Bankless Africa Season 6 funding Proposal

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Bankless Africa would like to request 1,590,000 BANK to continue our operations. Detailed specification is given below.


Bankless Africa continues to be relentless in pursuit of our goals. Season 5 was full of shipping. The journey continues and we aren’t stopping.

Key highlights

Bankless Africa Podcast soars in episodes and downloads
Bankless Africa newsletter continues to ship
Pidgin Parlor launched
New Discord Server activated


Bankless Africa continues to educate and onboard everyday Africans to Web3. This project will continue to spread the bankless mission throughout Africa


Improving our potential revenue-generating projects.

In season 5, we systemized and improved a lot of our workflows to consistently produce content/services. In season 6, we will continue to improve our workflows while heavily focused on developing business models around our core offerings for monetization.

The Bankless Africa podcast

2 seasons in and we have established a web3 podcast media powerhouse in Africa.
As indicated, In season 5 we streamlined our workflows, pumped out more episodes, and trippled our season 4 download numbers. In season 6, we will continue to streamline our workflows, try new techniques with our podcast while heavily focusing on Marketing and Sponsorships (diving heavily into podcast business models).


The Bankless Africa newsletter continues to grow. It has established itself as a key information source for all things crypto in Africa. Season 6 will focus heavily on growth strategies around increasing subscriber-based KPIs while exploring sponsorship opportunities.

Content (Newsletter s6)

Newsletter Season 6 Budget
Newsletter Coordinator
[ 5hrs/week] * [1000 BANK/hr] = 5000 BANK/week
Newsletter Growth Lead. 4000/ week
Conceptualize & Strategize growth of Newsletter
36,000 BANK
Writer and Editor Bounties
Author- responsible for curating content
2500 BANK/publication X 12= 30000
News Summaries - 7per issue at
500 BANK each = 3500 x 12 =42000
Headline piece- responsible for weekly featured editorial
4000 BANK x 12 = 48000
Editorial Developmental Review - 3000 x 12= 36000
Copy Editor - 2000 x 12 = 24000
Design (Header) - 3000 BANK/week x 12 = 36000
Defi Degen - 4000 BANK, bi-weekly = 4000 BANK x 6 = 24000
Total = 240,000 BANK
Role salary for the season =96000 BANK
Bounties = 240000 BANK
Total = 336000 BANK

Pidgin Parlour

In season 5 we launched Pidgin Parlour, Bankless Africa’s first step towards localization and widening our reach. Nigeria is a key market in crypto adoption with a huge population of crypto natives. And pidgin is spoken widely in the country. The population of Nigeria also makes it a prime target market for most crypto protocols and entities seeking to penetrate the African market. Establishing Bankless Africa as a key crypto media powerhouse in this market opens up the possibilities of monetization of our content to these protocols/entities seeking to reach the Nigerian market. And Pidgin Parlour is in a great position to do that. Season 6 focus areas for pidgin parlour

  1. Translation Services - we are creating a framework for pidgin translation. We hope to complete and implement this in season 6. We aim to establish ourselves as the go-to for all things pidgin translation in web3.
  2. Pidgin Parlour Podcast - launched and looking to lift off. Spotify

Pidgin Parlour s6 budget

Roles hr/week month season
Pidgin Parlour facilitator 2 8000 24,000
Pidgin Parlour bounty pool (social media, project building etc) 40,000
Podcast details
Host 2 8000 24000
Producer 2 8000 24000
Research 2 8000 24000
Audio editing 3 12000 36000
Pidgin parlour marketing. 2 8000 24000
Ops 3 12000 36000
Designer 2 8000 24000
Writer 2 8000 24000
Tools,Software & miscellaneous 50,000
Pidgin parlour total 330,000


Ops will focus on the following::point_down:t5:

  • Improve incentives for participation
  • Help facilitate and implement new ideas
  • Onboarding new members
  • Improve member participation and retention
  • improve governance.
  • Partnerships

Tokenization roadmap

In season 6, we will officially open the conversation about potential ways to tokenize Bankless Africa. NFTs or tokens? NFT + tokens?


Project coordination 7hrs/week = 84,000

Talent Management 7hrs/week = 84,000

Treasurer 2hrs/week = 24000

Total = 192,000

Financial Implication

Details Total Total
Podcast 482,000
Newsletter 336,000
Operations 192000
Marketing and Social Media 100,000
Pidgin Parlour 330,000
Community Bounty Pool
(coordinape, bounties etc) 150,000
Season Total 1,590,000

Next steps

Heads down, keep building and shipping. Eyes wide open for partnerships and revenue opportunities.:nerd_face::100::rocket: #Relentless​:zap::zap:

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