Bankless DAO Ombuds - Election of members


Election of the Bankless DAO Ombuds members


The community has voted in favor of the establishment of a Bankless DAO Ombuds. The Ombuds office will be an informal, impartial, independent, neutral and confidential place for community members to address concerns. Members may contact the Ombuds office to report any forms or types of abuse, dysfunctions, shortfalls, delays, violations concerning the functioning of the DAO.

The candidacy phase began on August 3.

After the CC on August 6, we have waited some more time for other candidates to cover the role of Bankless Ombuds. Now it is time to move forward and cast our votes.


There are 7 candidates for 5 places! Please express your preferences! Gender and Geographic diversity has to be respected.

The information about the candidates can be found here.

  • Delgadoge
  • Eagle
  • Katarina
  • pmikeola
  • rotorless
  • TheMarvel
  • tommyoloffson

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