[Season 3] BanklessDAO Gap week between Seasons

I think it could be an interesting way to experiment with ubi within the dao. Like you are saying we define a threshold of engagement and every member who passes that threshold gets an equal distribution of bank for that week. The difficult part would be defining that threshold and how to decide who meets it.

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I’d love to!

This proposal is all about sustainability or balance. What I’ve noticed when I’ve walked into teams that are working unsustainably is that there is an imbalance between authority and responsibility. If you have too much responsibility without authority, you can’t get your job done, which leads to stress. Too much authority without associated responsibility makes it easy to cause stress to the people around you.

French has 2 lovely words which capture this nicely - pouvoirs (things you can do, authorities, abilities), and devoirs (things you must do, responsibilities). I mention this because paid time off doesn’t SOUND like an authority in the English sense of the word, but when you think of it as something you CAN do (i.e. decide), then it’s clear it’s a pouvoir.

So what’s my solution? Associate every pouvoir (can do) with one or more devoirs (must dos) and vice versa. When you write this down, it could look something like this:

pouvoirs (can dos) devoirs (must dos)
Can take 1 week of paid time of between seasons
  • Must ensure all workflows are documented in the team Notion page
  • Must ensure no one is blocked while you’re gone
  • Must ensure your weekly tasks (i.e. meetings, status updates) are handled or deferred while you’re gone

That’s just a quick example, but essentially I asked myself: what needs to be done to ensure your teammates aren’t suffering from your vacation?

This exercise can be done for for roles in general (if you’re automatically getting paid, there are likely some accountability devoirs that should be attached). You can also do it the other way: for each devoir, what pouvoirs do you need to get the job done?

Why do I feel this is worthwhile? I’ve heard of some role abuse through the PLM group and in ombuds. I’m not sure how widespread this is (I haven’t encountered the issue personally), but it’s certainly concerning, ESPECIALLY if we are planning on beefing up the perks associated with roles.

Given that S3 is shaping up to be a governance check, it could be a perfect time to run an exercise like this.


@Icedcool will this proposal be reuploaded with the financial implications in the body of the post rather than in the comments? There is no way to change votes and I voted yes before reading the comments about the financial implications. If this passes as it stands right now I personally feel like it tarnished the integrity of our voting system because I voted without all of the information and when I realized the financial part I would 100% change my vote to a no. I do not think this proposal should be allowed to pass until the financial implications are in the body of the post and the vote redone.

We discovered more of the impact and implications of the gap week as the vote progressed, and I hear your call for a re-vote with more details so it is more comprehensive at least to the financials.

Probably have more options and specifics to it…
I think what is at least clear is that, we all want designated DAO downtime.

Reading your response here makes me thing this poll is now defunct?

Haha love the poem!

Yes maybe a step into the right direction would be to not pay paid roles every day of the week.
1000 BANK/h for one hour per day, every day. So I work every day. Sometimes it’s just that hour but well, oftentimes it’s more.

Wanted to bump this for awareness, and to acknowledge the points that @Soundman and @links have brought up, which are relevant and really important.

Personally, I think the encouragement towards taking a break and stepping away will be good for everyone and the DAO, even with the challenges brought up around this.

This GAP week will technically not be compensated because we have a gap between the season 4 start (April 8th) and when we are actually starting and kicking off s4 (April 29th).

The poem is still relevant :slight_smile:
Go get sunshine and sleep.
Those under eye bags getting too deep.