Bankless Africa Seed

Title: Bankless Africa Seed
Read the proposal:Bankless Africa Seed
Authors: thinkDecade#7181, Theophile :black_flag:#9222, Timigraphicks#1321
Date: [10-12-2021]

Bankless Africa is growing as a node.
Unique among nodes because more than 50 countries involved - multiculturally deep.
funding needed to scale the team and efforts.
kindly read the doc for full over view

Below is excerpts from the seed doc.


A collaborative exercise to lay out a practical framework for the goal of establishing a Bankless Africa Media Node that promotes, educates and ensures mass adoption of blockchain technology tools to promote capacity building on the African continent. This document is a roadmap that provides a generalized strategic direction of where we envision this project to be, while providing various action plans on a seasonal basis. We see this as a marathon.


Africa has become a hot ground for crypto adoption. Countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa and Togo are among top countries when it comes to bitcoin and defi adoption. Unfortunately, persistent socio political and economic problems such as corruption and lack of transparency have led to a lot of challenges for the everyday African. The continent is one of the most unbanked and restricted places in accessing the global financial system. Most currencies on the continent are subjected to massive currency devaluation and extremely high inflation, making the storage and preservation of wealth almost impossible. The lack of a well established banking system has led many corporations to develop novel ways of banking for the people. This can be seen in innovations such as mobile money which allows anyone with a cell phone to send, store and receive money. In recent times, these services have been expanded to include borrowing. However, these innovations are still subject to the whims of governments and corporate control. The current innovation path still leads to most of the problems being faced by countries with well established financial systems. Crypto fixes this. The advent of crypto provides the rare opportunity for the African continent to leapfrog the current systems into a completely new one that is more inclusive. Unfortunately, There is not enough well-established media outlets and entities in Africa that are focused on informing, educating and supporting the various facets of crypto.


Bankless Africa is a media node from the Bankless DAO that operates as a development consultancy with the express purpose of identifying, supporting and executing various projects and tactics to accelerate African Development through web 3.0 and subsequent derivative technologies

As a Node, Bankless Africa seeks to extend the vision and mission of the DAO by promoting, educating and propagating truly bankless media, culture and education to drive the adoption of trustless, decentralized money systems and blockchain technology with the aim to promote capacity building, economic empowerment and financial sovereignty in Africa.


Operational Tactics

*Development Consulting

The Bankless Africa team and its network will be in a unique position to appropriately identify (or serve as a contact point for) projects and initiatives on the African continent that are crypto and web3 driven.

  • Newsletter

The Bankless Africa team will create and share relevant and valuable information by means of a newsletter. It’ll be a medium to bring people closer by sharing engaging content, asking questions and further promoting other prominent platforms such as the podcast/blog. This will also generate more subscriptions to the podcast series.

  • Podcast

The Bankless Africa team will be in charge of creating a series of exciting episodes that will be for the purpose of educating, entertaining, and creating awareness of Bankless and the Crypto world. The content writer will create slides that could be useful for presentation in the podcast. They’ll also be in charge of researching topics the team could hammer on in educating Africans. Also, we will team up with Bankless Academy in achieving our mission and goals.

  • Articles

This is another medium the Bankless team will use in educating Africans about crypto currency, it will be helpful for the podcast as it will be used as a reference to create an interactive atmosphere for listeners. All articles created will be shared mainly on Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, Discord, Email and Whatsapp…that will be the team’s focus in sharing articles created.

  • Infographics

Infographics are visual explainers of topics discussed. Infographics are an excellent way to convey a large amount of information in an interesting and visual way. It is very important for visual learners as it’ll be used to make complicated podcasts and articles easier to understand. Symbols, illustrations will be used to link concepts and ideas together. It will also help in making article reading interesting.

  • Website

Ultimately, The team will create a website for the Bankless Africa media node that will serve as a portal to everything we aim to achieve. It will also serve as an onboarding platform to the Bankless DAO.


The nature and scope of this project is enormous. It will require a team of dedicated and highly committed individuals to keep things running.

For the purposes of promoting accountability and enhancing commitments, the following roles are created. Dedicated project champions willing to stake time and put in the sweat to get the project running on daily basis.


