Videogame NFTs giveaway proposal

Hello everyone, I would like to submit this possible NFT giveaway dedicated to DAO.

I work with Overdroid team in the development of (new website will be ready next week).
It is a videogame developed in Unity whose main characters are NFTs, as well as weapons and equipment.
The game will be mostly based on Polygon but it will be possible to swap NFTs between different chains.

To make the video game known to the DAO, we would like to dedicate a giveaway, giving away 100 NFTs to be distributed to the first who respond.
The giveaway will be related to weapons and equipment.

On 20-22 July we will participate in ETHCC in Paris to present the videogame, which will be released by the first half of September.

If this idea is accepted, I am available to discuss the promotion dynamics:

  • carry out a talk in the forum with the founder, with Q&A?
  • write about it in the newsletter?
  • post it on Twitter?
  • ?

But, first of all, I’d like to know your opinion on the giveaway:

  • I like it
  • I don’t like it

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Hey Grendel,

This is an awesome opportunity for the DAO and an area that will explode in the coming yearas. A couple of questions

  1. Are the NFTs already created?
  2. If not, will the bDAO be involved in the creative there?
  3. Are the NFTs static or dynamic? Will their be some kind of bDAO logo imbedded somewhere?

Love the direction!

Hi! Thanks for your comments and questions.

  1. The NFTs will be minted before the actual airdrop begins. This is intended to maintain a high level of expectation on NFTs
  2. No, all assets were created by the Hexarchia design team. It was not developed with Bankless or BanklessDAO
  3. Some of the resources will be dynamic, they will become more powerful by playing with them and by winning games. No logos will be incorporated into the genesis nfts series. The comarketing campaigns will start later, it is something we are considering and working on.
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I like it! I think is a good idea to create community and awareness upon NFTs and the Hexarchia videogame.

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Yeah it’s a great idea.

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