Research guild season 10 funding request


Author: Crown​:crown::black_flag:#6220

Editors: Aloy🏴#6049, ETrinity007#7414, SpiritedF#7303, Ghabby, vickyone

Date: 11/10/2023

Wallet surplus: nil - we do not expect to have any leftover funds at the end of the season.

Funds requested: 240,000 BANK

Multisig: ETH: 0x2b00Fdf9AadAFEe22Cf56eb59BA367f6aCD0ce10

Polygon: 0x3628F8A41eE5112931fBA446610aEaD236Cd2AA3

Multisig signers;

ETH: Crown​:crown::black_flag:#6220, SpiritedF#7303, Latsan#6466

McEal#0001, infinitehomie.eth​:black_flag::hammer_and_wrench::test_tube:#4930

Aloy🏴#6049, ETrinity007#7414

Polygon: infinitehomie.eth​:black_flag::hammer_and_wrench::test_tube:#4930, rowan#3669,

Gahbby#6647, Miss purple💜#0919 Aloy🏴#6049

feems, Vickyone🏴#️0165

Guild Description & Mission/Value Alignment

Guild Description

The research guild is responsible for conducting research, providing insights, educating members, and fostering collaboration.

  1. Conducting research: The primary purpose of the research guild is to conduct research on various topics that are relevant to the DAO’s mission and goals. This can include researching new technologies, analyzing market trends, and evaluating potential investment opportunities.

  2. Providing insights: By conducting research, the research guild provides valuable insights to the DAO’s decision-making processes. The insights gained through research can help the DAO make informed decisions about its operations, investments, and other activities.

  3. Educating members: The research guild helps to educate other members of the DAO about various topics. This can include providing training on new technologies, explaining market trends and their implications, and sharing best practices.

  4. Fostering collaboration: The research guild helps to foster collaboration among members of the DAO. By working together on research projects, members of the DAO can develop a deeper understanding of each other’s skills and expertise, which can help them work together more effectively in other areas.

Mission Value And Alignment

The Guild’s Mission will be to operate as a Support Node for conducting, guiding, and funding research that aligns with the goals and vision of the Bankless DAO.

To achieve these goals, the Research Guild Will:

• Create research bounties

• Track Research Jobs/Opportunities within and outside the DAO

• Fund scope squads and research projects through a grants program

• Write and publish research articles

• Empower Research Work and Talent

Recruitment for projects across the DAO

• Empower new joiners with what they need and fix them into workgroup as they can start writing research papers and articles

• Expanding horizons and introducing BanklessDAO’s Research to New Communities

Seasonal Summary

In Season 9, we underwent significant developments. We revamped our bounty system, aligning it with the DAO’s mission of spreading the crypto gospel. This restructuring accommodated more members, fostering their active participation. Articles generated through bounties on fueled our blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter content, drawing from the products of our governance research last season.

Notably, we secured funding through a research gig, focusing on on-chain analysis for the BANK token interaction, bringing in 10k BANK/period. Although modest, we aim to capitalize on this opportunity. Currently, we’re gearing up for a new research project centered on human resources in Web3, exploring how to attract and leverage talent effectively. Needed updates were made to our Notion page, covering essential topics like Introduction to Web3, Governance Tokenomics, and Onchain Analysis. The meticulous documentation of meeting notes and attendees since 04/09/2023 ensures transparent communication within the guild.

We successfully onboarded five new members in the first quarter of Season 9. Office hours and a discovery call were held to address queries and discuss ideas contributing to the guild and bDAO’s overall development. Additionally, a survey on bDAO members’ perceptions of TLbank is in the pipeline, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and community engagement. Furthermore, the Governance Coordinator played a pivotal role in Season 9 by structuring the bounty and compensation system to align seamlessly with our limited funding. This strategic approach ensures that our resources are optimized to support the influx of new members and their active involvement, fostering a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem within our DAO.

Previous Season DAO Updates

We have not made any presentations during the community calls so far this season.

Next Season Plan

For the upcoming season (Season 10), the research guild is poised for continued growth and impact. We aim at achieving the following:

  • Refine and optimize the bounty system further to ensure that it continues to accommodate the increasing number of members while staying aligned with the DAO’s mission. Evaluate the effectiveness of the current structure and make adjustments as necessary to enhance engagement and content quality.

  • Build on the success of securing the external bounty in Season 9, explore additional opportunities for research gigs, partnerships, or sponsorships. Diversify income streams to strengthen our finances and support ongoing guild activities.

  • Develop a comprehensive research project roadmap for the season, outlining key focus areas, deliverables, and timelines. Prioritize projects that align with the DAO’s mandate and have the potential for meaningful contributions to the crypto space.

  • If not executed by then, execute the planned research project on human resources in Web3. Investigate effective strategies for attracting, onboarding, and utilizing talent within the Web3 ecosystem. Ensure that the findings contribute valuable insights to both the guild and the broader DAO community.

