AudioVisual Guild Season 3 REVISED Budget Proposal

Title: AudioVisual Guild Season 3 Budget Proposal
Authors: Droste#0063, liquidiot#5975, Trewkat#1933, Elemental#7854, Nakamomo (x,+)#0165, JENetics#1862
Date Created: 10 Dec 2021
Date Posted: 20 Dec 2021

Date V2 revision posted: 4 Jan 2022


  • Decrease Roles budget
  • Decrease Coordinape budget
  • Increase Bounties tied to deliverables
  • Add Business Development role
  • Implement UBI for creator tooling
  • Further details are in the S3 AV GRP (Gov/Roles/Processes) draft
  • The doc version of this budget is here.

Budget Summary

AVG S3 Budget V2 summary screenshot

Budget Detail

AVG Roles allocation Screenshot

Season 3 Plans and Goals

January 15 2022 – March 15 2022

What is it we are trying to do?

Communicate and deliver a clear product offering with predictable pricing

A primary objective for Season 3 is to establish standardized pricing for common requests with good/better/best example costs. We are also establishing a Business Development role to focus on revenue opportunities.

Guild-Internal projects supporting this objective

  • Creative Brief for client presentations
  • AV Services Inquiry & related processes
  • Show Reel to demonstrate capability

We will also encourage and empower guild members to suggest projects and create content that aligns with the Bankless DAO mission, rather than waiting for some other guild or project to ask for something. Creators want to create. There is a feeling that permission is required. We intend to break that limiting mindset.

One of the ways to do that is to allocate a portion of our guild budget to encouraging permissionless creativity, that has just enough structure to be mindful of outcomes without crushing the energy and creativity we are trying to cultivate and grow.


We formalized and began building a taxonomy and structure for BrightDash, our digital asset manager, with input from multiple stakeholders. This core tool is being used DAO-wide as a repository for our media assets.

We developed and launched the Podcast Hatchery program which began with an idea from frogmonkee and was developed based on the experience producing and distributing Humpty Calderon’s Tuesday Talks, which became the CryptoSapiens podcast with 20 episodes released to date. Since receiving GC funding, we now have about four more shows in development.

We started the G.I.F.T.s (guild improvement functions & tasks) program for improving the guild with 3 tasks thus far. From those tasks (much of it related to member feedback), we have spun up several workgroups that have resulted in improved workflows for our service offerings and improving our onboarding process. This also led to an internal skill sharing initiative.

We have the foundation for our showreel with the goal of promoting the DAO and the Bankless message as well as highlighting the talents of the AV Guild.

Our ongoing involvement with Academy will be restructured in Season 3 and beyond. Proper scoping with guidance from AV will help us better deliver on expectations for a given budget, timeframe, and quality.

Our guild membership has doubled since the end of last season. Coordinape participation, weekly meeting attendance, participation in smaller workgroups, and skill-sharing sessions are up as well. All of these activities are reflected in a more balanced tipping distribution.

On a general note, AV Guild is frequently tasked with providing technical assistance to other guilds and projects. Many of these requests are for audio-only and are often last-minute. We also receive numerous requests after the fact to ‘clean up’ or ‘fix’ or ‘do a quick edit’ of hour-long sessions that may have supplementary visual material and separate audio tracks with varying levels of source quality. These tasks are often done voluntarily, or covered by a role holder since there is little or no compensation offered.

SEASON 3 Discussion

Season 3 Discussion and work product for planning purposes

Current Carryover Projects

These projects are separately budgeted, but have some level of matrix responsibility within the guild.

  • Podcast Hatchery
  • Smart Contract Literacy

Client work internal

  • Academy – ongoing; new model supports ad hoc teams with a producer/creator and small creative team. Spun up per course, specific budget, defined scope.
  • First Quest - assistance with New Joiner welcome guides
  • Marketing Guild - ‘short reels’ request

Client work external

  • Coordinate with Bankless Consulting, DAOlationships, and Sponsorships workgroups
  • Establish business development role within AV guild

Secondary objectives

  • Flexible Governance, Coordination, and Payment Structure

  • Diversification of guild treasury to support preferred payment types and chains

  • Establish, Experiment, and Fund Bankless.Studio with the express purposes of:

    1. Reducing pressure on bDAO Discord as growth accelerates.
    2. Providing ‘back of house’ workspace for creatives and their project teams.
  • Further develop internal vs external pricing models

Bounty Approach and Implementation

AV projects require many specialized skills to be brought together. They need someone to oversee the project itself (a producer) and a small team of creators. We call these Production Pods.

We expect and plan to use Bounty Board as a tool in assembling Production Pods. These teams will know the scope, expected deliverables, and budget. Upon successful completion that meets the spec, payment will then be released to the Production Pod team.

Alternatively, Coordinape could be used as a per-project peer-reward tool in the same spirit. Defined pool, paid at the end via project team epoch and circle.


Near-terms ways we can add value to existing content and demonstrate capability

  • Take existing content (from HQ podcasts or newsletters for example), creating a library of excerpt clips for reuse. The Bankless HQ short clips would be worth reviving.
  • Make clips to complement / supplement the Medium articles (main / archive) produced by Writers Guild and the other DAO newsletters.

Longer-term objectives

  • subDAO governance and ownership structure
  • Staking for ownership & revenue participation
  • Appropriate tooling for our specialized production requirements
    INCLUDING equipment budgets (projected S4 and beyond) to support creation of Class A content, live production, high-quality streaming, etc.

How will we measure success?

  • Through delivery of quality projects on-time and on-budget with the quality expected and agreed upon by the customer, whether internal or external.

  • Proper scoping with clarity on budget, timeline, and clear communication with the client is absolutely essential. We will lose talent and simultaneously blow our budgets otherwise.

  • The Client Services workgroup, our new Business Development role, and the decentralization of Production Pod teams are key areas of focus to drive successful outcomes.

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The amount of planning and detail that i see going on in AV has been super impressive. It is really interesting to see the refinements in your budgeting, your committed use to coordinape which I feel works really well for the type of working groups in AV. I don’t think many folks see what’s under the surface of those rendering machines and processing times. But i see slow and steady progress, testing and research, and a good amount of listening to members that are doing the work. A very good foundation only getting better. love the little AV droid