Writer's Guild Coordination

Until the Guild Proposal passes and we find a better home, here’s a space to post news and events and facilitate collaboration.

If you’re interested in writing something and nobody’s done it, GO FOR IT! This is decentralization! You don’t need a boss.

Interested in being a member of the writer’s guild? Here’s a list of helpful links to get you started!

Add your name here if you’re interested in participating in the writer’s guild -----> Writer's Guild - Interested Members - Google Sheets

Here’s the Template for Bankless DAO weekly rollups -----> DAO Newsletter template.docx - Google Drive

Here’s this coming week’s in-process Newsletter. -----> https://docs.google.com/file/d/16IL1dRHaQL_KLZcfoMXLuW4Gn9mKMrwF/edit?filetype=msword

^If you’d like to suggest an edit, submit a news item, or collaborate please enable “suggestions” and leave a comment.^



Elyon#6384 is in the development stages for a proposal to start the DAOs very own “Bankless Art Museum” or :boom: BAM :boom: .

While the proposal is in its infancy (but lets be honest, what part of the DAO isn’t right now?) there’s already lots of exciting discussion about potential user-interfaces, revenue generation, and eventual use-cases. Beyond that there’s some great discusstion on what the Bankless DAO’s responsibility is with regard to its mission of onboarding people into the Bankless renaissance.

You can read the unfinished proposal at Bankless DAO Museum Proposal - Google Docs and you can join the discussion on the DAO server’s dao-museum channel under the proposal discussion tab.

I am working really hard to learn to translate all of this for the general public. I’ve followed RSA for several years (twitter) and it has always seemed like an insider’s game. I think the value I bring is to translate it into a retail language…but you guys will need to put up with me asking clarifying questions. It’s not only wild west but also a whole new language.


I’m very invested in this vision as well. I think there’s a definite application for this “spin” in the near future and I think it meshes really well with the DAO’s vision of onboarding people. Once we get up and running a little more, maybe you and I can chat about developing a media strategy for N003s.


Here’s the edit link for the newsletter proposed to go out on Sunday 5/9/21. Make comments and turn on suggestion mode if you’d like to make changes or additions.

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Thank you for doing this. Very nicely done.

Well done! Looks great, reads well. I am looking forward to contributing. I currently produce content (long form write ups), memes, How to videos, etc. I am an avid learner and full time participant in the crypto space. Good to be here.

Solid stuff with some actions at the end. Is there anything else at this stage we can help with?

Here is a template for the weekly newsletter moving forward.

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And here is shared document for week of 5/14! Just in case we have more news and highlights starting this weekend;)

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Generally speaking, just jump in wherever you see an opportunity.

Otherwise, we’re hoping to begin collecting and curating weekly DAO-relevant news. If you come across articles, mentions, news items and/or other relevant happenings drop them into this thread. Those can later be compiled into the weekly newsletter so those writing the newsletter don’t have to do all the legwork on their own.

This is only temporary, though. We’re hoping to eventually have a more permanent and easy-to-use space for all the above that will also facilitate better collaboration among guild members. Frogmonkee has taken the lead on this and should be making progress on that front soon.


Or just go ahead and add them (as comments) to the templates @siddhearta linked above after turning on suggestions.