Writers Guild Season 3 Budget Proposal

Writers Guild Season 3 Budget Proposal

Title: Writers Guild Season 3 Budget Proposal
Authors: frogmonkee#6855, siddhearta#9802, Samanthaj#8487, Ap0ll0517.eth🏴#5781, Frank America#0610, nonsensetwice#3475
Date Created: December 20, 2021
Date Posted: December 20, 2021


The Writers Guild formally requests 592,000 BANK for the purpose of carrying on initiatives developed in Season 2, and to instantiate new systems and programs that will provide better onboarding practices and improve inter-Guild collaboration.


During Season 2, the Writers Guild instantiated the Editorial and Publishing Arm (EPA) to work alongside the Newsletter Team to manage publishing across the Medium and Mirror platforms. The EPA, along with Client Services, found enough success in their operations that they broke out into their own project. The Guild then focused on defining roles, began the work to create a Governance Framework, and sought to improve coordination between the Newsletter Team and the EPA, which will continue into Season 3.


Season 3 will largely pick up with the work that was started in Season 2. A Governance Coordinator role has been added to the Guild Coordination layer, and will help guide the continued work in defining Writers Guild governance. The Guild will continue to guide and support the collaboration and coordination of the Newsletter Team and EPA. And new services will be introduced to the DAO that will facilitate easier collaboration between the Writers Guild and other Guilds and projects. Furthermore, new member onboarding is taking a front seat, with a bounty pool being requested and set aside specifically for new member rewards. We’re creating a system that helps on-ramp new members to writing and responsibility.


The total amount requested for the Writers Guild for Season 3 is 592,000 BANK. An additional 20,000 BANK is being rolled over from the Season 2 Bounty Pool. The breakdown is as follows, with table below for visual representation:

  • Guild Coordinator, Talent Scout, and Secretary = 88,000 BANK each
  • Each role will have a 15,000 BANK pool to bounty out tasks for apprentices, as outlined in the Writers Guild Governance Framework
  • The Talent Scout will have an additional 10,000 BANK to distribute for new members
  • The Governance Coordinator role will have 84,000 BANK in retroactive compensation for Season 2 with 84,000 BANK for Season 3
  • A Bounty Pool will contain 50,000 BANK, of which 20,000 will roll over from Season 2
  • The amount set aside for the Writers Guild Coordinape round at the end of the season amounts to 75,000 BANK
Roles Amount Bounty Pool/Remuneration Total
Guild Coordinator 88,000 BANK 15,000 BANK 103,000 BANK
Talent Scout 88,000 BANK 25,000 BANK 113,000 BANK
Secretary 88,000 BANK 15,000 BANK 103,000 BANK
Governance Coordinator 84,000 BANK 84,000 BANK 168,000 BANK
Guild Bounty Pool 30,000 BANK 30,000 BANK
Writers Guild Coordinape 75,000 BANK 75,000 BANK
Total 592,000 BANK


We will measure success by way of improved onboarding for new members and a higher percentage of members being remunerated for work. Our governance framework provides a way to determine who operates at what level within the Guild, stratifying membership to accommodate for different levels of participation. As such, we will be able to use this system to determine who is picking up work and how much/often, and will be able to keep track of how many of our full members are active and being remunerated. Currently, this is a metric that is difficult at best to determine. But with the new system, we’ll be able to measure contribution Season over Season.

Furthermore, by working to improve the coordination between the Guild, the Newsletter Team, and the EPA, the Guild will take as success the success of these two teams. By working to improve the onboarding process and develop systems by which Guild members can grow as writers and editors, the overall quality of content being produced will improve. And while content quality is difficult to rate, viewer metrics are not: more subscribers to our newsletters and more readers spending more time with our content on Medium and Mirror will show that we are improving and progressing. Our current numbers:

Newsletter viewership:

  • Weekly Rollup: 9,905
  • Decentralized Arts: 12,518
  • State of the DAOs: 11,099
  • Decentralized Law: 15,002

Medium viewership:

  • 10,071 Minutes read over 30 days
  • 7,370 views over 30 days.
  • 159 unique visitors, over a 30-day rolling average

These numbers are up substantially from the end of Season 1. With more content will come more opportunities for sponsorships for the Newsletter Team and more paid gigs coming in to Client Services and the EPA.


Accounting was off from the Season 2 funding as a week was missed in December, so rather than rolling over 40k BANK from the S2 budget as originally determined, only 20k BANK will remain to include for Season 3. The Season 3 proposal has been updated to reflect this.