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June 5, 2021.


Set up “Bankless Africa” aimed at onboarding as many people on the African continent to Crypto especially Defi as possible.


  • Africa is increasingly becoming hot ground for crypto adoption.

  • Countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya,etc are among leading p2p bitcoin transactions and adoption in the world.

  • The continent is also among the most unbanked in the world.

It is one of the most restricted places in accessing the global financial system.

There is less information and educational content targeting the Africa crypto space about innovations such as Ethereum and Defi.

There is a massive proliferation of banking activities using mobile phones. This is as result of mobile money, the tech that allows anyone to use their mobile phones to store and send money to others. More people are now depending on mobile money on their phones for banking transactions than using their traditional bank accounts. this offers a unique opportunity to easily onboard people to crypto.


I believe Africa is one of the best places in the world that will benefit from the Defi movement. Whiles other countries have established and working banking and financial system, Africa is now developing in that aspect. This gives Africa a very rare opportunity to probably bypass all these traditional systems and launch directly into decentralized finance. The adoption and use of Defi will forever change the lives of people.


  • Launch Bankless Africa podcast aimed speaking in a language and making references about crypto and Defi that the people can easily understand.

  • Launch Bankless Africa engagement platforms such as telegram, facebook, etc.

  • organized community meet ups, calls etc.

  • Educate people on all things bankless…


Once approved, the Bankless Africa will be dedicated to formulating strategies to onboard as many people in Africa as possible to the defi and bankless community.


Africa is probably one of the best places that needs the Bankless vision. Propagating truly bankless media, culture and education to drive the adoption of trustless, decentralized money systems. The impact of this when achieved will be truly amazing as it will literally cause a shift in the financial and social lives of people. There is a race to develop the African banking infrastructure. This is basically the copying the same systems of the developed world. This as we have seen poses the same problems and might be worst in the case of Africa. The real solution and probably the best one is the Defi movement. So, this proposal seeks to bootstrap a dedicated team aimed at bring the Bankless vision and mission to the African continent. Heck, there are thousands and more reasons why Africa is one of the best frontiers to adopt Defi.

Would love to see what the community thinks about this…


Love it. Easiest path to One Billion Bankless is to start with the unbanked. Awesome work already going on in different parts of Africa. Would be good for a group to focus specifically on the needs across the continent.


Hi, I love the idea, it would be huge to help people in Africa go down the rabbit hole of crypto. Would this Bankless Africa address both English and French speaking countries? I know that’s one of the most important divide.


_______ Africa proposals almost always end up misappropriating funds. Not that I am saying that it will happen here for sure, but this is what I have seen across multiple communities.

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@oxrabbi Absolutely. This sounds like a great opportunity to prove our legitimacy by NOT doing that. Transparency and operating in good faith will be essential. Love the idea.

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I would vote against creating sub communities till there is a real need for it. I dont think we are there yet. Maybe next year.

We create the need by doing. There’s no ask of the treasury at this time, i see no obstacles. Let them build!


Africa is very diverse multi lingual content with very complex ethic groups and regions. When creating a game plan for BANKLESS Africa we need to be aware not to generalize Africa from the start. I am all for the focus group but we need to be aware of complexity of Africa in order to ensure no language, ethnic group, race or sub region feels left out in the long run. Obviously we need to start somewhere in Africa and not every ethnic group, race language or region can be inclusive in the beginning, but scalability for diverse groups, languages, ethnic groups, races and regions needs to be within the plan from the start.

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for now we are starting the podcast in English. the next step is to find french speaking person to address the French speaking countries.


well, am not requesting for funds to start. Am doing everything on my own for now.


we are starting strong in Ghana. with plans of rapidly extending to Nigeria and Kenya afterwards.


Generally, the dao has said to proposals like this one, Go for it! lead and we will follow.
When no funds are required, we can throw it at the wall and see what sticks
Looking forward to sharing the content with my friends in Kenya!


Love the concept, idea and concerns. Another great discussion is ahead for this DAO. Basically supportive. Great start and sound thought process.

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Hey, I know someone from Ghana Africa recently moved to North America who’s extremely keen on this and whose ultimate vision is to not just help create an on-ramp to going bankless…but who’s really interested in understanding how we connect talent (lot’s of young developers, designers, etc) into Decentralized Work opportunities (i.e. on-ramp to earning as a means of building wealth in crypto) – let me know if you’d like to connect they’d probably love to help. I’ve been pumping bankless DAO to them but the price of entry was a bit of a barrier.


Onramp fiat mechanism on the African continent will change everything. It’s one of the main things I have thought of. I would be more than happy to connect. kindly DM me in discord and let’s take it from there. alternatively, my twitter name is @thinkDecade. let’s connect. :muscle: :muscle: :+1:

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