Education Department Season 7 Funding Request

Author: 0xZFi#4882
Date created: January 15, 2023
Date posted: January 20, 2023
Affiliation: New members/on-boarding, Operations Department
Funds requested: 435,000 BANK
Department wallet: 0x4f285257849B840ADc1e293F735cb1F31e5cF026


Department Description

The Education Department is internally-focused and aims to help folks become more effective BanklessDAO participants.

New members are first welcomed with New Joiner Sessions and provided an opportunity to become more familiar with the people, projects, and processes of BanklessDAO. Then, for those who may never have worked within a DAO before, we offer the necessary information to get started. With a rotating schedule of workshops, the How-To series aims to cultivate effective DAO members, while the Knowledge Session series caters more to those members looking to push their web3 and DeFi understanding to the next level.

Past Activities

In Season 6, we completed the formation of the Department structure and proceeded to refine our library of workshops. New Joiner Sessions continue to be of notable value, even with general interest in the DAO on the decline. The rotating How-To and Knowledge Session workshops, while receiving positive feedback, have seen participation levels suffer as well.

These trends have not gone unseen within the Department, and further efforts to scale back overhead costs and explore automation and outsourcing for some of the material will be a focus for Season 7. We have already reduced the costs of New Joiner Sessions, How-To Sessions, and Knowledge Sessions, and will be looking for further ways to better utilize our BANK.

We have identified a need to be more intentional with the workshops we run and can use this hindsight to select and remove certain workshops from rotation going forward. We have also discussed referencing existing outside materials for more generalized cryptocurrency ecosystem topics in a further effort to reduce and avoid operational costs.

The Education Department received requests during Season 6 to add new workshops, including one for the Thrivecoin participation rewards initiative and another for the OtterSpace reputation badge trials. We want to add these new tools to our catalog in Season 7 in an effort to integrate education on new tools as quickly as the DAO adopts them.


The Education Department plays a key role in the empowerment of DAO members through

  • onboarding new joiners,
  • teaching DAO tooling that members need to familiarize themselves with in order to succeed in the DAO space, and
  • hosting informational workshops for those looking to further their crypto exploration beyond the introductory level.


Budget Breakdown

Role salaries: 216,000 BANK

Department Coordinator 72,000
Department Understudy 36,000
Administrative Coordinator 72,000
Administrative Understudy 36,000
Total: 216,000

Bounty expenses: 219,000 BANK

Bounties BANK
New Joiner Sessions (6 per season at 10,500 BANK each) 63,000
How-To and Knowledge Sessions (39 per season at 4,000 BANK each) 156,000
Total: 219,000

Projected revenue: 0 BANK

Compensation Breakdown


  • Department Coordinator (5.5-6 hr/wk x 13 weeks)

    • Meeting prep and facilitation
    • Scheduling of live sessions and NJS
    • Develop higher levels of the courses being offered
    • Upkeep the library of sessions on offer
    • Track feedback and follow through
    • Review and update NJS slides
  • Department Understudy (5.5-6 hr/wk x 13 weeks)

    • Assist the Department coordinator
    • Learn how to become an effective Department Coordinator
    • Aid in continuity of knowledge and processes between seasons
    • Distribution and design of POAPs/NFTs, when applicable
      Review and update NJS slides
  • Administrative Coordinator (2.5-3 hr/wk x 13 weeks)

    • Payment tracking and processing for tasks/NJS
    • Treasury accounting
    • Safe/Multisig management
    • Upkeep of Education Department Notion pages
  • Administrative Understudy (2.5-3 hr/wk x 13 weeks)

    • Manage event announcements and reminders in Sesh and our calendar
    • Assist the Admin coordinator where needed
    • Learn how to become an effective Admin Coordinator
    • Aid in continuity of knowledge and processes between seasons


  • New Joiner Sessions
  • How-To Sessions
  • Knowledge Sessions

There is no plan to use Coordinape for compensation at the Department level, nor are any projects planned outside the scope defined above.


Factor KPI Success Metric
Breadth of Knowledge # of workshops or courses in the library Increases seasonally
bDAO Onboarding # of attendees for New Joiner Sessions Correlates with general DAO population cycles
Educational Reach # of attendees for How-To and Knowledge Sessions Correlates with general DAO population cycles
Workshop Demand Minimum # of attendees for each live How-To or Knowledge Session ≥3


Member Guild or Department Affiliations
Ernest_Of_Gaia​:minibus: :black_flag:ccNFTs​:ringer_planet:#4762 Education Guild,
0xZFi#4882 Education Guild, Ops Dept, AV Guild
Quietfox#2574 Education Guild,
Paulito#8869 Education Guild, Ops Dept, Writers Guild, DAOlationship Guild
ximpli_ana#3357 Education Guild
KingIBK#0108 Education Guild, Ops Dept
Latsan🏴#6466 Education Guild
Warrior#6808 Education Guild
Aloy🏴#6049 Education Guild
Marvel :black_flag:#0536 Education Guild
thinkDecade :black_flag:#7181 Education Guild, Bankless Africa, Grants Committee


  • Update the Notion page to include Season 7 details
  • Clean up and consolidate Discord tags
  • Review past attendance to determine which workshops to remove from rotation
  • Begin planning for new workshops that have been requested by Ops Dept