Solicitation of interest - Guild ZK Polygon ID pilot project

Several BanklessDAO members and alumni are working with Polygon technologies to build the next set of DAO tooling. One of those tools is Polygon ID , a ZK roll up digital ID which was launch last week.

As a GSE member I can share that one of the areas that has come up twice, in separate exercises, as both a risk to the sustainability of the DAO under strategic in risk management, but then also again as an identified weakness during DAO business analysis, is the obsolescence of the tech stack.

Polygon ID essentially enables 1 person 1 vote and digital privacy. You can read more about the technology here:

In a pilot project concept bDAO ultimately could issue and verify its own credentials.

Trying new things is synonymous with leadership and in my view at least should be synonymous with bDAO’s pioneering mission.

So this is a solicitation of interest for 1 or 2 guilds or subDAOs, who are willing to step forward and make history and adopt a polygon ID system for Guild governance and try it out for a season or two, give feedback and be part of the shape of Digital identities.

Go to your guild meetings and talk about, and post here, and if you guild is amenable, we can connect that guild to the next steps.

Please comment.


Generally, I support the idea of zero knowledge ID process/real human ID. I also think an ID that allows for the creation of a reputation within that context adds a tremendous amount of value. In theory, a pseudonym could create an ID that shows a history of interaction and possibly references/affirmations that demonstrate different experiences and proof of skill. I think there is a lot that can be done with this. I would point out that having an ID that is difficult to build up but easy to abandon provides some additional advantage of requiring investment in one’s digital self but with the ability to jettison one’s digital ID if circumstances require it (I am not speaking of scammers or criminals but rather individuals who may desire to remove digital tracks for any number of legitimate reasons).

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I am a big fan of both polygon as well as zk. This DAO is an experiment and while dynamic never slow to try new ideas and improvement suggestions. The possibilities are endless. I have been working mostly in the education guild and our cross guild promotion work area. I will take the suggestion to the next guild meeting on Sunday to attempt to access level of edu guild’s interest. Sounds worthwhile to at least try it.



Great idea! I find the concept of ZK to be extremely intriguing and interesting (even though I don’t understand the technical side) so I totally support investigating any possibilities to incorporate this technology.

I’ll post this in the Legal Guild and ask :slight_smile:

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I believe its a very interesting concept, absolutely. But perhaps you could be more specific as to why you think we would need it in bDAO - the need/use case so to speak. What is going to be better at bDAO after we implement this? Reference to “…the obsolescence of the tech stack.” is slightly to abstract for me.

Support this initiative! I’m wondering if you considered doing demo or AMA in bDAO. It would be helpful to show the actual product to your users.