Bankless DAO open Ombuds Office Position: Looking for candidates



Election of a new Bankless DAO Ombuds member, who will substitute Mgoesdistance, who had to leave because of other commitments outside of the DAO.


The Ombuds Office is an informal, impartial, neutral, and confidential place for community members to address concerns, abuse, dysfunctions, shortfalls, delays, and violations that may arise while participating in the DAO.

At the request of any DAO member, the Ombuds Office can hear the involved members, and it can suggest resolutions between them. The Ombuds team listens and makes non-binding recommendations for structural solutions.


Katarina (Administrator)


The Ombudspersons work confidentially, in compliance with the right to anonymity of DAO contributors and any witnesses, and keep secret the data and information obtained while performing the assigned function.

The Ombuds Office is composed of 5 members and now looking for another 5th member until the end of August, after which there will be (re-)elections for the next mandate.

Gender and geographic diversity should be granted. Every DAO member, except Genesis squad members and Grants committee members, can apply to be part of the Ombuds Office.


A fixed amount per Ombuds member for first follow-up and always being on stand-by: 1000 BANK until end of August. ( 2000 per member for a 1-year mandate )

Extra per case: 1000 BANK per call/chat time spend on a case.


If you are interested in becoming part of the Ombuds, please reply to this post and present yourself to the community with info on your background and motivation. A legal background is not needed. After the candidacy stage, which will end 10 days after this Forum Post, there will be voting by the community (when more than one candidate applied).


I would be interested in serving the DAO as an Ombuds-person. I have a pretty broad record of organizational development and advocacy for good-guy causes. In RL I work across multiple continents in the humanitarian space and I am a founder of a manufacturing company. While not a lawyer, I have worked in public policy for more than 15 years including at the U.S. state and national levels.

I don’t really like long walks on the beach but I do love the Bankless DAO. I have been looking for a way to plug in more significantly and I don’t want to miss this option to serve each of you. You may know me as the guy who spawns memes on Friday calls.

I would be interested in taking on this role. To be fair, I’m new to Bankless DAO but have an interest in becoming more involved in the community. I have over 25 years of corporate experience running businesses and managing large teams. Additionally, I had the benefit of being from a large family — 11 of us, not including pets :grinning:. Which is to say resolving conflict, finding consensus, identifying dysfunction , mitigating abuse or negotiating compromise goes hand in hand with these roles. There is always a way thru and when done successfully the group is always stronger on the other side.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hm…. I am having struggle to understand this with clarity.

Could you please provide an example? :pray:

So first there is the fixed amount of 2000 BANK per season as an Ombuds member. OK, seems we made a mistake here as we took the mandate of 1 year instead of per season. So there is still 6 months left, or about 2 seasons, the fixed for the new member should be 4000 BANK.
Then there is an extra per case. For example, if someone contacts us on chat and you interact with them on chat, it’s 1000 BANK for the chat assistance. If we then do 2 calls (which usually takes about an hour per call) with the people involved for clarification and advice, that’s 1000 BANK for each call or 2000 BANK. For this case it would be 3000 BANK for your time and advice.
We calculate per case as not all Ombuds Members can assist on all cases because of timezones and other responsibilities.
Hope this helps? Thanks for asking and don’t hesitate to ask more questions if it’s still not clear.

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gm, I would like to apply for this position.

I’m on Law School and I’m specializing on contracts, constitutional law and private arbitration. Others, and I, consider myself a very rational and logical person at the point that some think that I’m autistic - which I’m not. I do everything related to social studies including economics (specifically Austrian Economics), anthropology and psychology. I have experience of 4 years managing my own business. I’ve never worked with numerous groups. On the contrary, I like working with small groups of people because understanding people motivation and ideological structures are of core importance for me. Deeply knowing a person is key to empower their value. I’ve been leading Austrian Economics thinktanks and study circles of various topics since senior highschool. I understand and know how to manage conflict of interest between parties from a rational perspective: differentiating between rights acquired by contract and those acquired by custom.

I would like to interact more with people. I’m not very much fluid in English as I would like and I hope that my interactions with people will help me evolve in my confidence and articulation. Apart from that, I hope learning a lot from this experience and identifying needs and values surrounding people inside a DAO. That would give an insight to write about the preconceptions, social psychology, individual ends and common conflicts between members in this kind of new organizational structure.

Thanks for your time!

I made a mistake here as the 2000 BANK is per season of course. So there is still 6 months left, or about 2 seasons, the fixed for the new member will be 4000 BANK.

Hello everybody!

As a new member of this DAO if have took my time to get familiar with the different roles and guilds that I could join and participate in. One that has immediately caught my attention is the role of an Ombuds-person.
I have always seen myself as a person that is able to empathize with both parties of a conflict. In my opinion this is the key to conflict resolution: Seeing both parties, their emotions and their needs in the situation of the conflict. Often, conflicts escalate when people feel they are not being seen, not being heard, that their feelings and opinions are not perceived as valid.

At the moment I am attending an online course in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. I would love to be able to implement my acquired knowledge into this DAO and by that allow myself to transition my knowledge from theory into practice.

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Hey, All
Did this get resolved? I didn’t hear an update on the call Friday but I may have missed it.

Yes, applications are closed now, will now create a new forum post for the elections. They should have mentioned it during the CC, but I couldn’t attend, so not sure.

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Hi Guys

I am interested in the position an Ombuds-person , to help suggest possible solutions to challenges that may occur over a period of time . I believe my experience in Financial Services for the past 20 Years and ability to find solutions that will allow each party to come a suitable compromise will enable the Bankless DAO move forward.

Much appreciated

Thanks so much. I had to step out for a few mins so they may have said that. Just organizing my time.

Thanks for the interest, but unfortunately applications are closed already since last friday the 25th of March after the CC, and we are in the election phase: Election New Ombuds Office Member