Research Guild Season 7 Proposal

Draft of Season 7 Budget Forum Proposal

Lead Author - Infinitehomie.eth

Funding Amount Requested - 219,003 BANK


The Research Guild’s purpose will be to operate as a Support Node for building Research Talent for Bankless DAO and beyond. We realize that there is Research to be conducted throughout the DAO.

To achieve the Research Guild purpose, the Research Guild will:

Attract talent through a welcoming yet complete onboarding process. Through Onboarding, our goal is to build a productive runway for each Research Member to truly shine.

Retain talent through connecting members to research opportunities and participatory governance.

Upskill “DoYourOwnResearch” Skills

  • Assess what research skills are needed across the DAO. Surveys, Analysis, and Reports seem to be the most in demand.
  • Assess what research skills onboarding members have. Hone those skills and build education programs for each member to grow with marketable skills in Web3.
  • Track Research Work within the DAO.
  • Develop the education needed to develop surveys, survey data analysis, and reporting workshops that align with the Education and Writers Guild standards.
  • Practice writing and publishing research reports in collaboration with DAO Projects, Media Nodes, & Departments.
  • Continue to provide the education (learner roles) needed for Guild Member Development.

Season 6 Summary

We tested a Practitioner Model for Role Holder Position Development of the North Wind Pod, so that folks can have the skills they need to provide continuity in Guild activities. As the North Wind deals with Governance, we realize that this was a novel approach to try and steer the Governance in a different direction. This approach was created instead of the Lead and Support structure that is commonly used in Research Guild. For Season 6, we had a North Wind Pod with 3 practitioners.

The Goal of the practitioners was not to lead by example for a follower to support the Pod Functions, the goal of the practitioner was to practice what they have previously learned as support role holders in order to fulfill the duties of the pod.Due to the friction that arose from the process, and the guidance that we realized the process lacked, we have concluded that an official mentorship role may have been helpful in smoothing out the friction and provide guidance through the season.

We adopted Dework as a the 2nd most important tool in our Guild Tool Box, in between discord and notion. All Guild Activity and membership level is now tracked through dework tasks and roles. Dework Templates make it easy for pods, projects, and members to organize and track their activity.

The Research Guild Dework Tasks start with onboarding activities. As a member advances through each Dework Level, the activities become associated with contributions to various research workstreams throughout the guild as well as throughout Bankless DAO. If a previously onboarded member becomes inactive, they may not be able to maintain their membership level. This will likely result in their return to the Learner Level, with less access to tips and minimal amounts of GIVE in coordinape round.

We continue to recognize researchers and their work in the Guild.

  • Dework tasks are NFTs!!
  • Studied Coordinape Survey Data. new study of coordinape data coming next season
  • Continued Member of the Month Award
  • Create visibility for web 3 research work.
    • 50,000 BANK for Writing, Editing, & Publishing of Research. (based on previous collab with WG) this budget was used to extend the season to align with Season Specs
      -We are in the initial stages of relationship building with RnDAO. Research and Development DAO is a great opportunity for members to learn how to do and write research. They would also benefit from media folks. Look for upcoming research events with RnDAO members.

Member Activity


Members of the Research Guild are encouraged to “actively contribute” to the success of the Guild which includes, but is not limited to the items described on each page of the Guild Member Talent Pathway for membership:

There are 3 Talent Pathways for Guild Members

New Members to the DAO & Guild

beakers are not considered active members until onboarding is complete at the Learner Level

Season 6 - 11 new members fully onboarded.

New Members to the Guild

Practitioners and Stewards are members of the guild who are now active in at least their 2nd Season and are actively contributing to projects in the guild or the dao.

Researchers in Training

In Season 6 we had a total of 10 members retained from the previous season oughly estimated by Ernest of Gaia for there to be about 10 folks from Season 5 active in DAO Projects or Departments and Not Active in the Guild

In Season 6 we had 5 members Active in Educational Activities.

  • All Pathways lead to increased engagement with research workstreams in DAO projects, Departments, and other Guilds.

Goals for Season 7

Our Main Purpose in Season 7 is simple. We will utilize the lessons learned from our Member Focused Season 6 Approach and refine, enhance, and expand the Research Guild Active Member Model model.

  • Implement a Mentorship Role for North Wind Pod, Our Governance Focused Pod
  • Build a presence in the DAO learning opportunities discord channel
  • Continue to Adopt and Refine our use of DeWork to measure Contributor Activity.
  • Design a Dynamic Membership with decay function for reduced activity.
  • Focus on reconnecting with research workstreams in and outside the DAO and raising awareness of opportunities and needs of projects
  • Spend more time developing our web presence. Via utilization of, and -
    • Research Guild Recap
    • Bi-Monthly CCall Updates

Educational Programming

Just over 1 professional development Educational Article posted a week

The East Wind Pod developed an Async Weekly Course with optional Sync.

This course can run twice per season and teaches Research Methodologies and Data Fundamentals.

We had 7 folks participate, some off and on, throughout the season in Education Programming, via the East Wind Pod (dework).

We had one student attend all the class sessions, but due to work and school, in IRL, was unable to complete added homework assignments. They were however very engaged in the class.

We spent the season testing various types and areas of professional development. While we technically did not have a successful completion of the educational course, we learned an exponential amount of information around this process. We will continue to adapt the educational programming to the student’s needs vs expecting them to adapt to us.

How will we measure success?

