Season 6 Research Guild Budget Proposal

Research Guild Season 6 Budget Proposal

Author: Ernest of Gaia #4762
Date Posted: 10/12/2022


The Research Guild’s purpose will be to operate as a Support Node for building Research Talent.

To achieve this purpose, the Research Guild will:

Attract talent through a welcoming onboarding process

Retain talent through connecting folks with research opportunities and participatory governance

Upskill “DoYourOwnResearch” Skills

  • Assess what research skills are needed across the DAO. Surveys, Analysis, and Reports seem to be the most in demand.
  • Track Research Work within the DAO.
  • Develop the education needed to develop surveys, survey data analysis, and reporting workshops that align with the Education and Writers Guild standards.
  • Practice writing and publishing research reports in collaboration with DAO Projects, Media Nodes, & Departments.
  • Continue to provide the education (learner roles) needed for Guild Member Development.

Season 5 Summary

We developed an Apprentice-Like Program or Mentorship Model for Role Holder Position Development, so that folks can have the skills they need to provide continuity in Guild activities.

We Experimented with ways of recognizing researchers and their work in the Guild.

Goals for Season 6

Our main purpose in Season 6 is to recommit our guild as a talent pool for Research Talent and to develop the curriculum to provide education in how to do research. Since our “reboot” in Season 3 we have spent most of our time teaching members how to form into research workgroups, develop social agreements, and learn basic DAO tooling and processes. In Season 6 we look forward to developing education specifically for developing research talent and are shifting away from funding research initiatives.

How will we measure success?

  • We will be able to track and measure members as they progress through the Talent Pathway.
  • Creation of a Seasonal 8 week Researchers Cohort
  • Members learning new skills to contribute to projects and other guilds.
  • Assisting members in contributing to research and research reports in other areas of the dao. Guild’Lationships
  • Better Reader Friendly Reporting & Tracking

Guild Membership

How will we measure Memberships and Track Talent Development?

Up until Season 6, experimenting since Season 4, the Research Guild has determined Active Members by cross referencing 2 sets of data. One is the atBeakers Discord Role Tag. The other is our Coordinape sign up data. After each coordinape our atBeakers Role Tag is wiped clear. For the Coordinape sign up form it is required for members to list their Guild Contributions in the Coordinape Sign up form.

All S3-S5 Coordinape Contribution Data

Season 5 Membership List

  • To earn the role tag guild members are assigned it when they RSVP to guild and research workgroup events. They must of course maintain the Guest Passer Role status in the DAO as well.
  • Up until Season 6, we only had 2 guild membership tiers to qualify for coordinape. To Qualify for coordinape you must be a Guest Passer and make ANY of the following contributions to the Guild.
    • RSVPing, attending, and participating in working groups.
    • Voting on polls, roles, and any decisions affecting the Research Guild in #research-Gov
    • Creating and/or editing content to be used internally or externally
    • Observation, brainstorming, and contributing to the creative process
    • Taking on ad-hoc tasks or bounties
    • Managing administrative functions
    • Participating in guild projects
  • Starting in Season 6, we will have 4 membership tiers, based on the value of the contribution, and align our coordinape incentives and access to coordinape with the 4 different membership tiers. At the End of season 6 we will have totals of members in each tier, to more accurately budget from, and we will have talent tracking as members progress from new joiner, to learner, to practitioner, and finally to Researcher status within the guild.
  • In Season 7 we will have a Researcher Role to identify a 5th membership tier within the guild. The Researcher Role will have to complete or teach basic researcher education and participate as research support in dao projects. (after completion of cohort).

Budget Calculation for Season 6

We do agree to adopt the Membership Based Guild Funding specifications for a Guild within BanklessDAO. We Currently have 56 Active members that qualified for our last coordinape all confirmed to also have our active member role, beaker. (waiting to see if dao dash can export this data seems like the answer is no)

Membership Based Guild Funding Specifications

273,000 budget for Main Roles

56 * 10,000 = 560,000 budget for talent development

We are asking for a Total budget of 833,000

Our Historical Guild Incentive Structure is dissolved and instead the Guild Self Administration Activities now qualify members for access to coordinape.

Draft Tracking Membership Activity and Talent Development.

Reports not yet developed, though the data is in a Notion Database.

Talent Development Pathway

As we test this framework we will add Verified Roles for Research Talents as well.

Talent Tracking Table - this will be filled out by the end of season 6 and allow us to track talent development and guild member activities.

We are asking for a Total budget of 833,000 BANK.

We are expected to have a seasonal excess balance of 89,000 BANK

We have a Multi Sig on the ETH mainnet and on polygon.

  • Eth: 0x2b00Fdf9AadAFEe22Cf56eb59BA367f6aCD0ce10
  • Matic: 0x3628F8A41eE5112931fBA446610aEaD236Cd2AA3

Membership List

Estimated Membership Roles will be backed up by data next season

Test Notion Member List Table

  • No Objection to this Proposal
  • Objection to this Proposal
  • I have comments that need addressed before I can vote

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It’s not clear to me how you are actually segmenting your members into groups. For example, does a new joiner simply have to sign up to coordinape to get a Beakers tag, or do they have to do something else? How does a new joiner graduate to become a Learner?

You’ve also stated in your post that the member levels are estimated. Who estimated them and how were they estimated?

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