Proposal to exchange NFTs for two weeks of advertising in Bankless newsletters

Author: obviousunrest#1963
Date created: September 29th, 2021
Date posted: September 29th, 2021


What we’re asking for:

Advertising space in two weeks’ worth of Bankless newsletters (main newsletter and Metaversal). We’d also be open to considering 2 week’s worth of ad space in just one of the two newsletters.

What we’d provide in return:

30 Bushidos NFTs, provided to the BanklessDAO treasury. The mint price for Bushidos NFTs will be 0.088, making this (at least) the floor upon minting. Each Bushido will also receive at least one Katana during our airdrop later in 2021, with rarer Bushidos receiving 2 katanas. This means that we are providing at least 60 of our project’s NFTs to the Bankless Treasury in exchange for ad space.

What kind of ad would we like?

We’d like to provide 1 image to use for the advertising image, and 1 paragraph about the project. This paragraph would include a link to our website, from which visitors could find our Twitter and Discord links.

Why is our project worth the attention of BanklessDAO?

Who’s behind the Bushidos?

Bushidos is an NFT project founded by three Coinbase employees and 1 Stripe employee (that’s me!). The founder and illustrator is a well-known professional illustrator who has worked for such companies as Google, Apple, Amazon, Slack, Coinbase, and more. The team is fully doxxed. We’re in it for the long haul.

What’s the storyline?

8 samurai Guilds make up the Bushidos clan — a clan of 8,888 samurai and their families spread across all corners of the world. Each Guild has lived in isolation for 100 years. Their campfire stories and lore tell tales of a time when they could travel instantly to any place using this mystical force called the Blockchain. The Guilds were financially stable, well-connected, and boasting strong alliances. But then an evil ruler overtook the blockchain and using his powers of fear, uncertainty, and doubt, controlled it…closing it from the world…and taking all of the samurai’s weapons with him into the blockchain. From within his portal, he’s ruled the world with a closed fist. Over the 100 year reign, the Guilds have weakened to shells of what they once were. What used to be truth is now legend, and most people don’t believe that the blockchain ever existed in the first place. The Guilds now live in isolation. Unable to travel outside of their lands, their economic prowess has decayed. Sickness, financial ruin, and despair have overtaken the Bushido. Until one day, in each Guild’s towns, a portal magically opens for a moment, and the swords of their ancestors spill out — each bearing mysterious markings. The same markings that decorate their historical scrolls and lore. Could it be? The blockchain is true? The 8,888 Bushido samurai set out on a mission to re-open the portal, defeat the evil ruler, and bring the world back to a place of decentralized power. If only they would have know where their journey might take them…

Where are we now?

Season One is dedicated to building the community, establishing key partnerships, introducing some early gamification mechanics, and introducing our primary cast of characters (the Bushido samurai).

There are three NFTs in Season One.

The Sashimonos

These are the banners that represent each of the 8 Guilds. Each Guild aligns under a virtuous principle that historically guided the samurai: justice, courage, compassion, respect, sincerity, honor, loyalty, self-control.

The Sashimonos were free to mint and sold out in under 3 minutes. These 888 NFTs are held by ~444 people with a sales volume (at the time of writing) of 39 ETH. Holding a Sashimono NFT gets you early-mint access to all future Bushidos mints, and the ability to mint 2 NFTs in the private mint for every Sashimono held.

Discord members may join a Guild of their choosing. Shortly, Sashimono holders will have access to private channels in which they can contribute to Guild planning and governance.

The Bushidos

The main characters in our universe for Season One — these are 8,888 generative NFT samurai, each totally unique. These will be the main characters in our storyline.

Mint price: 0.088 ETH
Mint date: Soon to be announced

The Katanas

At the end of the year, every Bushido will be airdropped a Katana. Rarer Bushido may receive more unique blades or even multiple blades. There will be a special utility and gamification encoded into the Katanas that will be critical to the story of the Bushidoverse and will tease out an important new character in Season Two.

What’s coming?

Season Two will be about creating media to tell the story of the Bushido. We’ll be working with a world-class team of illustrators to create an innovative virtual and physical comic, introduce 3D versions of the Bushido for use in the metaverse, IRL meetups, at least 2 new NFT collections, and more.


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The Bankless DAO and Bankless HQ are separate entities. If you would like to pursue advertising in the DAO weekly NFT newsletter, Decentralized Arts, that may be possible. To advertise in Metaversal you would have to go thru HQ.

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while i do not represent the DAO or the newsletter team.

So far I only see these on our newsletter: uma

And this is what I can see UMA and us do:
Bought $1 M worth of BED.

Provided us with KPI tokens support.
Had 3 UMA x BANK community calls.
Had cross pollination of talent.
And a lot of mutually beneficial work.

Just sharing some history.

:+1: interesting project and I don´t see why this movement should not promote more art that promotes the movement.

Are there men and women samurais in this project? I would suggest some basic diversity / inclusion / representation standards if we were going to support and/or promote any NFT projects…

This is a v good point @angyts

Not sure if we need to have any formal guidelines on this going fwd but I agree that, in order to maintain integrity and remain an authority in the space, it is important to make sure that whatever we are promoting has good standing in the space and provides deep value we ourselves believe in / subscribe to. Otherwise there is a slippery slope towards becoming a newsletter that shills any project that pays us.

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perhaps other Media Channels within Marketing Guild would be more appropriate, Your project could actually help us bring up our numbers and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Flote, as well as our Medium and Mirror Blog

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