AV Department Season 7 Funding Request

Author: 0xZFi#4882
Date created: January 12, 2023
Date posted: January 20, 2023
Affiliation: Operations Department, Design Guild, Marketing Department
Funds requested: 237,000 BANK
Department wallet: 0xE2D721c126150BeEE3C56A1AD71A2E0E29A411F0


Department Description

The remaining active members of AV Guild have voted to proceed into Season 7 as the AV Department. The AV Department will be responsible for the management of the BanklessDAO YouTube channel (including quality control, uploads, and RSS data entry, etc) and will provide AV services (upon request, and according to a menu of rates) to other groups or members within the DAO. The focus for Season 7 is a pivot to revenue-generating activities and away from talent development and administrative overhead costs.

Past Activities

The AV Guild experienced an exodus of mostly-inactive members after voting to discontinue guild-level Coordinape rounds for Season 6. There was little talent coming in, and little participation among new members. Our New Contributor Bounty (which offers new members an opportunity to earn some BANK to show off their skills and talents on a small project of their choice) did not have a single applicant for Season 6.

This decline in participation was seen in the attendance at our Tutorials LEVEL UP sessions as well. These were valuable, in-demand tools and skills that were worth teaching and worth learning, so the program may be revived in the future. For now, however, we’ve decided to discontinue these and utilize that BANK more effectively elsewhere.

Additionally, with Member-Based Automatic Guild Funding and the removal of projects from guilds at the beginning of Season 6, we saw the demand for talent drop as well. Our primary activities became YouTube operations and fulfilling meeting and workshop recording requests from other groups (including The Grants Committee, Design Guild, Operations Department, and Fight Club).

In recent weeks, we have focused discussion around these inefficiencies and have begun looking for ways to better utilize our BANK budget. Polls to suspend two salaried roles (the Secretary and the Governance Coordinator) and bounty out tasks as needed both passed unanimously.


The AV Department manages and curates the BanklessDAO YouTube. With well-updated, quality-produced content, we can reach more people with resources to help them go bankless.

The AV Department can also be accessed for meeting recording, streaming, and other services. In this way, we can support efforts toward documentation, transparency, archival, and education.


Budget Breakdown

Roles: 168,000 BANK
Bounties: 69,000 BANK
Total ask: 237,000 BANK

Currently Projected Revenue Potential: 73,125 BANK

  • Grants Committee weekly meeting recordings, 24,375 BANK
  • Weekly Community Call recordings and live-streams, 32,500 BANK
  • Weekly Fight Club meeting recordings, 16,250 BANK

Proposed Revenue Generation Model

The AV Department proposes a revenue generation structure directed toward achieving departmental self-sufficiency. To achieve this, a markup will be added to the cost of labor when quoting prices for AV services. The labor rates paid for completing tasks will remain the same as Season 6, but a 25% service fee will be added and retained by the Department to cover future overhead expenses.

By approaching revenue in this way, we can ensure that the Department and its services are available for all DAO subgroups when needed, but also be better able to scale our expenses up or down with the actual demand for services.

Similarly to Season 6, those looking to request AV services should visit the Notion page and fill out a request form. The menu of prices for services we offer is available there as well. Our basic meeting screen capture and recording service is only 1,250 BANK per hour of labor (up from 1,000 BANK per hour in Season 6, due to the service fee). Groups may also choose to record audio-only themselves, for free, using our resident Craig bot. Instructions for how to use Craig are also available on our Notion page.


Factor KPI Success Metric
Demand for bDAO AV Services $BANK revenue generated from requests for services Increases, on average, seasonally, to cover or exceed overhead costs
Departmental Self-Sufficiency % of funding derived from service fees Increases, on average, seasonally
DAO Communication and Transparency Live and recorded coverage of weekly Community Calls 100% coverage
YouTube Channel Quality Control % of QC’d videos out of total submitted ≥90%
Turnaround Time Timely posting of qualifying*, ready-to-post videos submitted for upload <48 hours
  • A “qualifying” video means: no further editing is needed; title, description, and thumbnails have all been finalized; and all assets are provided with the video, ready to be uploaded. The AV Department can provide many of these extra services if needed, for an additional fee. Please review the price list here.


Member Guild or Department Affiliations
RedCrystalDragon🏴#4188 AV Guild, Design Guild
ZimTeemo#1909 AV Guild, Ops Dept
0xZFi#4882 AV Guild, Ops Dept, Education Dept
SpiritedF#7303 AV Guild, Design Guild, Research Guild
Tundeeey#9140 Marketing Dept, AV Guild, Ops Dept
Droste :black_flag:#0063 AV Guild, Making BANK Podcast
Jasu#9801 Design Guild, AV Guild, Bankless Card
LiviuC#7835 AV Guild, Ops Dept, Bankless Loans
EurekaJohn#2094 AV Guild, CryptoSapiens
Liquidiot#5975 AV Guild, The Rug, WRRVS


  • Update current clients of AV services with the increased price estimate for services and work with subgroups to integrate the new costs
  • Update the AV Guild Notion page to reflect Department status and archive much of the old content
  • Update the AV Guild Discord channel structure to reflect Department status, new role holders, and changes to workflows
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