[Proposal] Migration to DAOpunks

Title: Migration to DAOpunks

Authors: LiveFast9986.eth

Date: Dec 12, 2023


This proposal seeks to gauge the BanklessDAO community on whether they want to migrate over to DAOpunks, pending BanklessHQ response, either partially or in its entirety.


Earlier this month, I made an elevator pitch in #dao-general to consider the option of migrating their work here, towards DAOpunks.

This is meant to provide the BanklessDAO community a viable alternative option to consider, pending whatever decision or agreement is made with BanklessHQ regarding the name brand of “Bankless”.


The Venn Diagram of Mission, Vision, and Values between DAOpunks and BanklessDAO overlaps substantively. As we are both, at its core, focusing our efforts on having humans onboarded into Web3, either because we want to them to free themselves from the corporate life of web2 (i.e. DAOpunks) or we want them to liberate themselves from the traditional financial system (i.e. BanklessDAO).


Determine what the BanklessDAO community wants to do after BanklessHQ’s response.

Determine if BanklessDAO community in its entirety wants to migrate over to DAOpunks.

Determine if various projects within BanklessDAO want to migrate over to DAOpunks, should the BanklessDAO community as a whole wants to remain or if the response allows for limited usage of the brand name.


  • Determine what BanklessHQ response is.

  • Determine what the community wants in response.

  • Determine if projects want to leave BanklessDAO or if there is a requirement for any projects to be vacated.


Should BanklessDAO want to proceed with the migration to DAOpunks, there will invariably be a cost to it as well as in-depth discussions on how we want to set up DAOpunks to accommodate BanklessDAO. DAOpunks currently has a proposal DpIP -3 that will allocate half of their treasury towards the migration (approximately $19.5k USD).

However, this money can be used to help onboard small groups that no longer can/want to operate under the BanklessDAO banner.


If the proposal is accepted, discussions between DAOpunks core contributors and BanklessDAO will be had to discuss the finer points of what the new structure will look like, discuss any legal requirements, and how to re-establish the community under DAOpunks.


I am LiveFast9986, community manager for DAOpunks. I have been managing the community for well over the past year and a half, and have authored various different proposals for DAOpunks (including our digital license agreement, amendments to our interim governance framework, and our grants framework), and have helped managed our grants program.

POLL (Discourse Post Usage Only)

Poll: Do you want to migrate to DAOpunks?

Option 1) Yes

Option 2) Yes, but only if its the only option

Option 3) Yes, regardless of the HQ response

Option 4) No

Please see @0xbaer Poll as i did not properly create the poll in original post.


making a poll for you

Do you want to migrate to DAOpunks?
  • Yes
  • Yes, but only if its the only option
  • Yes, regardless of the HQ response
  • No
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If this proposal gets approved, it will be the greatest web3 Ouroboros ever.

DAOpunks started in BanklessDAO → subDAO → separate Entity → now bDAO to be acquired to DAOpunks.

Thank you for offering this option and your willingness to help.

We all are DAOpunks


I would defer to the more active contributors if they want to do this, but for me - as much as I love and respect DAOPunks - it doesn’t feel right to merge bDAO into it.

Bankless and bDAO as a movement are so tied to the brand; I don’t think we should give up being Bankless DAO, or a similar renamed DAO that is independent and has effectively the same mission.


Hey @livefast9986,

While I would like to vote for this, I think right now it is a bit premature, as we have the potential of continuing as BanklessDAO still on the table.

I think this vote will be very relevant after the proposal is posted and the DAO has had a chance to react and decide its future.

I continue to appreciate the warm and supportive outreach of DAOPunks.


GM @Icedcool

Apologies. I can see your point that this may be premature. With that said, it was suggested that I make this post to move the conversation out of the #dao-general and to have a better focused discussion on the topic. I do sincerely apologies if this had an adverse effect, as that is not my intention, but rather to hopefully continue talks and get a better understanding on my end of what to prepare and consider.

I now see your announcement of conversations continuing about the proposal. and I agree that this will be relevant after the DAO has had its moment to react and decide its fate. But it may also be worth something to at have some thoughts prior to any finalized proposal.

If I overstepped, please let me know.


Nothing to apologize for, and nothing overstepped!
I think this is a good awareness raise.

Personally though, I just can’t vote till we see the direction of next steps with HQ.


Very interesting approach and I like the “out-of-the-box” thinking here. Opens up new perspectives.

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Thanks for your pitch @livefast9986 - it feels good to feel welcomed and wanted. You brought forward this shining light at our darkest hour. This situation is cringe enough already though and we can’t make this decision hastily. I’d wholeheartedly get behind a DAOpunks move if it ever came down to it, but we aren’t there yet and def weren’t. The branding and sub/para-branding aligns about as well as I could imagine - def should explore this no matter which way the HQ branding proposal goes.

The lack of regulatory clarity BanklessDAO was experiencing weighed heavy on the community. Your pitch was a comforting relief that made me realize there’s going to need to be a healing period after this saga plays out. Potentially a mourning period, well see. The proposal from HQ is heartening to me, although I realize many have their reservations (as do I).

But, I have no doubt that the Phoenix that is our united community will rise again to blaze new trails in season 10 & beyond :fire:


DAOpunks - DpIP #3 - Allocation of Treasury Funds for the merge with BanklessDAO was approved by the DAOpunks community.