Solving for Decentralized Coordination

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The Bankless DAO is intended to be a decentralized, autonomous organization. As a result, there will be many independent parts that must be able to align on shared short and long term goals and priorities, and work together in coordination to achieve them.

Solving for Decentralized Coordination

The DAO can align by creating a charter that sets out the DAO’s vision, values, methods of achieving its vision, and obstacles in the way. DAO groups (e.g., the writer’s or engineering guilds) can create their own charters that aligns with the DAO’s charter. Anyone that wants to contribute can review the charters that interest them most and get an idea of how they can help. They can even create their own charter! This framework enables anyone or group of people to organize and create a mission that aligns and facilitates that of the DAO.

Values, Methods, and Measures are in descending order of priority. This helps make sure people and resources are focusing on supporting the highest level priorities that they can. That doesn’t mean they’re not all important. However, even though we already have a ton of amazing people involved, we still have finite time and resources so it’s important to know our priorities.

Since our cadence is organized around seasons, I thought we could organize goals around them too. The DAO can align on charter updates once a season (method TBD, but I think quarter soft consensus and yearly hard consensus). Measure owners (e.g., Above Average Joe#5427 for Community) could be accountable for updating their measure once a season and creating an update for the DAO. Maybe guilds are required to do the same, and anyone else is allowed to contribute their own; we can create a page on the gitbook or something to publish them all and provide transparency. This will help ensure everyone stays aligned and marching in the same direction. For example, the marketing team can see if engineering isn’t planning to support one of their projects.


  • What are your thoughts on the problem statement?
  • What are your thoughts on this idea to help the DAO gain and maintain alignment? Should I turn this into a formal governance proposal?
  • If you want to contribute to the charter, click through to the google doc and pitch in! It’s still a work in progress, but I thought it had enough in it for everyone to get the idea of how it’d work.

Bankless DAO Charter (Work In Progress)


We have entered an era of internet-scale organizations.

The coordinating power of Ethereum allows internet strangers with shared values and goals to organize under a common banner, and enables them to steer the world towards their future aspirations. Internet communities align with digital tokens and use them as tools to focus capital and labor into productive outputs in pursuit of a shared vision. Under community consensus, the private skills and resources of an individual can coalesce into public collective power and impart change upon the world.

With this, humanity has unlocked the capability of building new, internet-scaled institutions aligned with the values of its members.

We need this now, more than ever.

The previous institutions of the world have hit their limits of growth. Nation States, corporations, banks, Silicon Valley monopolies are no longer inclined to include additional members under their tents. The value in these entities accrues to a small few, and thus are fundamentally misaligned with the many people they serve. As these institutions scale, they become increasingly incapable of producing the future that is aligned with the individuals that comprise them.

The role of Bankless is to operate as a public good for education, media, and culture on crypto and all other bankless technologies that are being introduced into the world. The bankless message is a global banner, and the Bankless DAO is the organization that coordinates people under this banner. Only an internet-native organization is capable of growing an internet-scaled revolution, and thus we need a Bankless DAO to grow the bankless revolution.

We want a money system by the people and for the people.

We want to propagate crypto media and culture.

We want to help the world go bankless.


Self Determination

We believe that all people should have the freedom to make their own decisions and determine their own paths.


We believe decentralizaroduces more resilient systems that produce better outcomes.


We believe sustainability should be considered in every decision. This includes both the organization, our communities, and the environment.


Method 0 - Community

Method 1 - Governance


Measure 1 - Method of consensus

Measure 2 - Constitution

Method 3 - Media Nodes

Owners: wolfehr#3150

Measure 1 - Develop a protocol

Develop a protocol to interact with media nodes that includes application, verification, onboarding, moderation, and benefits for both the DAO and Media Node

Season 0

  • Develop and gain approval for protocol
  • Implement protocol
    • Governance
    • Engineering

Season 1

Method 3 - On-chain Cash Flow

Method 4 - Media Nodes

Method 5 - Engineering

Method 6 - Marketing & Social

Method 7 - Financial

Method 8 - Legal and Government

Method 9 - Financial


Limited templates

Bankless DAO is the first media DAO. Additionally, DAOs as a whole are a new concept. There are limited examples to learn from.

Murky Legal Environment

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Not sure about this. All organisations have an always growing appetite for power. This power might not come by membership to the organisations but by having more costumers.

How would you reword that part?

Full transparency, the vision is just the mission statement with some parts related to Bankless LLC removed.

After reading it again, I believe it’s true. Since what is saying is that powerful entities controlled by a few are misaligned with they people the serve.

Work on a similar document has been going on for a few days over here: Bankless DAO Constitution - Google Docs

Discussion has been happening on this thread: Bankless DAO constitution

I like the mission and vision in that existing constitution draft a lot. The vision statement found in the constitution Google Doc is currently “One Billion Bankless”
The current mission statement is:
Bankless DAO coordinates and curates talent and contribution to propagate Bankless media, culture, and education, driving adoption of trustless, decentralized money systems.

The vision and mission were pulled from emails from RSA and finessed a bit. The thing I like about that mission statement is that it is short and to the point. It can be shared in one breath and it seems like it captures the essence of what this movement is about.

What was the process by which this draft you are presenting was created? If this is something that has already had a lot of broad community input, more than has gone into the constitution draft, those of us who have been working on that document could shift our efforts to now work on this one. I did not realize another version of a foundational document was in the works.

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I noticed the similarity between the vision and values here and the constitution too, after I posted this. I haven’t had a chance to chime in on that proposal yet (will do so tonight), but I will suggest plugging it in here as the vision and values and that can be one way we use the constitution. I envision the methods and measure would be updated regularly, but the vision and values would stay fairly constant and probably only change if/when we update the constitution.

This idea is intended to be less about the specific vision, values, methods, and measures and more about the overall framework for keeping the DAO aligned and focused.

The charter I included was more to demonstrate the idea than recommend something specific; I wanted to have some stuff filled in when sharing to demonstrate how it’d work. The vision I have is basically a copy/paste of the mission statement on and I don’t have any community aligned on it or the values.

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