  • Explore community engagement initiatives, such as webinars, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), and surveys to foster a sense of belonging and gather feedback. Strengthen communication channels and actively involve members in decision-making processes to enhance the overall community experience.

  • Look to build on the onboarding efforts and develop mentorship programs, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities to support the continuous development of guild members. Foster a collaborative environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

  • Explore potential strategic partnerships within the crypto and Web3 space. Collaborate with other DAOs, research organizations, or industry leaders to amplify the guild’s reach and influence.

By implementing these initiatives, we aim to not only sustain the momentum from Season 9 but also elevate our contributions to the crypto community.

Financial Implications

Previous Season Accounting & Current Holdings

Funds Requested

Using the new guild funding formula:

Seasonal Guild Funding = 15,000 * 16 weeks = 240,000

How do you plan to distribute your funding within the guild?

The above breakdown is done with the view that projects within the guild will be funded through the snapshot process suggested in the guild funding template.

Third-Party Funding and External Revenue

We received 10,000 BANK tokens for a research bounty for the DAO, the gig basically involves on-chain analysis for the BANK token interaction.

Guild Members

Our list of active members was based involvement in guild activities, by actively participating in these activities, members have demonstrated their commitment, contribute meaningfully to the guild’s objectives, and be recognized as valuable contributors to the guild’s goals, these activities are:

  • Bounty Task Participation: Actively engage in and contribute to bounty tasks, such as producing articles for, creating content for LinkedIn and Twitter, and participating in design bounties.

  • Carrying out role holder duties and responsibilities Participation: Certain individuals on the list have effectively fulfilled their roles, actively contributing to the progress achieved in diverse capacities.

  • Research Project Contributions: Contribute meaningfully to ongoing research projects, providing insights, analysis, and collaborative efforts that advance the guild’s knowledge base, support external funding initiatives and support the Bankless DAO mission.

  • The active membership status are updated periodically, (every 4 weeks) and by the end of the season, only these members that have been deemed active will be able to participate in guild’s governance decisions.

Update interval

After the first period of the next season, absence or zero useful activity to the guild would make a member be deemed as inactive.

Additional Information

Guild Notion Page

accounting doc

dework tasks page

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not correct - Og & Ernest were replaced by etrinity and aloy.

Aside from a few efforts from @Jengajojo , Im not sure if this actually happened in S9.

This guilds mission, once upon a time, dealt more with empowering members to conduct reason, not necessarily to set up as a support node. This is interesting.

ultimately, even though my name is under editors (edit? Maybe not?) (news to me!) I cant vote for this proposal.

I’m not sure if others should, either. It is everyone’s sole perogative, but I am beginning to lose hope in the guild. I’m sorry to say.


Thank you @homie

Let’s discuss this though…

I’ve been in research guild since season 2. We’ve spent most of the last 6 seasons trying to decipher a bounty system, or trying to decide what roles are needed versus what roles aren’t.

Do you still forsee a need for this guild? If so, why?

Anyone can answer this of course, and this is coming from some one who has been in this guild for 2 years.

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Could you link these, or share the results?

I think my biggest questions are:

  • What are you researching and why?
  • What are the bounties for and why?

Additionally, do you all ever review roles, and whether they are still needed? Wondering about this, because if you on-boarded 5 members, I’m wondering how necessary talent scout is (as an example).

I have further questions, but starting with that.


Also, this vote will need to be public, so you’ll need to remove and recreate it.


Hello and gm hope you’ve been good?, sorry I am just getting to this!
I shall proceed to answer your biggest questions and then address your remark;

  1. What we are researching is basically a continuation from last season’s governance research and application in accordance with the guild’s goals and the DAO at large. So this season the key work is deploying the results of the governance research via articles. Then these articles are broken down into versions for our social media page, and our general media campaign.

  2. The bounties are as follows; an article, twitter (X) thread & a LinkedIn article based on the originally produced article and design bounty. In line with what I said in (1.) above, the bounties are a function of our intended media campaign (which outlines with the DAO’s message). As for the “Why” The bounties encourages and galvanizes activity of members in the guild whilst also serving as means for members to earn some BANK on their road to L1.

As regards to reviewing of our roles, at the end of S8 we did have a review and restructured the roles and their responsibilities for S9, I think 2 periods isn’t enough to time to fully justify an output of a particular portfolio although in collaboration with the Governance lead we both have been brainstorming and thinking of how best to ensure full efficient outputs of all the roles we have. And before S9 comes to an end we as a guild plan to review them and possibly reabsorb redundant roles into other more useful roles.

Also the BANK on-chain analysis is still ongoing, the first part is ready but the second part isn’t…when the total result is ready, a forum post will be published to that effect!