AV Guild Season 9 Funding Request

Author: 0xZFi#4882
Date created: July 18, 2023
Date posted: July 21, 2023
Affiliation: Design Guild, Marketing Department, Education Department
Funds requested: 86,700 BANK
Guild wallet: 0xE2D721c126150BeEE3C56A1AD71A2E0E29A411F0


The AV Guild will be responsible for the management of the BanklessDAO YouTube channel (including quality control, uploads, and RSS data entry, etc) and will provide AV services (upon request, and according to a menu of rates) to other groups or members within the DAO.

The focus for Season 9 is revenue generation, talent retention, and building a strong foundation for the next influx of contributors.

Past Activities

The AV Guild faced a steep decline in membership and participation before Season 6, with little new talent joining since and a marked drop in demand for talent due to changes in funding and project structures. In response, the Guild suspended two salaried roles during Season 6, focused on YouTube operations and recording services for other groups, and explored ways to conserve and optimize its BANK budget. To foster growth and development, the Guild placed an emphasis on talent development and planned to reintroduce training classes in Season 7. In Season 8, the focus was on talent development and retention.

Season 8 Activities

In Season 8, we trialed an onboarding and upskilling project in order to focus on the mandates set for guilds. While we saw several new members introduce themselves to the Guild and even champion a new project proposal for the creation of a tlBANK introductory video series, ultimately the efforts of the group felt misdirected.

The podcast training project was a great opportunity and it provided valuable experience for those who were involved, but it drew minimal talent development interest from outside, and rather found itself simply another source of bounty payments for recurring episode-based tasks. The outcome was less effective than we had hoped, but not completely unexpected, based on the current circumstances of the DAO and the wider crypto space.

To finish Season 8, and to help highlight the launch of tlBANK, our newest project has just begun. The AV Guild will be helping the tlBANK team polish up their AV content surrounding the launch. After a Making BANK podcast interview, we will also be able to repurpose some interview content for informational and educational shorts and audiograms.


The AV Guild manages and curates the BanklessDAO YouTube. With well-updated, quality-produced content, we can reach more people with resources to help them “go bankless.”

The AV Guild can also be accessed for meeting recording, streaming, and other services. In this way, we can support efforts toward documentation, transparency, archival, and education.

If members are interested in developing their AV skills, training classes can be provided to upskill and retain talent. (Please get in touch with the Talent Coordinator!)


Seasonal Guild Funding Calculation

Budget Item BANK
Seasonal Role Hours (4 role x 5 hours x 17 weeks) 340,000
Notion Administrator Role 17,000
Active Members (10 active members x 770 BANK x 17 weeks) 130,900
Total Season 9 Projected Expenses 487,900
Funding Calculation BANK
Total Season 9 Projected Expenses 487,900
Estimated End-of-Season 8 Balance 401,200
Season 9 Funding Request 86,700

Revenue Generation Model

The AV Guild began a revenue generation structure directed toward achieving self-sufficiency. A markup is added to the cost of labor when subgroups quote prices for AV services. The service fee, retained by the Guild, is used to cover future overhead expenses. By approaching revenue in this way, we can ensure that the Guild and its services are available for all DAO subgroups when needed, but also be better able to scale our expenses up or down with the actual demand for services.

Those looking to request AV services should visit the Notion page and fill out a request form. The menu of prices for services we offer is available there as well, and is updated periodically. Our basic meeting screen capture and recording service is only 1,250 BANK per hour of labor (up from 1,000 BANK per hour, due to the service fee). Groups may also choose to record audio-only themselves, for free, using our resident Craig bot. Instructions for how to use Craig are also available on our Notion page.


Definition of Active Member

An active member is one who has contributed to the Guild’s activities within the last season by holding and fulfilling a role, through completing bountied tasks, or by actively signing on the multisig.

Only active members of the Guild are eligible for compensation and Gulid-gated voting.

Active Member List

Member’s Discord Username Guild or Department Affiliations
RedCrystalDragon AV Guild, Design Guild
ZimTeemo AV Guild, Ops Dept
0xZFi AV Guild, Ops Dept, Education Dept
TundeTurner Marketing Dept, AV Guild, Ops Dept
Droste :black_flag:#0063 AV Guild, Making BANK Podcast
Lovety4 AV Guild, DAOlationships
bparlan AV Guild
Liquidiot AV Guild, The Rug, WRRVS
EurekaJohn AV Guild, CryptoSapiens
LiviuC8 AV Guild, Ops Dept, Bankless Loans


  • Determine optimum subgroup structure (Guild/Dept/workstream within another Dept)
  • Overhaul Notion page content and permissions
  • Update prices on menu of services
  • Create an invoice template for charging and tracking AV services rendered
  • Shape some goals or KPIs for our YouTube statistics and determine ways to drive them, or partner with the Marketing Dept to work on the marketing while we focus on the content creation


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