Bankless Africa Season 7 proposal

Project Champion: @thinkDecade
Purpose: Public good
Authors: @thinkDecade , @kutubu @Abidemi
Affiliation : Research Guild, Writers Guild
Date created: 15-01-22023
Date posted: 20 -01-2023
Funds requested: 980,000
Project wallet(s): 0xCA27C5813c314586434512ab139Cad96F6b71750
Own subDAO/Discord server: Bankless Africa


Building Africa’s Media & Social DAO powered by BanklessDAO!


Bankless Africa continues to grow as the go-to education and information source for a lot of everyday Africans on all things crypto and web3. Truly embodying the bankless mission and vision. Some initiatives such as the Bankless Africa Podcasts have gradually grown to become one of the biggest crypto shows in Africa.

Season 6 highlights

  1. Right at the top - The Bankless Africa Podcasts🤯
  2. Talking Tokenization🤔
  3. Pidgin Parlour gathers steam🚂
  4. Newsletter undergone restructuring :construction:
  5. Bankless Africa discord operational🫂
  6. Official media partner to two of the biggest crypto events in Africa!

Bankless Africa Podcast

Pidgin Parlour Crypto Podcast

Tokenization Roadmap

We officially open the door to the conversation around various ways of tokenizing as a way of raising funds and unlocking other use-cases that come with tokens for the community. We agreed on NFTs. We are in the process of forming an official team to get to work.


At the beginning of season 6, we performed a retrospective and came up with the following conclusions.

  1. The Bankless Africa newsletter subscribers were not growing sustainably. 230 subs in 6 months!
  2. We agreed to pause, restructure and explore various growth strategies for the newsletter while analyzing the type of content we published.
  3. As part of the restructuring, we also explored the operations of the newsletter.
  4. The retro gave us a lot of insight to restructure better and develop various growth strategies to test out in season 7.


In s7, we tripling down and building. We will continue to explore various business models for the more established projects within Bankless Africa such as the Podcast. The Bankless Africa newsletter would be back stronger and more polished. We will continue building the community into the ideal crypto education and information hub for the everyday African while inspiring a new breed of cryptonatives ready to add value to the web3 space!

Tokenization - NFT first! :sunglasses:

In season 7, we intend to hit the following milestones with the Bankless Africa NFT.

  1. Formalise the NFT team

  2. Complete concept

  3. Agree on Artwork

  4. Start work on Artwork

  5. Mint Date - Finalize

General KPIs for various projects/initiatives


Hosting 6 12 72000
Sound Editing 9 12 108,000
Marketing & Publicity 6 12 72000
Production 6 12 72000
Design & Graphics 2 12 24000
Writing 6 12 72000
Research 4 12 48000
Ops 6 12 72000
Tools, Softwares & miscellaneous 50000
Total 590,000
S6 balance (100,000)
S7 Ask 490000

Operations Office

Project coordinator 7 12 84000
Community/Talent Management 7 12 84000
Treasurer 2 12 24000
Community bounty Pool 150,000
S7 Ask 342000

Pidgin Parlour

Host 2 12 24000
Production 4 12 48000
Audio editing 3 12 36000
Marketing 2 12 24000
OPs 3 12 36000
Graphics 2 12 24000
Writing/translation 3 12 36000
Total 228000
S6 Balance (80000)
S7 Ask 148000
Total ask BANK
Podcast 490000
Operations & Community 342000
Pidgin Parlour 148000
Season 7 total Ask 980,000


  1. 10% of revenue generated will go to bDAO treasury
  2. 10% of tokens/NFTs sales will be used to add value to BanklessDAO - not determined yet. Some thoughts might be token buybacks or direct eth transfer to treasury via sales, etc.


We continue to align strongly with the mission and vision of bDAO. We continue to use the Bankless brand in our various projects and initiatives.


Discord: Bankless Africa
Notion: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Commonwealth: Commonwealth
Socials: Bankless Africa - Links | Barracuda

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Love the initiative and much-needed representation by those on the ground. You keep learning, interating and trying new avenues. Fully support!


Great works bankless africa, progressive and relentless :boom: :heart_decoration:


Keeping it relentless. It’s very important to expose Africans to crypto and web3 from an African perspective :earth_africa::partying_face:


Excellent work Bankless Africa! Educating Africans on crypto and web3 is a great goal :green_heart: :rocket:


Great working group and future DAO to be involved with.

Open minded, considerate, friendly, but still focused on results and growth.


Love the focus and relentless energy :partying_face:


you should have an abstain poll option imo

Awesome! Let’s keep moving :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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@thinkDecade this is a well put together proposal! I initially cringed at the ask amount (partially because you received mid-season funding S5 and S6) but then I remembered that Bankless Africa is one of the few projects that has actually contributed back to the DAOs Treasury. Which is huge! I am excited to see the tokenization model that you adopt!

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Not just treasury fren, in terms of driving the Bankless mission and vision, few projects/nodes come close to Bankless Africa.:wink::wink:

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Keep pushing Bankless Africa! I voted yes.

What are your KPIs? I see newsletter did not do well for subs, but how about the podcasts? Which parts of your reach are growing fastest?

Why are you continuing with the newsletter given that it hasn’t been doing well? Why not focus on what’s working?

I read sprinkles’ comment to mean you have brought in revenue - from where?

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Thank you Bankless Africa!

I really admire the work you all do in this project. The content production expenses are slightly on the higher side in terms of BANK/view. I would recommend you to use this as a KPI

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ON KPIs - check the KPI table and the tokenization KPIs for s7

On podcast
Fast growing audience - top 5 countries

  1. Nigeria
  2. Ghana
  3. United States
  4. United Kingdom
  5. South Africa

On newsletter
We had a couple of great strategies after a thorough retrospective .We also realized that folks who reach out to us for potential sponsorships ask for the podcast and newsletter.

On the revenue - Yeah we got a paid sponsorship for the newsletter & podcast for which we sent 10% to the DAO treasury. Not much, but honest work. :joy_cat::joy_cat:

Good ser, what’s this BANK/view metric you speak of. substantiate.

  • How to Calculate
  • What’s better - high number or low number
  • What’s the middle figure?

Total BANK expenses each month/total views each month = BANK/view

Lower the better, IMN has an average of 20. Newsletter is even lower, crypto sapiens goes over 200. I suggest that you aim for the 20s

Sounds interesting.

Will have to probably calculate for each media outlet and then probably strike an average.

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Update Sid says the newsletter BANK/view is 57

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What is the time scale of these commitments? (just for S7, indefinite, etc)

What are the anticipated sources of revenue for the project?

Does BA keep detailed accounting records that can be shared?

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Q: What is the time scale of these commitments?

Ans: it’s undecided yet - in the timebeing, as long as we continue to get seasonal funding, 10% of all revenue generate for the season will be paid to the treasury.

Q: what are the anticipated sources of revenue for the project?

Ans : sponsorhsip & grants

Q: Does BA keep detailed accounting records that can be shared?

Ans : Yes - bankless Africa budget book - Google Sheets

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