Bankless DAO Ombuds - Election of a New Member

Author: @Eagle


Election of a new Bankless DAO Ombuds member, who will substitute Eagle (elected in the Grants Committee).


The community has voted in favor of the establishment of a Bankless DAO Ombuds . The Ombuds office is an informal, impartial, independent, neutral and confidential place for community members to address concerns. Members may contact the Ombuds office to report any forms or types of abuse, dysfunctions, shortfalls, delays, violations concerning the functioning of the DAO. The Ombuds office is composed by 5 members.

Eagle has been elected to the Grants Committee for Season 2. Due to the incompatibility with the role of Ombuds member, he has to leave his position.


If you are interested in becoming part of the Ombuds, please reply to this post and present yourself to the community. A legal backgound is not needed. After the candidacy stage, which will end on Wednesday, October 20 at 11:59 pm PT, there will be a voting by the community (where more than one candidate will apply).

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I would be happy to help here. I have no legal background, but Ombuds is a necessary part of the DAO and a great way to resolve issues as they come up.

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Happy so step up. Same pitch as my candidacy for Grants Committee, where I ended up just behind Eagle in the vote (well done!).

I’m in crypto since 2014, full time since early this year. Currently a governance & finance council member at JennyDAO, Bankless Level 3 member and active contributor here on the forum, member of various other DeFi DAOs and holder of a large number of shitcoins. Very bullish on Bankless so happy to offer myself up for this role. GMT +8 time zone, if that helps with more global coverage.

Have thrown my decentralized paws in the Ombudsman ring too, happy to help since this is likely in line with my existing* crypto-native day job so it’s all the same to me :catjam: :paw_prints:

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With @mgoesdistance and @DieSchwarzeKatze (Black Cat, like it!) in the running, I will bow out. I’m glad two other more qualified folks are stepping up.

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D’aww, thank you, that’s adorable. I have seceded to @mgoesdistance too, thanks all.

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