War on crypto (after Bankless DAO tweet post)

Hello! My name is Andrey and I am founder of TILATA project. Our goal is to integrate dapps, which can help to build sovereign communities, network states and international political movements.

I was inspired to this post by Tweet of Bankless DAO:

If someone declares a war to you, I think surrendering is not the best choice, especially if you have everything to win!

This topic I start so that we can discuss the specific steps on how we can change unfriendly governments!

We have a great smartes international community, great tech, serious financial resources!

Why don’t we start to build international political structures? We can so it!

ps sorry if this topic in a wrong branch of tge forum.

Hi @tilata, welcome to the BanklessDAO community.

Could you please elaborate on what the TILATA project is? Or direct us as to where the bDAO community could find out more about TILATA?