The organizer plays a key role in the day-to-day administration of the project. Among the many responsibilities of the organizer includes:

  • Facilitate weekly meetings
  • Facilitate work sessions
  • Ensure that members are up to speed with important project info.
  • Assist in the formulation of key deliverables
  • Track and remind team of action items
  • Liaison with others to ensure that objectives are aligned.


The content champion is at the heart of information and resources churned out as part of the multimedia report strategy of the node. This role requires coordination and collaboration with various contributors and skilled individuals to produce high quality content for consumption. Responsibilities includes but not limited to:

  • Produce and publish

Oversee the development and publication of contents for different digital platforms - websites, blogs, videos, email marketing campaigns, advertising campaigns, social media posts, infographics, whitepapers, and more.

  • Facilitate content strategy work sessions
  • Help in the development of metrics that leverage content to acquire and retain more new consumers. Metric should also help make content provide lifetime value for consumers, the node and the DAO.
  • Liaison with other champions especially the AV part of the project to deliver key objectives.
  • Connect with the social media champion to ensure that contents are consistently produced and posted to various social media platforms.

External Relationship Liaison

  • Build relationships between Bankless Africa and other DAOs, companies and organizations that are aligned with the advancement of African Development.


The coordinator is the machinery that keeps various parts of the project moving and in sync. This role includes both internal and external functionalities that are critical in connecting various dots. These dots may come in variety of ways:

  • Look out for new members willing to contribute to the project.
  • Welcoming and briefly orienting new members.
  • Keep track of tasks available to be completed.
  • Link talents/new members to open tasks.
  • Look out for projects/opportunities that might benefit the initiative.
  • Keep track of active contributors.
  • Direct members who need support to the right place/persons.
  • Follow various platforms such as social media activities.
  • Look out for various events on social media and other communities and platforms that the project might take part of.
  • Potentially link social media and other influencers who might promote and improve the success of the project.

#Social Media

It’s all about the tweets, grams, toks, and #hashtags…LFG. The social media promoter is a strategic and productive noise maker, targeting uninformed everyday people with interesting contents produced as part of the project operation tactics. Within this beautiful chaos, the content promoter targets both the informed and the uninformed crowd with great pieces of content aimed at converting them into everyday subscribers, followers and product consumers. Responsibilities might include:

  • Demonstrate and provide information about project products/services
  • Oversee development of social media plan/strategy.
  • Oversee consistent social media posts and update
  • Liaison with content promoter and coordinator to direct talents/influencers to projects.
  • Create a positive image for the project and encourage people to join.
  • Mention and direct to the DAO on social media platforms.
  • Retweet and promote DAO products/services/initiatives.
  • Follow and shout out to other nodes.
  • Formulate strategies for growing users/followers.
  • Nourish African Culture as it pertains to social media promotion


Secretary is all about administrative and treasury support. The secretary keeps things tight, from organizing information, taking meeting notes to tracking transactions of financial nature. The secretary also liaison with the organizer to help onboard consultancy projects to the node/DAO. The secretary shall undertake the following responsibilities and more:

  • Take and organize meeting notes
  • Organize and direct people to the right information.
  • Track transactions related to the project - multi-sig, reimbursements etc.
  • Help in treasury duties
  • Liaison with the organizer to undertake administrative responsibilities
  • Prepare and maintain a notion page for key information/discussions etc.


Responsible for designing and getting contents visually appealing.

  • Create/provide aesthetically beautiful images/visuals for content
  • Provide images/visuals for social media and other platforms
  • Mobilise creative sessions for potential art inspired projects such as NFTs
  • Collaborate with content and social media champions to create guidelines for how logos and other branding materials should be displayed and used.
  • Coordinate and nourish relationship with DAO AV Guild

Contribution roles/support roles

While roles are available, this project is completely opened to anyone to bring in their input. The contributor and support roles are for this. This is the avenue where new people can demonstrate their passion and dedication towards the attainment of project goals and objectives. New members who demonstrate these qualities also stand a chance of being nominated into the roles listed above. In order to recognize contributions, coordinape might be used to award contributors.


