Language based channel re-organization

Would the BanklessDAO community better serve its membership, and ultimately the growth of BanklessDAO, if there were community channels based on language, rather than that of geographic location?

To grow the BDAO, we need to be accessible to all. BDAO is primarily English-focused, although there are many members and many more prospective members who do not use English as their native tongue.

I propose that the BDAO modify its regional channel structure into something more language-based. This would further open up the lanes of communication by those members who feel more comfortable communicating in their native language.

Part of this change should also include the onboarding process and asking the applicant to indicate their preferred language.

How the channel structure ends up looking will ultimately depend on user participation. Similar to the geographic channels that are currently in use.

  • Support creation of language based channels and approve removal of geographic based channels.
  • Support creation of language based channels and deny the removal of current geogrpahic based channels.
  • Deny creation of language based channels.
  • Other choice - leave comment below.

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That would mitigate the discord clutter and overwhelm a lot more, while making it a lot more welcoming to other languages.

We would go from what, 60 ish channels down to several?


I think this would be a great idea I commented with @DoubleB . For example, I was looking to interact with Latin Americans but it would make sense to create a channel for each country.

In this way, we could have more interaction in our own languages, finding people to interact with and have a better organization + reduce channels that tbh is overwhelming for new members.


Yes, I agree languages should be a prominent feature of our channels and onboarding progress. I started a First Quest Translations section at the base of the Notion page. If you or anyone reading this is interested in translating content for first quest please start by adding a language to the list, and contacting Angyts or the team for more guidance: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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I’m hoping for a few positives out of this submission.

  • to help all feel welcome.
  • promote discussion/collaboration.
  • reduce the amount of bDAO channels.
  • (long-term) those who have some understanding of a second language could participate within these communities. Helping to further discussion on whichever topic as well as possibly helping the member learn/enhance their ability to communicate in another language.

While I would love to have language channels.

I wish I could still keep my Singapore channel. It has been quite happening there…

So the community really wants us to move out to telegram? :sob::sob::sob: leave us a home please :pray:

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Would this also be achievable by creating a ‘thread’ within a language channel?

Or would this be too confusing to keep up to date on other things going on within the same community channel?

I onboarded a good friend to Bankless recently. He only speaks Spanish and has been going through the entire onboarding process by google translating everything from Notion. He is super keen to work on recreating the onboarding in Spanish and is available to go more or less full-time DAO punk. If there are people he can collaborate with on this that speak English as well as Spanish and can thus interact with the rest of Bankless for proposals etc. it would be amazing if you could reach out to me so I can connect you with him.

I fully support this proposal and would LOVE to see Bankless become more inclusive this way! :star_struck:


The language based channels are great but many people who speak more than one language may live outside of that said language area
ie., New York but speak French or any other language.
It would be nice to be able to go the the French Channel but also talk to people in the area I reside:earth_americas: :grinning: :earth_americas:

I’d like to thank everyone for their thoughts and votes.

This posting will now be closed off and re-done as a proposal. Of which I hope to have submitted in a timely fashion.

If anyone has further suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me wherever you see tha DoubleB.

We could place them in one section

  • list languages

Still Keep Geo Section

We can choose to mute or hide what we do not want to see… :thinking:

I think this proposal is very good, I think it is important that everyone has access to the Bankless message, language integration is essential

Posting to update anyone following along.

I’m just getting back into Bankless things as I needed to take a break from ‘Bankless things’.

As someone who is like a sponge, I dive straight on into things.

With Bankless being so encompassing, add in my personality and this equates to Information Overload.

I hope to have a Proposal submitted for voting before the end of the month, if not sooner :v:

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UPDATE Nov 20, 2021

Seeing the below results, alongside with this draft, I believe that it is best to leave the current lineup of Nation-State channels as is and not pursue the idea of reorganizing the bDAO channels, at this time.

Earlier this week I sat in with the bDAO Analytics Guild during their weekly meeting and tried to attain the current language demographics of the bDAO. Analytics guru @McKethanor was able to do some computer-assisted wizardry on my inquiry and as this chart clearly shows, English is currently the predominant native tongue of the bDAO membership.

English speaking bDAO members represent some 92.9% of the total bDAO membership.

Second on the list is our French-speaking bDAO members, representing 1.2% of the approximately 20,000 members of the bDAO.

A suggestion for bDAO members who may feel their language may be a barrier to partaking in being an active bDAO member, please do not let this be a barrier to your participation in the bDAO.

FYI - Using the “thread” feature, available to use through the DIscord app, is a great way to keep conversations focused and concise. In the case of a language issue, utilizing a “thread” would be of great use as a way to communicate in a language of your preference.

Charts showing the current language demographics of the bDAO:

bDAO language demographics minus English speaking members.

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Moving to archive. Please reply to reopen.