  • We will be able to track and measure members as they progress through the Talent Pathway.
  • Members learning new skills to contribute to projects and other guilds.
  • Assisting members in contributing to research and research reports in other areas of the dao. Guild’Lationships
  • Raise awareness of the needs of research workstreams and projects.
  • More Reader Friendly Reporting & Tracking

Guild Membership

How will we measure Memberships and Track Talent Development?

Up until Season 6, the Research Guild has determined Active Members by cross referencing 2 sets of data. One data marker is the @Beakers Discord Role Tag. The other dealt with our Coordinape Signup data.

After each coordinape our @Beakers Role Tag is wiped clear. For the Coordinape sign up form, members are required to list their Guild Contributions to successfully complete the form.

We have different tiers of GIVE levels in the Research Guild Coordinape. In the Coordinape Process, Learners receive 25 GIVE, Practitioners receive 50 GIVE, Stewards receive 100 GIVE.

Budget Calculation for Season 7

(Note; a role holders pay has been held back due to inactivity within the role). I also have recognized that whales was included in the totals. As an act
good faith towards Bankless DAO his status is not qualified, even though he did manage to update to active status. So the updated total is 219,003 based on calculation, active member status, and removal of whales from this calculation)

273,000 budget for Main Roles we are enveloping the Notion admin duties into current role parings.

20 * 10,000 = 200,000 budget for talent development

subtract 253997 for leftover funding from Season 6

Budget Amount - 219,003

We agree to adopt the Membership Based Guild Funding specifications for Guilds within BanklessDAO. We currently have 21 Active members according to Dework.

Tracking Membership Activity and Talent Development.

Reports for changes in membership over seasonal time are not yet available we hope to have more accurate data after the second season of implementation.

Talent Development Pathway

Below are Files that Document the Tasks completed throughout the course of Season 6 By Active Members of the Guild.

New Joiners-tasks-list.csv




As we test this framework we will add Verified Roles for Research Talents as well

Important Links to View Further Research Guild Related Information.

Talent Development Pathway
Active Membership List for Research Guild (21 members)

Do we Fund Research Guild for season 7?

  • Yes
  • No

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Some Extra information in the Actual Final Draft in the guild that for some reason didn’t make it into the forum post. Just more info on member activity, no changes to the budget numbers

The budget numbers are actually incorrect

Note: actual budget amount is 374,000 BANK.


The actual member information is also incorrect, as you’ve added a member who was not active and was removed from the guild. So the budget in your “actual final draft” was incorrect, and it presents members who are not actually active.

Thanks for this proposal. I have a couple of questions @ernest_of_gaia, will you be holding 2 roles for season 7?
Also, are you counting whales as an active member?

Hey @homie & @ernest_of_gaia. I’m your grants reviewer. Great progress! :slight_smile:

I’ve the following questions:

  • If the actual budget request for S7 is 374,000 BANK instead of 483,000 BANK, can I ask you to update the forum post accordingly, so that we from the GC considers the correct amount? Thanks for your transparency!
  • I checked your accounting spreadsheets and multi sigs. First of all, good job on the administrative front! You lead by example when it comes to keeping the documentation clean & organised! However, I see you have around 34,000 BANK on polygon and around 416,000 BANK left on mainnet. How will you utilise these remaining funds? What’s the residue once S6 Epoch 3 payouts have been conducted? Can the leftover be utilised to (at least partially) fund your S7 expenses?
  • On the partnerships/outreach front: besides working with RnDAO to train research talent, what are other potential external leads and why should they choose the BanklessDAO Research Guild to work with?
  • Did you get in touch with projects such as Bankless Academy or B Labs to become aware of any research talent needs the have? @ernest_of_gaia mentioned they are interested to understand what type of research skills is expected in contributors in order to contribute to projects, so that the Research Guild makes sure the time is spent on teaching the skills most used within BanklessDAO?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

Appreciate the input and thank you for your questions.

The 416k bank will work its way down to about 107k by the end of S6. We then update that amount into the ask, which takes it down to 374k bank.

I can update the amount. Definitely.

It’s possible we can include the 34k for funding needs. Which would likely take the amount down to 340k.

We spent S6 researching and deciding what it takes for a Research Member to become active. While we will continue to refine this, we will also be taking the refinery, outward. And reach out with serious inquiries to other groups, (including b labs)

Your question in regards to “why research guild” is a good one. We have the ability to upskill contributors around needs of various groups connected to Bankless DAO.

There are members who are connected to projects including crypto sapiens, that can assist in research needs with respect to finding talent, researching information regarding community growth, decentralized identity, and other needs for the community.

As well, we are utilizing our West Wind Pod to research these connections that you speak of, with members looking to continue to reach out.

They have reached out to blabs, however, I believe we can do a better job to “ask” b labs (you, perhaps, hah) the specifics in regards to what talent, what skills, and what prerequisites are needed to be an asset to b labs, and beyond.

We also used West Wind to research other groups including ELI5 DAO, so we can further delve into the skills that are needed for research to be an asset to the DAO.

I defer to Ernest for more clarification. Let me know what other questions you have :relaxed:

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Thanks for the catch. We actually did not count whales as an active member for this proposal.

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Hi Again!

I’ve updated the amount - we have a budget of 239,003 proposed now for S7.


Hi @homie Thanks for adjusting the numbers. I am wondering why there is no poll set up for this proposal?


When this proposal was created, and edited. I was not told we had to have a poll.

We have to have a poll?