Bankless Africa season 4 Funding proposal

Title: Bankless Africa season 4 funding proposal

Authors: thinkDecade :black_flag:#7181, Yofi A.#4816

Date created and posted: 19-04-2022

The Bankless Africa project is requesting 898,000 BANK for season 4 funding. below are the detailed specifications of the funding request.


Season 3 in bits

Bankless Africa has continued to grow exponentially throughout season 3. Gradually becoming one of the most legitimately recognized web3/crypto communities in Africa. In season 3, The bankless Africa community was organized into six workgroups. Each workgroup was championed by a steward to tackle various areas of the bankless Africa mission.

Key highlights on some season 3 successes:

Key highlights on not so good areas

  • Talent retention - we lost a lot of key talents mostly due to lack of incentives and remuneration.
  • Governance framework barely developed and needs work.


Bankless Africa continues to educate and onboard everyday Africans to web3. This project will continue to spread the bankless mission throughout Africa.


bAfrica will focus on the following key areas for season 4.

  1. Shipping potential revenue generating projects.

  2. Building a solid governance and operational framework

  3. Workgroups

1. Shipping Potential revenue generating projects.

Focus is on 3 main projects.

  1. The bankless Africa podcast
  2. Newsletter
  3. Translation service

Podcast - Meet the Bankless Africa Podcast - think HQ but for Africa!

What is the show about?

The bAfrica podcast is the web3 information hub of Africa. The gateway to web3 for Africans.

The show highlights projects, ecosystems and people making impact and driving adoption of web3 tech across Africa…bAfrica is looking to organize around 2 distinct shows. Each of these shows shall nourish listeners with various information about the web3 ecosystem in Africa.

  1. bAfrica normal show

It will focus on providing general education on various thematic areas within web3. It will also cover specific web3 protocols and how to use some of these protocols. It will also feature core web3 builders, educators, influencers who will spread the web3 message while highlighting how it changes Africa

Show 1- The banklessAfrica Podcast - s4 target

Targeted episodes = 10

Release schedule is 1/week

Sponsorship - at least 1

  1. Crypto round up across Africa

Provides updates about relevant web3 events and news across Africa.

Show 2 - Sats & Gwei - Get your weekly dose of crypto news/events across Africa the bankless way.

Target episodes 12

Release schedule is 1/week

Sponsorship - at least 1


Bankless Africa will be launching a newsletter that will require ongoing funding and resources:

The Bankless Africa Newsletter

The team will be responsible for setting the tone and style of our newsletters, as well as brainstorming ideas for content. The team will also be in charge of copy-editing all of the newsletters before they are sent out to our internal audience. Each of these newsletters requires formal roles and compensation in order to ensure quality, accountability and timely execution.


  • Salaries and Bountied compensation
  • Kicking off the Bankless Africa newsletter
  • Added bounties for seasonal project retrospective

Project KPIs:

Season 4 Goals:

Subscriber count:

  • Season 4 Goal:1000
  • Start of Season 4 : 8 subscribers - waiting list
  • Goal End of Season: 1000

Revenue Generating Activities:

Direct revenue (sponsorships):

  • No direct revenue yet we would be seeking sponsors soon

Indirect revenue:

  • This will come from promoting other initiatives eg. Bankless Africa Podcast

Newsletter Project Team:

The newsletter project team consists of various roles, including newsletter coordinator, authors, and editors responsible for consistently delivering high quality content, efficient operations, management, and distribution. Multiple roles may be held by a single person. We propose the following roles be funded through both salaried positions and bounties.

Salaried Roles

Newsletter Team Project Coordinator:

  • Responsibilities include:

    • Moderate weekly team meetings

    • Represent the Newsletter Team on the weekly DAO Writers Guild Meeting and B AFRICA Meetings

    • Represent the Newsletter Team in Ops Guild and broader DAO

    • Monitor and report on KPIs and sponsorships

    • Manage Substack and Twitter distribution

    • Take notes (or otherwise collect) during weekly team meetings

    • Coordinate monthly Multi-sig payments

    • Developing ideas for newsletter topics

    • Researching and writing content

    • Seeking out relevant articles and images from other sources

    • Coordinate writers and editors week to week

    • Tracking and recording weekly bounties

    • Ensure consistent delivery and distribution of content

    • Maintain a weekly agenda and content calendar

  • Role Salary:

    • 12 week period
    • Operates off hourly wages and weekly hours
      • [2 hrs/week] * [1000 BANK/hr] = 2000 BANK/week
      • 2,000 BANK/week * 12 weeks/season = 24,000 BANK
  • Total Compensation: 24,000 BANK/ Season


Writer and Editor Bounties

  • Author- responsible for curating content
    • 1500 BANK/publication
  • Headline piece- responsible for weekly featured editorial
    • 2000 BANK
  • Editor
    • 1500 BANK/publication
  • Design (Header)
    • 1000 BANK/week
  • TOTAL 9,000 BANK/publication = 72,000 BANK/Season (12 weeks)


Role salary for the season = 24,000 BANK

Bounties = 72,000 BANK

Total = 96,000 BANK

Translation Service - Meet the African Translatoors.

