AudioVisual Guild S4 Proposal

Title: AudioVisual Guild S4 Proposal

Author: Zimteemo#1909, Droste#0063,

Squad: Zimteemo, Liquidiot, Trewkat, Red Crystal Dragon, Neologos, Chrisfcrypto, Soundman

Date created: April 18, 2022

Date posted: April 21, 2022


The AV Guild is requesting 592,591 BANK to fund our Season 4 budget of 780,000 BANK.

Our multisig currently holds 286,409 BANK carried over from Season 3 that will be applied to our Season 4 needs. A portion of this will be used for retroactive S3 work not yet completed. The remainder of carryover to S4 will allow for project flexibility that we will tie to per-project KPIs.

Role Changes

Absorb Production Pod Coordinator role into the workflows of guild coordinator & talent coordinator. Why: AV projects tend to have their own lead responsible for some level of oversight/coordination anyway.

Establish a YouTube QC & Pipeline Squad to push member-produced content to bDAO YouTube.

Why: Our YouTube channel is woefully underutilized, while at the same time the DAO is producing prolific content within guilds and other projects. There is no mechanism for funneling content to the channel, nor is there any rudimentary quality standard or curation of media for public consumption.

We aim to drive viewer and subscriber growth through fresh content delivered on a regular cadence and cross-promoted with content coming out of Podcast Hatchery, Bankless HQ, and partner organizations where appropriate.

Business Development is now DAOLationships and Sponsors Lead, to better reflect the needs of the role and to communicate our bizdev priorities more clearly.

Added Notion Ninja role to align with DAO-wide InfoSec guidance.

Selected highlights from Season 3 activities

  • Coordinape instructional videos
  • New joiner bounty
  • AV show reel (in progress)
  • Tutorial sessions on production tools: LogicPro, StudioOne, Ableton, Lightroom, vector graphics, etc.
  • Capture support for partner AMA sessions
  • Custom bumper/opener graphics, short animation sequences, and other assets/elements to be used for video content. These assets are stored in Dash for anyone to use. We will also be creating guides to use these assets effectively. This will help with getting a consistent style for the Bankless DAO YouTube channel.
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Once the bDAO YouTube gets in full swing, the bDAO presence in the crypto world will be impossible to ignore.


From the proposal, it looks like the roles will be

  • Guild coordinator
  • Talent coordinator
  • Notion ninja

Is that right? So among those three, they will split 429,000 BANK?


No, Iā€™m sorry for the confusion on that.
I only included role changes from last season.
Our actual roles are Guild Coordinator, Talent Coordinator, Organizer/secretary, Governance/community managers (2), Notions Ninja, DAOlationships/Sponsors (biz dev),
YouTube Quality Control Team (3)

Elections are concluding today but these roles would be split between 9 to 11 people.