Global Events S7 proposal

Project Champion: @Jengajojo
Squad: @NFThinker, @feems @Son @Tundeeey @WinVerse
Purpose: Public good

  1. AV Guild
  2. DAOlationships Guild

Authors; Editors @Jengajojo
Date created 27/12/2022
Date posted: 11/01/2023

Funds requested: 100,000 BANK
Project wallet(s): eth:0x94D879812bd3f831F4Ad1F82452c58352d3d0596


The Global Events team partners with influential crypto events to generate content, offer tickets to members and generally help create brand awareness


  1. Delivered partnerships with Convise@ETH India, HackOnchain Berlin & Istanbul Blockchain week
  2. Global Events consistently produces the best performing content on youtube and social media on banklessdao channels
  3. We collected 40+ leads for bDAO products and services
  4. Offered 5+ tickets to bDAO members


We conducted a mid-season retro in s6. The outputs were

  1. Make a bounty list for folks going to events w/o partnerships [done]
  2. reach out to the mid level projects for sponsorships [tbd]
  3. [Add on] for marketing guild campaigns [done]
  4. Mini Retrospective for bDAO after each event [done]

Finally we are working on a pitch deck which we will use to pitch our services including interviews, YT shorts, panel discussions and speakers at events.


General Partnership structure:

For any event seeking partnership we propose the following partnership structure. The actually final version of the partnership might vary depending on the realities of the actual event

Bankless DAO offers:

  1. A 100 word write up in the Weekly Rollup newsletter about the event 1 month prior to the event
  2. A 250 word write up in the Weekly Rollup newsletter summarising the event, posted latest 1 week after the event
  3. Five posts on BanklessDAO social pages as well as a translated version of the same info on the social pages of the International Media Node(s) relevant to the location of the event. The posts will be made 1 each week for 5 weeks in a row leading up to the event.
  4. Retweet up to 5 posts from the event organizer, with max 1 retweet per week for 5 consecutive weeks leading up to the event
  5. A shout out for the event in BanklessDAO Community Call (internal weekly meeting), as well as the relevant IMN CC
  6. At least 1 person from bDAO who films key highlights and interviews relevant participants
  7. A crew which posts YouTube shorts (30-60 seconds long) and a 1 min recap of the event on the bDAO YT channel. Depending on the availability of funds, contributors and speakers, we will also produce 2-5 min interviews.

In return BanklessDAO asks the event organizers for:

  • At least 5 backstage/Media passes for the entire event
  • Have BanklessDAO listed as an official media partner for the event
  • Tweet about this partnership in the official twitter channel of the event
  • To offer 5 normal tickets - 3 for chosen BanklessDAO members and 2 which can be used as giveaways via social media
  • Reserve a 30 min slot for a speaker from BanklessDAO
  • Send the exact text and image which should be tweeted out

1. Squad Roles


Project Manager/Champion @jengajojo

  • Responsible for end-to-end execution of the action items in this proposal.
  • Works with the squad for each event to make sure activities are progressing smoothly and in a timely manner

Marketing Department

  • Assures all events are marketed appropriately.

AV Co-ordinator @feems

  • AV Project Manager: liaise between on-site media lead and AV guild, QC for recorded media, assure all required assets are provided in correct formats

Client Manager @winverse

  • Follow up with leads collected from events, schedule discovery calls with relevant partners and convert them

2. Event Roles

(selected separately for each conference)

a. Onsite Roles

DAOlationships Lead

  • Make connections with individuals and industry partners at the event. Direct contributors and potential partners to the BanklessDAO onboarding / intake form (CRM)

Communications Lead

  • Coordinate Interviews, Public Relations, Maintain comms between bDAO team and partners, guests, sponsors

Media Lead

  • On site AV lead, arrange required AV equipment, record B-roll and interviews, control lighting and audio, upload content to

Side Events Lead

  • Oversees any side events hosted by BanklessDAO. Requires some event management experience

On-site Merch Lead

  • Creating any physical branding materials for the events, supply merch for on-site team, liaise with Marketing, collect payments and record sales if applicable

Social Media Lead

  • Liaise between on-site comms lead and bDAO Marketing Guild, write and schedule social media posts, obtain images and graphics to accompany media posts

b. Offsite Roles

Partnership Manager

  • Oversees pre and post event coordination between bDAO and partners


The budget for each event and the number of people attending each event should adapt to the event reach (footfall) and contributor availability. We suggest the following matrix for this allocation:

Financial Implications

We propose that contributors are remunerated in a performance based unlock where upon funds are disbursed on completion of certain predefined conditions for each event.

All roles are paid when

  1. At least 10 Leads from each event are uploaded in the DAOlationships CRM
  2. All AV content is uploaded on YT/Social media
  3. All text content is published on twitter & weekly rollup.

In order to execute payments, the partnership manager sends a CSV file to the multi-sig upon delivery of above items. The payment for roles is divided into fixed share and variable share.

Payment structure:

Fixed Share

  • 10% allocation to the Project Manager
  • 5% allocation to the Marketing Department
  • 10% allocation to the Partnership Manager
  • 5% allocation to the AV coordinator

Variable share [Client manager]

  • 1000 BANK for each lead contacted. Qualification criteria: Complete CRM entry, fill out as much info as possible, verify contacts.
  • 2000 BANK for running a discovery call and filling up the call report template
  • 5% of each deal closed

The Partnership Manager, decides the allocation of the rest of the budget between the on-site team, reimbursements and other related expenses for each event

Payment Policy:* All expenses for any event are paid with a single transaction at the end of the event.*


Factor KPI Success Metric
tickets # of tickets given to bDAO members #≥5
videos # content produced #≥5


The project has been offering free tickets to L1 and above members since inception.




Fund bDAO@Global Events team with 100,000 BANK for S7?

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  • No

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Great job. To me this project really fulfills the core mission of the DAO, has a reasonable funding ask and therefore is a no brainer for me :rocket: