Bankless Africa Season 5 Budget Proposal

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Date Created : 06-07-2022
Date Posted: 08-07-2022
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#Relentless :rocket::fire::heart_on_fire::sunglasses:

Bankless Africa would like to request 963,000 Bank to continue our operations. Detailed specification is given below…:rocket::heart_on_fire::confetti_ball:.


Season 4 in bits
Bankless Africa continues to be relentless in pursuit of its goals. Season 4 was full of shipping. We were able to ship the much-awaited podcast, newsletter and website v2. The journey continues and we aren’t stopping. We also launched our governance forum. Our on-chain journey has begun.

Key highlights

  • Bankless Africa launched podcast with 2 shows
  • Bankless Africa launched a newsletter.
  • Bankless Africa website v2 launched.
  • Preparing to launch the Pidgin Parlor
  • Bankless Africa launched on commonweatlh - on-chain governance journey begins.
  • The research workgroup continues on its mission to become a Web3 research authority in Africa.
  • Our social media continues to become one of the most vibrant in the Bankless Ecosystem.
  • The number of contributors within Bankless Africa continues to grow.


Bankless Africa continues to educate and onboard everyday Africans to Web3. This project will continue to spread the bankless mission throughout Africa

We shall continue our relentless journey with Season 5 focused on the following key areas:

  1. Enhance/improve our potential revenue generating projects.

  2. Continue to build solid governance and operational framework

  3. Supporting workgroups that are building within the community

Enhance/Improve our potential revenue generating projects.

The Bankless Africa Podcast
We will continue to fine-tune and improve the Podcast.

Some key areas to focus in Season 5:

  • Improved marketing and publicity - Get more subscribers and listeners.
  • Start potential sponsorships and Grants discussions around the podcast.
  • Improve workflows, reduce frictions, Get more episodes out.
  • Launch Talent pools to train more audio editors and Hosts

(bAfrica podcast KPIs & Deliverables - Google Docs)

Podcast budget summary
Season 5 ask amount = 370,000
Season 4 balance(est) = (50,000)
Ask amount = 320000


In S4, we launched the Bankless Africa newsletter. Providing a legit information source for anyone anywhere in the world to have access to crypto developments in Africa. Season 5 will focus on making it better.

Key focus on newsletter for s5

publish 12 issues
improve content quality
develop and engage in strategies to get more subscribers
increase subscriber counts to 500+

Continue to build solid governance and operational framework

Operations Office
The launch of the Operations Office in season 4 saw a tremendous improvement in various areas of Bankless Africa. Talent coordination has been stronger, we have seen more people getting on-boarded and participating. We have seen improvement in the number of people participating in governance. Heck, we even began moving on-chain🤓. The Operations Office as indicated in season 4 is the core of the community moving the various parts.

Some key areas that the Operations office will focus on include:

Improve incentives for participation
Help facilitate and implement new ideas
Onboarding new members
Improving member participation and retention
improve governance.

Project coordinator > 7hr/week = 84,000
Talent coordinator > 5hr/week = 60,000
Treasurer > 2hr/week = 24,000
Total = 168,000

Supporting workgroups that are building within the community
The Research Workgroup shipped the stablecoin report detailing how Africa used stablecoins. it was one of the key highlight publications on Bankless Publishing. The workgroup aim is to become a web3 research authority that delves deeper into how web3 is impacting and changing lives of folks in Africa by going deeper into real adoption and usage of various crypto applications.
The Research Workgroup is currently working on Gamify and how it impacts the lives of Africans.

Pidgin Parlour
A budgeoning language translation service in Bankless Africa. The community is prepping to launch the Pidgin Parlour. It will be the first official Africa language coming from the community. It will add to the language arsenal of the DAO. DAO content can reach more places in Africa as pidgin is spoken by a lot of Africans. Also this might open the flood gates to start other language translation services. A journey of a



A snippet of the future
Bankless Africa has started an on-chain journey. We have started to learn how to participate and engage in governance in various ways. Very soon, members will need something to use for on-chain voting. NFT and/or token…?!:sunglasses::sunglasses:
(probably nothing)

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