Bankless Africa : Season 8 budget proposal

Bankless Africa

Project Champion: @thinkDecade

Squad: @kutubu @Abidemi @Crossvic @MissPurple @Bintu @Salvi @Paulito @LordRanchoatos1813 & more😅

Purpose: Public good

Affiliation: Writers Guild, education department

Authors; Editors: @thinkDecade , @Abidemi @kutubu

Date created: 30-03-2023

Date posted: 7-04-2023

Funds requested: 2,097,500 BANK

Project wallet(s): 0xCA27C5813c314586434512ab139Cad96F6b71750

Discord server: Discord


An impact/media DAO enabling Africans to discover decentralized money and blockchain technology while driving capacity building and economic empowerment.


Bankless Africa continues to grow as the go-to education and information source for many everyday Africans on all things crypto and web3. Truly embodying the bankless mission and vision. Season 7 was a parabolic season for Bankless Africa, we grew exponentially.


Bankless Africa Podcast

Pidgin Parlour Crypto Podcast

  • We have picked steam. We targeted 1,500 All time downloads and completed the season with 3,000 plus downloads.
  • We also expanded our reach with LinkedIn and Facebook.

Newsletter & Publication

  • The Bankless Africa newsletter was relaunched in February
  • 7 issues shipped
  • Subs are growing steadily and currently at 345
  • It currently has an open rate of 43%
  • We launched the Bankless Africa mirror publication - BlocScribe.

Community and tokenization

  • The Bankless Africa NFT has progressed into the concept stage.
  • We launched a series of marketing campaigns
  • We also represented the DAO in various events across Africa - especially during Vitalik and Reps from ethereum visits in Africa.
  • Official partnership with Bankless Academy as we have integrated the site and helping to drive users to take the courses


We will continue building Bankless Africa into the ideal crypto education and information hub for the everyday African while inspiring a new breed of cryptonatives to add value to the Web3 space. We also aim to improve our content strategies to optimize for high-impact and potential revenue generation.

KPIs for season 8👇🏾

Bankless Africa Podcast
Downloads → 30,000
Episodes → 20
sponsorship → atleast 1

Pidgin Parlour Crypto podcast
Downlaods → 5,000
Episodes → 10

Issues → 15
Subs → 1000

finalize concept
Commission Artwork


In season 7, Bankless Africa clawed back 10% of net inflow to the DAO treasury. Parcel | PaymentOS for Contributor Economy

Here is our season 8 budget breakdown.

Bankless Africa Podcast

Role/Work Week Total -15 weeks
Hosting 12000 180000
Editing 12000 180000
marketing/publicity 10000 150000
Production 10000 150000
Tools/softwares 50000
Podcast ops 4000 60000
Writing 5000 75000
Research 3000 45000
Design & Graphics 3000 45000
Total 935,000

Pidgin Parlour Crypto Podcast

Role/Work Week Total -15 weeks
Hosting 4000 60000
Editing 5000 75000
marketing/publicity 3000 45000
Production 5000 75000
Tools/software 30000
Ops 3000 45000
Writing/Translation 3000 45000
Research 2000 30000
Design & Graphics 2000 30000
Total 435000

Newsletter & Publication

Writers Pod Coordinator - Responsible for coordination and operations with Bankless Africa’s mirror publication as well as the pod.

  • 4000 Bank x 15 = 60000

Publisher: Responsible for coordination and curation of an issue

  • 3000 Bank x 15 = 45000

Editorial writer: Responsible for feature headline piece

  • 2500 Bank x 15 = 37,500

Design (Header)

  • 3000 Bank x15 = 45000

Copy editor

  • 3000 Bank x 15 = 45000

Total = 232,500

Operations & Community

Role week TOTAL
Project Coordinator 7000 105000
Community/Talent management 7000 105000
Treasurer 2000 30000
Bounty Pool 150000
Marketing Coordination 7000 105000
Total 495,000

Budget Summary

Bankless Africa podcast = 800,000

Pidgin Parlour Crypto Podcast = 435,000

Newsletter & Publication = 232,500

Operations & Community = 495000

Seasonal Total = 2,097,500


→ 10% of revenue generated will be used to add value to the DAO

→ 10% of tokens/NFTs sales will be used to add value to BanklessDAO - not determined yet. Some thoughts might be token buybacks or direct eth transfer to treasury via sales, etc.


We continue to align strongly with the mission and vision of bDAO. We continue to use the Bankless brand in our various projects and initiatives.


Discord: Discord

Notion: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Commonwealth: Commonwealth

Twitter -

Linktree - banklessafrica | Twitter, Instagram, TikTok | Linktree

Thank you for taking the time to read this proposal. We appreciate you.

Please vote any of the options below, hopefully on the first one :wink:. drop your comment/question(s) below if you need further clarity. adious.:wave:t5:

  • I support this proposal
  • I do not support this proposal
  • I abstain

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Big ups to all members for collectively raising Bankless Africa to this status making its impact felt across the length and breadth of Africa. Well done.


Is the max still 1 million bank?

This is a lot of bank. I don’t want to vote no because I support BA as a whole, but 1.9 million is a hefty number.

And then I just read the media notes budget and theirs is 1.9 million too!

Never mind. :joy:


Easily one of the most, if not the most, successful projects in bDAO history. If the DAO funds nothing else, fund this.


I’m so curious, who doesn’t support this request and why?


Thank you ser, these words means a lot to us. :hugs::hugs:


Cheers to the BAfrica crew for spreading the bankless message.

What is the avg BANK/download and BANK/view for the content being produced?


Kudos to everyone working relentlessly :100:

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…Bankless Africa has been relentless​:fire::muscle::gorilla:


Bankless has been impressive…this will be huge I believe.


You love to see them metrics don’t you ser. :joy_cat:

Here’s a quick take before I drop it.

When it comes to media such as podcasts the closest to BANK/download is the BANK/ATD(all time downloads). it takes more effort for podcasts to get downloads than newsletters which requires you to just open/view. Also if we had data around listens, this could have easily matched the views/BANK and/or BANK/download. unfortunately it’s almost impossible to get the views metrics with podcasts. so we will have to go with the BANK/ATD to evaluate our bang for buck monthly.

Season 8 metrics

Bankless Africa podcast - Main podcast - BANK/ATD = 15.7, approx → 16

Pidgin Parlour Crypto podcast - BANK/ATD = 78

Total Podcasts from Bankless Africa BANK/ATD - I combined the monthly spend of both projects/podcasts and their ATDs. We got 21 BANK/ATD

here’s the sheet for further perusal → Bankless Africa Media metrics - Google Sheets

Newsletter - might have to update later on this as we just reluanched.


Awesome project. Let’s keep the fire :fire: burning :mechanical_arm:

@thinkDecade wen BA token ?

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Any leads for sponsorships yet? Will some funding from sponsorships funnel back into the DAO? (I believe it’s that 10 percent I keep hearing of)

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Big ups to the entire BA community who’ve been relentlessly building. Time does move fast when you’re putting in the work.


This is such an impressive one. We keep going harder until every corner of Africa goes Bankless in its culture, language and operation.


Relentless team, still a ways to go but we are on quite a path, trailblazers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @thinkDecade relentless as usual!
Awesome job increasing the podcast downloads.
What steps have you taken towards finalizing the NFT? Are you blocked anywhere?
I saw @homie had commented about sponsorships. I wonder if it makes sense, that as you proudly use the Bankless name, BanklessDAO be your only sponsor. What do you think?


I believe there were questions in season 5 grants committee about this in relation to bdao running out of funds.

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