Suggest an update to the Mission of the BanklessDAO

Thank you for opening up this necessary conversation. We’ve had this discussion in writers guild meetings before, wondering, what really IS our mission here?

I’m working on the bDAO website home page and this is what I’ve written about us:


"BanklessDAO is a media DAO onboarding 1 billion people to crypto.

We take a decentralized approach to:

Producing cutting-edge written, visual, and audio content.

Providing blue-chip consulting services for other DAOs and Web3-native companies.

Shipping products that are already changing the future of work.

Creating a social homebase for artists, thought-leaders, builders, and innovators in the Web3 space."


Onboarding 1 billion people to crypto still feels relevant to me. I just think we do it in a lot of different ways than simply creating media. Also, I personally would push back on using the word “metaverse” in our public mission statement. This is because people are still figuring out what the metaverse is and most non-crypto-natives associate it with Facebook and VR headsets. I want to stay as far away from Zuckerberg and his toys as possible, as I’m sure we all do here in bDAO!

Personally, I’d edit the mission to something like this:

“BanklessDAO is a media and social DAO onboarding 1 billion people to crypto and building the future of work. We achieve this by taking a decentralized approach to media, consulting, and DAO tooling. We also provide a social and cultural home base for artists, thought-leaders, builders, and innovators in the Web3 space.”

Just my two bank :slight_smile: Thanks for this post angyts!


I love this one! (except that it is long)

“BanklessDAO is a media and social DAO onboarding 1 billion people to crypto and building the future of work. We achieve this by taking a decentralized approach to media, consulting, and DAO tooling. We also provide a social and cultural home base for artists, thought-leaders, builders, and innovators in the Web3 space.” — Samanthaj

  • I love this mission statement
  • I don’t like this mission statement

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Yes it could use some wordsmithing…I’ll get back to you

I’d also like to add that I think we should move slowly on this issue (do lots of iterations of the mission, get consensus in 1. discord polls, 2. here in forums, THEN 3. snapshot) because changing the mission is a really big deal and should require high voter participation and lots of time to think.


For sure! I just wanted to throw this out for discussion. Because this has been an issue that has popped up in many places.

As i grew more white hair, I start to appreciate more and more these stuff that I use to roll over when I was younger.

Organisations without clear visions and missions just struggle so much. So much pain!


Agreed. Excited to see where this convo goes, thanks for getting it started :pray:

As person who has lead countless strategy teams here are a few thoughts:

The strategy of the organization is framed by its mission and vision, in between those two we find the goals and the objectives.

Normally we say the Mission is what the organization does and the Vision is the destination the organization wants to reach, and it gets there by aligning resources to take it from its mission to its vision.

The relationship looks like this:

                                      Mission    >  Objects & Goals    >     Vision

Mission statements are difficult and time consuming to craft. I have worked on dozens of mission statements on retreats and working groups over many years.

The main reason I joined this DAO in the first place was because it had a crystal clear mission statement. ( despite the fact that I have no media or culture skills can’t draw or sing)

The proposal “To be the premier DAO in the metaverse” describes a destination and in most circles would be considered a vision statement. Maybe we should be looking at revising the vision statement.

To be fair, I really tried with a critical eye to find support to review modify or change the mission statement.

From a strategy lens it is clever to choose to do media and culture to build an audience first (user base) so when the next onboard tools are developed there is already an audience for them. There have been millions of amazing products and services that die before they have a chance because the tool is built but nobody knows about it and then it cannot survive.

Bankless consulting, Ombuds office, and Legal Tax consultancy are not media related and all fall out of building tools to facilitate onboarding and have an audience waiting to consume the tools.

If we look at the mission statement: " through education, media, and culture"

and your list:

Writing newsletters, blogs, articles
Creating podcasts, Crypto sapiens, podcast hatchery, AV content
Creating educational media, bankless academy, workshops
Creating NFTs, DAOpunks, emerging artist art, metafactory merch, NFT flipper tools
Perpetuating bankless culture, memes, satires, talk shows
International media nodes to spread the word

On a balanced score card the organization would score very well for achieving its mission.

Because it can take a long time to “bake cakes”, organizations usually do not revisit mission statements unless there is an event or strategic pivot that threatens its existence. For example: it has tried to execute on the mission statement and it failed and it has no runway left or circumstances beyond its control alter the environment.

In contrast it would uncommon to change a mission statement for an organization that was successfully delivering on it.

Honest Regrets.

Happy to help a session to craft a new statement if you really want to.


I really hope this picture reads well - But here is an example of setting a vision and reverse engineering it into outputs. The timeframe outcomes is totally up to the pace in which the team or org works. It keeps it highlevel and ‘should’ be easy to digest for new starters. I delivered around 80 workshops in my organisation and then used this information to map all the medium term and long term outcomes against the organisation’s corporate plan AKA the political adminstation’s manifesto and promises to the residents. My thought process was that this would inform one of two things:

  1. Ensure that the services are aligned in their delivery to the aims and ambitions of the organisation
  2. Or, completely revamp the corporate plan with the common themes and outcomes that are shared by departments, shaping it’s design (In the case of the DAO, this could form our long term vision in a nice and punchy strapline with clear preconditions in how it will be met, whilst essentially being designed by the community)

I would love to deliver this as part of the GSE framework. Or failing that (I’m not successfull) go through this with some guilds or projects.

