareness about the Regens strategy, with banklessDAO as a collaborator

Onboarding new persons to join the cause by means of the conference or indicative interest based on viewed content

Climate Change Alignment (between all attending stakeholders)

Podcast Content focused at telling a story about the event

Long Term KPIs

Develop Regen strategy to further drive the movement, onboard more people and encourage widespread participation.

Increase IRL (In-Real-Life) event attendance, given as subsequent events will be organized differently and will require physical attendance.


  • Passing the proposal on yo the forum for review
  • Pushing the proposal to the Grants committee
  • Disbursal of funds to the DAOlationships multisig for payout to attendee and contributors


NFThinker: DAO community advisor

Nehkee: DAOlationships guild member with interests in web3 advocacy and wide adoption.

anna-marie#8824: Regen Unites, BlockchainForGood Alliance, previously core team member at PopcornDAO, Trusted Seed.

Tobias W. Kaiser: Active member of the Crptosapiens guild. Passionate about storytelling and creating systems that work.

Leribb#1973: Social media marketer and Content creator, enthusiastic about learning more about that web3 space and also the crypto space .

Tundeeey#9140: motion graphics designer and digital marketer keen on contributing to projects that use Defi for common good.

LiviaLavendel#6383 BanklessDAO Marketing and Design Guild. Multimedia designer and digital marketer. Creating videos, memes, photos, GIFs, Infographics, cool slides to get the message across.

Thank you @nehkee for spearheading this initiative and @anna-marie for being the driver. As Nehkee is new, he wasn’t able to publish a poll, so I’m adding this here. Please vote and comment below!

  • Yes, provide retroactive compensation of 40k BANK.
  • Yes, but the ask is too much.
  • No (please comment why not).
  • I suggest something different.

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