Total ask = 200,000 BANK

Quick Breakdown

  • Operations = 153,600
  • Bounties/Contributory roles = 46,400

Brand Usage

Bankless Africa leverages the vision and mission of the Bankless DAO to help onboard everyday Africans to crypto and web3. Bankless Africa will continue to use the Bankless brand so long as the content and community aligns with the message of the larger Bankless community and the Bankless DAO

Next steps

  • Formalize weekly meetings - done
  • Create work sessions - done
  • Form teams for
    • Relationship Mapping
    • Content Creation
      • Newsletter
      • Podcast planning
    • Relationship and Social media Strategies - outreach
    • Daolationships - inreach


There is also this!
How do we leverage the bankless vision and mission to tackle some socio-economic challenges in Africa while driving value back to the DAO?

On Tackling socio-economic issues plaguing the African continent.

  • Increased Awareness in the Blockchain Space
  • Increased Job Opportunities
  • Increased Participation in DAO Activities
  • Promote Innovation For Social Impact using blockchain
  • Increased Adoption for Builders & Users (Building De-Fi protocols, using tools)
  • Increased Access to Funding (Parallel opportunities for Entrepreneurs)
  • Promoting Self-Sufficiency
  • Promoting Transparency & Accountability
  • Exploration of young talent - Introducing Blockchain technology to students
  • Yes - let’s push the awesome work being done by bankless Africa
  • No - I do not support this initiative
  • I support but needs revision or something else. lol

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I support this project. The question I have is what language will the content be produced in?


thank you for your support. we are doing most things now in English and pidgin( a nigerian version of English that’s spoken in other parts of Africa). We intend to gradually easy into more local languages as we grow the team.


I’m in full support of this project. I think building financial infrastructure in developing economies is key to the success of the industry


Voted yes—very impressed with where this is headed. Given the massive scope of the project, the extensive publicity it brings to the DAO, and the close alignment with our mission, I think you could ask for a lot more BANK. You’re going to blow through your operations budget overnight! Just my two BANK though :wink:


Nice One!

Definitely eager to see the content in pidgin, and happy to support.


Great initiative !! I endorse.

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Easy yes.

Also nice that you guy clearly illustrate the costs of accelerating a nodes development. I have been saying that the IMN-project is under funded if we want to be able to scale fast and this proposal illustrates that we’ll. We are going after exactly the same scope, but slower. Makes total sense tho, you guys are going after a continent and we are targeting a measly 9 million swedes :smiley: Weighted on funding/capita I think we might be in a good spot!

Good luck and tell us if you come up with any genius ideas when it comes to node acceleration!

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I would love to bring more awareness on the continent and I have some contacts there that might be able to help tremendously. Just want to offer some assistance.

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@thinkDecade as a person who works closely with a lot of projects in the DeFi space, I am glad to see someone taking the Bankless message to places that need it the most.
I have also spent a lot of time working in the crypto space in Africa especially and set up a lot of the Fiat to Crypto ramps. I have a passion to see crypto in Africa grow and would be willing to offer help on this front, specifically on the content/liasion side.
Thanks - Chandler - UMA team - fellow African


Bankless-Africa taking shape blockchain, crypto, smart contracts and DAOs will solve many conditions as Africans we face unemployment, poverty, hunger, overpriced food commodities each and every sector of the economy will be an integral beneficiary from this technologies. The vision of Bankless-Africa is to educate the masses on how the technology works and come up with solutions that will be a win win for all adopters including our Governments lets spread the Bankless-Africa movement. :wave:

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You’re all awesome.

Awesome work. Pardon my ignorance. How does this proposal build synergy with the international media node?

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Based in South Africa for the last 20 years and very interested in this. Africa skipped past PC/laptops and straight to mobile tech. With the majority of the population being unbanked, they can also skip our current financial systems and straight into the bankless world. Please get in touch if any additional support is needed from South Africa.


@DBakken Sure this can be achieved bankless-Africa movement strong yes your input much welcome you can hop in Discord #Bankless-Africa lets link up there. cheers if any issues DM

Just an insight of opportunities here lie in Africa Cryptocurrency Ownership Data for Kenya 2021 | TripleA