The first official language translation service for banklessAfrica will be launched this season. The team will be able to translate DAO newsletters to the popular pidgin language used widely in some parts of Africa. The team would also focus on picking translation bounties within and outside the DAO.

2. Build a solid governance and operational framework - Introducing the bankless Africa Operations Office.
One of the realization that hit bAfrica is the scope of the project and the enormous amount of contributors needed to drive various parts of the project. This was why the 6 workgroups were created in season 3 with the hopes that each workgroup lead by a steward will grow naturally while tackling various parts of the bAfrica mission. unfortunately, this has not been the case. this model spread the talent too wide with little incentives and remunerations, leading to loss of morale and quiting of some key members. What this has thought the community is that while there are great ideas waiting to be explored, identifying and working on key priorities is key to the survival and continuity of the project. The banklessAfrica Operations Office is an evolution of the Operations/Community management workgroup that will be at the core of the project to ensure that the community is properly aligned, contribution is properly tracked and incentives/funds well deployed to contributors. This team shall set priorities, engage in community management, good talent coordination and member integration and all operational activities of bankless Africa.
The bAfrica OO shall consist of key roles as follows:

  1. project coordinator = 5hr/week @ 1k Bank/hr =60000/season
  2. community manager/Talent coordinator = 5hr/week @ 1k Bank/hr60,000/season
  3. Ecosystem outreach lead/marketer = 2hr/week @ 1k Bank/hr = 24,000/season
  4. Treasurer = 2hr/week @ 1k BANK/hr = 24,000

3. Workgroups progressing into season4
The bankless Africa Tech Front is currently engaged in developing v2 of the bankless Africa website.


The BanklessAfrica podcast…324,000
BanklessAfrica Newsletter…96,000
Translation services… tbd( will be bootstrapped from content and social media workgroup)
Operations Office = 168,000
Tech front Workgroup = 80000
Content/Social media workgroup = 50,000
season 3 bounties = 30,000
bAfrica community participation coordinape = 150,000
Total season 4 budget ask = 898,000 BANK

Research Workgroup = 45,000(found in the Research Guild budget as this workgroup has partnered with the Research Guild to undertake various research topics accross Africa with various reports coming out soon. e.g is the Stablecoin report - providing an overview of stablecoins usage accross Africa)

10 percent of proceeds from sponsorships for podcast and newsletter will be sent to banklessDAO treasury.


Bankless Africa podcast season1 with 24 episodes by the end of this season.

Newsletter with atleast 1000 subscribers

Potential sponsorships for both podcast and newsletter

Develop a governance framework for banklessAfrica

Develop better talent coordination and integration framework for the many Africans and others joining the DAO and looking to contribute and add value to both bankless Africa and the DAO.

Fund Bankless Africa

  • Agreed
  • disagree - feedback welcome in comment section

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This is definitely good! I love this

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Great outline, awesome project, bigups bAfrica.

Fully agreed. This will definitely be good for Bankless Africa.

Bankless Africa in combination with the Podcast Hatchery will be destined to succeed as a web 3 powerhouse.


good graet i like it

Loving the graphics in use @thinkDecade !

If the FB handle Bankless Africa were used a little more, bAfrica could access folk in rural Africa who could pick up on and contribute to translation services as well. I have a trilingual contact in Burundi who is rather trapped inside FB at the moment, for example, and another bilingual contact in Malawi.

Smart phone use rurally is very limited, but using graphics like this one to communicate can help get messages across via a sharing of smart phone screens.

There’s an untapped market there plus invisible talent that Bankless could be the first to access.


would love to explore this more with the community. our weekly calls happens every Tuesday at 6:30pm UTC. would love to have you there to explore this more if the time is okay for you.

It’s a very tricky time for me. Family eats at that time, and I’m involved in the preparation and delivery.

It is also very possible for me to contribute in asynch ways, and Bankless and DAOs in general can bring more people in working that way. It will take some effort, but it can be done.