The important thing to note here, is that it’s not a final product and should be reviewed constantly and iterated to ensure:

  1. It’s still relevant ‘have we achieved this now? What’s next?’
  2. It’s reflective of any changes in service resource, budget and corporate steer from the local government political leaders? (In this case, changes in the DAO, community sentiment, bank treasury fund)

I guess, you can try to do this in the forum right? like here? we have decent engagement here.

Or does this require some kind of synchronous sessions?

Prefferably, I would like to deliver workshops throughout the DAO (from expereince it’s way better doing an interactive session with most of the team included, than messaging).

I’ve gone into a lot more detail in the GSE application, but regardless of the outcome, I will share in a forum post to gauge the communites appetite for it

would you like to bring this to the education guild instead? We can try to help you create an educational product around it?

I really like that idea :slight_smile: I will wait and see if there is appetite for this in the GSE scope first then get in touch. I’m confident in delivering the workshops BUT it’s key to collaborate and I might pick up and thing or two from yourself :wink:

I think we should use the word Web3 instead of metaverse…
Ryan and David talk a lot about how crypto did a genius rebrand to “web3”… where Zuck has now tainted the word “metaverse”.


This is a great initiative, and it has flown under my radar until today. There is a clear need need to rethink our mission and our goals if we are going to sustain ourselves and protect our brand.

I have been talking with @Elemental, @twilight_pirate, @SwoleChasse, and others about this very thing. We have asynchronous forum posts, threads, and conversations discussing branding, missions, project scope, and so much more.

It’s time to collate all the great posts and comments found here, and here, and here, and here and elsewhere around the DAO, then arrange a round table stage to discuss them in front of the whole DAO.


Thanks for starting this conversation @angyts - I’m sorry I didn’t find it sooner. It’s the most important conversation for bDAO. If we get the mission right it will help those of us feeling frustration in bringing projects to fruition and also help potential new members decide if the want to call bDAO home.

I’m going to take some time to read and reflect before coming with my 2c.

I like it. What does DAO tooling mean?

Sometimes I suppose when you have a mission statement that makes people ask questions about what it means that may not be a great statement.

(Not talking about the above mission statement, just randomly adding .02 bank :relaxed:)

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DAO tooling refers to infrastructure and technologies that enable DAOs to work easier.

I am glad that this topic was raised, as I had similar thoughts recently regarding the fuzzy mission of the DAO.
I agree that a clear mission is important. It is the base on which all decisions can rest.

A couple of weeks ago, I was performing one of my rituals for personal well-being involving medical herbs, meditation and natural movements of the body when the seed of an idea was channeled into my mind in the midst of an Adho Mukha Shvanasana.
Like an enthusiastic plantsman, I prepared the soil of my mind and body by taking a Siddhasana pose and inhaled another hit of vaporized fertilizer to help the seed germinate and grow in me.

What I saw in the vision that appeared amidst the clouds was the BanklessDAO standing strong on top of the Ether, holding in its firm yet comforting, reassuring and reliable embrace, the community of the World.
The DAO held its two arms open to anyone that needed assistance in navigating the Dark Forest, and offered Truth to anyone that sought it.

The two arms of the DAO were Analytics and Media. A source of reliable information, masterfully strained and filtered from the sea of noise all around us.

Why Analytics?

The amount of information stemming from the fast pace of development in the space is staggering. However, the signal-to-noise ratio is very low. Even for a team of people, it can take a long time to triage it and separate the valuable data.
At BanklassDAO, we have an ever-increasing amount of crypto native people that consume blockchain related meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, some for a midnight snack as well.
I think that the DAO should expand its gathering of information from all public mediums and private connections, and subsequently spend time and resources to analyze it. This data can then be offered as a valuable product to people and other DAOs to be used in their strategies and goals.

Raw information is valuable, extracting the gold from this raw information is invaluable for the always constrained of time modern world.

Why Media?

We must continue to follow the steps of the Bankless fathers that conceived us from their love for Truth.
One of the most powerful organizations in this day and age are media companies. Imagine what an open, decentralized, immutable, fair, and truthful media can bring to the world.
The last decade has showed us how important truth is. Nothing really valuable can be accomplished in this world if it doesn’t come from an honest, factual and as close to reality place.
We can use the Media arm to provide truth, facts and values for a better world.

I think that we should focus on Analytics and Media for now. As the DAO grows, like a true Hindu god, the arms and capabilities of the DAO may grow as well.


OMG, where have you been for the past 7 months hahaha. Some spiritual guidance from the Hindu gods is definitely refreshing to us. Please join us in the discord too!!


thanks for the heads up on the understanding :slight_smile: