Writers Guild Season 6 Budget Proposal

Writers Guild Season 6 Budget Proposal




The Writers Guild formally requests the season maximum of 1,000,000 BANK according to the Member-Based Guild Funding proposal.


During Season 5, the Writers Guild focused on building strong vibes in our community, educating current members, and onboarding new talent to the many projects that have been developed out of the Writers Guild.

The Office of Talent Management focused on onboarding new members to our Guild and projects, nurturing the growth of existing contributors, and maintaining and promoting the vibes throughout the Guild and DAO.

In order to help BanklessDAO members gain confidence in writing and publishing, we partnered with Taptive to design a cohort-based learning program for our members. This program is designed to improve writing, grow members’ online reputation, and strengthen the relationship between members.

Marketing developments were quite awesome. We were able to build a regular cadence of tweet posts for all five newsletters. We also initiated a Weekly Rollup Recap, a visual recap of the Weekly Rollup newsletter, to help spice things up.

Governance has always been a high priority in the Guild, and in an effort to level up leadership within the Guild and by extension, the DAO, a pilot Governance Accelerator Program was introduced in Season 5. This program seeks to break down the barriers to understanding differing styles of governance and educate members on governing by consensus, in alignment with web3 and DAO principles.

In addition to the Governance Accelerator, the Guild continues to transition its governance procedures to Commonwealth in order to consolidate governance practices and decision making. In Season 5, we have reached consensus on three major proposals regarding membership definitions and rewards, and have come to consensus on a number of lighter issues regarding operations and documentation.

The Education Coordinator role was a new addition to the Guild in Season 5. There were many opportunities for members to learn about writing techniques through engagement with curated resources and discussion in a new Discord channel called Worducation. We also delivered a live session about successful paraphrasing and added all the material to the Guild Notion page.


In Season 6, we will continue to focus on onboarding, education, and community. The Guild will guide and support the collaboration and coordination of the Newsletter Team and Bankless Publishing, and work to increase and improve in-house educational systems to assist writers and editors in creating high-quality content. Governance and partnerships will continue to take a front seat as the Guild seeks better opportunities to showcase our members’ talents and gain larger market share of content views and newsletter subscriptions.

We will continue to partner with Good Morning News to provide another avenue for our writers to publish their work and earn bounty credit within the Guild.


The total amount requested for the Writers Guild for Season 6 is 1,000,000 BANK.

The Writers Guild defines active members in our Governance Framework as any Tier 2 or above member who has completed a minimum of one paid task (or two in the case of Good Morning News). Based on this criterion, we use payouts from the Writers Guild, Newsletter Team, Bankless Publishing, and Good Morning News to determine active contributor status.

Current Active Members List: 90 members

Based on Member-Based Guild Funding, the total budget is as follows:

260,000 BANK base role-holder salaries
13,000 BANK Notion Admin
90 members x 10,000 BANK = 900,000 BANK
Total: 1,173,000 BANK (Guild funding is to be capped at 1 million BANK)

The budget breakdown is as follows:

Guild Coordinator, Talent Coordinator, Education Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Treasurer, and Governance Coordinator roles = 7,000 BANK/week each.
Each role will have a 15,000 BANK pool to bounty out tasks, as outlined in the Writers Guild Governance Framework.
The Talent Coordinator will have a pool of 25,000 BANK to distribute to new members who complete the onboarding process.
The Marketing Coordinator will have a pool of 36,000 BANK for bountied work related to tweet threads and content promotion.
A Writers Workshop Lead, for leading seasonal cohort-based Writers Workshops as part of ongoing educational efforts to improve talent across the Guild, DAO, and ecosystem.
A Notion Administrator position, as directed by the Operations Guild.
A Bounty Pool of 80,000 BANK, for miscellaneous expenses and bounties.
The amount set aside for the Writers Guild Coordinape round at the end of the season is 100,000 BANK.


Need a list of active members plrase and a poll if this is a proposal