Bankless Africa Season 7 proposal

Given the size of BA and the corresponding seasonal budget, has BA considered a commitment to reimburse the bDAO Treasury for some portion of the funding provided since its inception? I think some past projects have made similar commitments.

What type of sponsorships does BA anticipate might be available?
To me, this suggests that BA considers itself a public good (i.e. not seeking revenue beyond what can be publicly funded.) Does BA consider itself a public good?

On commitment

could you probably go over the proposal again. seems these are answered questions.

Thanks, I saw the Purpose at the top of the post. I think my question was unclear and I apologize for that. I’ve read the proposal a few times, but there’s still a chance I’ve missed something so I appreciate your patience.

Regarding public goods and funding, I was hoping to get a better idea of what types of sponsorships BA is actively pursuing, or may be considering. If there are known sponsorships available for public goods, the other projects currently funded by bDAO may also be interested.

When I asked about whether or not BA considers itself a public good, not seeking revenue beyond what can be publicly funded, I wondered how BA could commit to revenue returns to the bDAO treasury. I can see that it might be difficult to use funding from one public source to repay another public source.

Overall, if BA is a public good, seeking public funding, with no plans or intent to develop revenue streams (at least to offset the amount of public funding required), then I think it’s important to be as efficient as possible - especially considering some of the concerns that have been expressed lately about sustainability of bDAO.

BA is strongly value-aligned and is no doubt having impact, but it also has one of the larger budget asks in terms of projects, and while anyone has access, it’s tailored to a specific demographic. If we consider other projects like International Media Nodes, Crypto Sapiens, and the bDAO Newsletter, their efforts seem similar to that of BA and (afaik) they’re not focused on one group.

It may not be welcome, but I think it’s important to critically evaluate public goods / projects, the overlap they might have with others, and their real v perceived impact.

I hope this is received as it is intended, which is thoughtful, objective, and critical evaluation of the way bDAO allocates its treasury.


This is actually pretty good take imo, @chunz , infact this is a conversation I would love to move forward to analyze all the content producing projects within the BanklessDAO ecosystem.

Mind you, Bankless Africa is not focused on one group, it’s taking on an entire continent consisting of 54 different countries.


Hey @chunz , looks like this discussion will be important when Season 8 comes up for formulation.

:one: Public good? Or a mixture?
:two: Cost of production - methods
:three: Audience comparisons

I mention :three: because the African audience in no way has access in the same way a UK or US audience has access.

In the UK and US, access is ubiquitous. In Africa far fewer numbers have smart phones, consistent power supply or web access. And that’s just in cities, the numbers are way lower again in rural areas.

So there are steeper hills to climb, and in many cases because of missing infrastructure that is ubiquitous in Northern Hemisphere nations.


Thanks @innov8tor3, I appreciate your perspective. I’m curious if you think :three: would lend support to BA’s efforts, or the opposite?

@thinkDecade could you please check the google sheet bankless Africa budget book - Google Sheets for inconsistencies. Specifically wallet addresses and the font/emojis in names

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