Writers Guild Season 4 Budget

Title: Writers Guild Season 4 Budget Proposal

I. Summary
II. Summary of Activities in Season 3
III. Season 4 Plans and Goals
IV. Financial Implications
V. Success Metrics or KPIs




The Writers Guild formally requests 709,000 BANK for the purpose of carrying on initiatives developed in Season 3, and to instantiate new systems and programs that will provide better onboarding practices and improve inter-Guild collaboration.


During Season 3, the Writers Guild focused on creating partnerships to provide writers and editors with more work, while maintaining the integrity and quality of the content produced in-house. This work resulted in a partnership with Good Morning News, an on-chain daily news organization. While this partnership will focus predominantly on providing more opportunities to write and edit for our members and assist in their continued development, this partnership also opens up new avenues for bringing more content on-chain. In addition to this, a pilot program was spun up between Marketing and Writers Guilds to explore how we can improve inter-guild operations. Furthermore, research into various DAO governance platforms has begun, as the Guild seeks to solidify and improve our governance processes.


Season 4 will largely pick up with the work that was started in Season 3. The Guild will continue to guide and support the collaboration and coordination of the Newsletter Team and EPA, and work to increase and improve in-house educational systems to assist writers and editors in creating higher quality content. Governance and partnerships will continue to take a front seat as the Guild seeks better opportunities to showcase our members’ talents and gain larger market share of content views and newsletter subscriptions.


The total amount requested for the Writers Guild for Season 3 is 709,000 BANK. An additional 20,000 BANK is being rolled over from the Season 2 Bounty Pool. The breakdown is as follows, with table below for visual representation:

  • Guild Coordinator, Talent Scout, Treasurer, and Governance Coordinator = 88,000 BANK each
  • Each role will have a 15,000 BANK pool to bounty out tasks for apprentices, as outlined in the Writers Guild Governance Framework
  • The Talent Scout will have an additional 10,000 BANK to distribute to new members who complete the onboarding process and take the writing test, editing test, or both
  • A Writers Workshop Lead, for directing weekly Writers Workshops as part of ongoing educational efforts to improve talent across the Guild
  • A Notion Secretary position, as directed by the Operations Guild
  • A Bounty Pool of 60,000 BANK, for miscellaneous expenses and cushion in the case of season extension.
  • The amount set aside for the Writers Guild Coordinape round at the end of the season amounts to 100,000 BANK
Roles Amount Bounty Pool/Remuneration Total
Season 3 Extension Remuneration 88,000 BANK Breakdown: 7333 BANK/wk x 3 weeks extension x 4 Role Holders = 87,996, rounded to 88,000 88,000 BANK
Guild Coordinator 88,000 BANK 15,000 BANK 103,000 BANK
Talent Scout 88,000 BANK 25,000 BANK 113,000 BANK
Treasurer 88,000 BANK 15,000 BANK 103,000 BANK
Governance Coordinator 88,000 BANK 15,000 BANK 103,000 BANK
Notion Secretary 13,000 BANK 13,000 BANK
Writers Workshop Lead 26,000 BANK 26,000 BANK
Guild Bounty Pool 60,000 BANK 60,000 BANK
Writers Guild Coordinape 100,000 BANK 100,000 BANK
Total 709,000 BANK


We will measure success by way of improved onboarding for new members and a higher percentage of members being remunerated for work. Our governance framework provides a way to determine who operates at what level within the Guild, stratifying membership to accommodate for different levels of participation. As such, we will be able to use this system to determine who is picking up work and how much/often, and will be able to keep track of how many of our full members are active and being remunerated. Currently, this is a metric that is difficult at best to determine. But with the new system, we’ll be able to measure contribution Season over Season.

Furthermore, by working to improve the coordination between the Guild, the Newsletter Team, and the EPA, the Guild will take as success the success of these two teams. By working to improve the onboarding process and develop systems by which Guild members can grow as writers and editors, the overall quality of content being produced will improve. And while content quality is difficult to rate, viewer metrics are not: more subscribers to our newsletters and more readers spending more time with our content on Medium and Mirror will show that we are improving and progressing. Our current numbers:

Newsletter viewership:

  • Weekly Rollup: 9,467
  • Decentralized Arts: 7,401
  • State of the DAOs: 8,978
  • Decentralized Law: 9,715
  • Gearing Up: 7,903

Medium viewership:

  • 19,113 Minutes read over 30 days, up 9,042 minutes from Season 2
  • 11,235 views over 30 days, up 3,865 views from Season 2
  • 271 unique visitors, over a 30-day rolling average, up 112 from Season 2

How did you land on 7333 BANK/wk?

Love the apprenticeship program, do you have any details on that somewhere?

Props on membership stratification too.

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WG has used 88k bank / 12 weeks to arrive at 7333/wk. As seasons are shifting lengths we are adjusting role pay accordingly.

New editors start by taking the editing test, then work with the Editor’s Circle to level up skills. It’s pretty hands on at this point, they work with existing editors who check their work after they do copy edits. Give feedback. I don’t think we have a written program that spells out the process.

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