AV Guild Season 6 Funding Proposal

Season 6 AV Guild Funding Proposal

Date Posted: October 14, 2022

Organizing as a: Guild

Funding Mechanism: Member-Based Guild Funding

260,000 BANK (seasonal role hours; 4 roles x 5 hours x 13 weeks)

  • 13,000 BANK (Notion administrator role)

  • 370,000 BANK (37 active members x 10,000 BANK)

643,000 BANK total

Definition/Calculation of “Active” Member:


  1. Has the AV Guild tag and has contributed to Guild activities and conversations

  2. Cannot participate in elected roles, governance polls, Client Services

  3. To move to an Artisan, a Crew must complete any of these tasks:

  4. Submit a qualifying entry for any AV Guild competition.

  5. Create a weekly or community call POAP

  6. Has created AV assets for other guilds within BanklessDAO

  7. New Contributor Bounty Completed

  8. Any AV Guild Role Holder working within the Guild may change a Crew to an Artisan once the above requirements have been met. Promotees must provide evidence for their contributions. (multi-sig payments, witness, or otherwise)


  1. Has the AV Guild tag and has demonstrated proficiency and reliability

  2. Can participate in all Guild activities, such as:

  3. Acting as a signatory on the Guild multi-sig wallet

  4. Nomination for elected Roles

  5. Working for Client Services

  6. Voting on governance polls

  7. Participate in guild Coordinape rounds

  8. Can act as verification for Crew looking to gain Artisan tag

  9. Inactivity for more than 2 months results in moving to Inactive status.

  10. Complete any of the following Artisan criteria to maintain Artisan status:

1. Takes part in competitions by making qualifying contributions
2. Claims Bounties, such as the New Contributor Bounty
3. Updates relevant Notion pages (for those with access)
4. Creates initiatives
5. Do your own work!
6. Introduce external clients
7. Current role holder
8. Proposal contributor
9. Project member
10. Contribute to AV Guild

These two Discord tags were established during Season 5 in an attempt to better align remuneration with contribution. Members with either of these tags are considered “Active” members of the AV Guild. AV Active people are creating and working on various projects within and outside of the guild.

of Active Members: 37

  1. 0xZFi
  2. Liquidiot
  3. Anointingthompson
  4. Eittah
  5. Anthony ZimTeemo
  6. Nehkee
  7. Droste
  8. WinVerse
  9. JarisJames
  10. WoonTan
  11. Redcrystaldragon
  12. e_Praiz
  13. Jaux
  14. Feems
  15. McEal
  16. Og
  17. EriDAO
  18. LiviuC
  19. Paulito
  20. Salmanneedsajob
  21. Samuel BG
  22. SpiritedF
  23. Tundeeey
  24. Fa3i0
  25. Elemental
  26. EurekaJohn
  27. Vibrantty
  28. Kutubu
  29. Gwills
  30. Tega
  32. ScAr
  33. Opara
  34. Whales
  35. 0xBrandon
  36. TohlHouseCookie
  37. Humpty

Recap of Season 5:

Teaching AV recording best practices on each project that came through AV. Creating a quality control funnel for YouTube. Working across the DAO to get more material on the YouTube channel including ETH Global live events, GM Bus videos, Reaching Quorum on the Forum, Weekly Rollup recap, Making Bank and Bounty Hunter audiograms, Tutorials Level up series.

Plans for Season 6:

Implementing Tutorials LEVEL UP as weekly content creation to improve our members as well as members of Design Guild (a Joint project). Tutorials LEVEL UP is a series of 1-hour tutorials teaching parts of various AV and Design programs and processes. We will have educators from within the guild teach their expertise to new and continuing members. These lessons have included Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, Vectorantor, Premiere Pro, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live. Coming lessons will include Blender, AcidPro, Resolume, and Davinci Resolve.

Many of our members will be participating in various programs that have been spun out of the AV Guild such as Podcast Hatchery, CryptoSapiens, GM Bus, Weekly Rollup Recap, Bankless Africa Podcasts and Videos, ETH Global Events videos and more will be continued into Season 6.


Great proposal AV Guild!

I’m your Grants Committee Reviewer and generally this proposal looks good to me. Just a few questions:

  • For AV-Crew, what does has contributed to Guild activities and conversations mean? How do new joiners get the AV-Crew tag? Who gives it to them?
  • Where do you keep track of the different kinds of contributions to get to/mantain AV-Artisan status?

AV-Crew Tag is given by the Talent Coordinator after a person gains the @AV Guild tag and completes at least one of the listed contributions (Under #10Complete any of the following Artisan criteria to maintain Artisan status:

  1. Takes part in competitions by making qualifying contributions
  2. Claims Bounties, such as the New Contributor Bounty
  3. Updates relevant Notion pages
  4. Creates initiatives )

Per Anthony:
Anthony :black_flag:ZimTeemo — Today at 10:23 AM
I can’t respond on notion now but:
We have the GRP which states how one transitions from crew to artisan. And our spreadsheet keeps track of contributions.


Thanks RCD! Glad to see such a thoughtful active member spec. Can I see the spreadsheet?

Also just want to say I love what you’ve been doing in the guild! You are a key piece of our DAOs media chops, and it makes us stronger to have you all around

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Anthony may have another one, as the Talent Coordinator, but this is the one we’ve been using to track the Decentralized Guild Coordinator role and bounties for S5

Thanks for the spreadsheet! When I look at it i only see 15 unique members…is there another place you track contributions? How did you come up with the 37-member list?