Bankless Short Clips

Title: Bankless Short Clips


Authors: Jack |


Date: May […], 2021

Bankless Short Clips


We propose creating 10 short video clips from various Bankless podcasts. We believe this will enable more share-ability and search-ability of each video, leading to more YouTube traffic.


Currently, each YouTube podcast is hour, hour and half long. That makes it very hard to share with friends because once they see the length, they immediately think they need to find time to watch it all the way through.

By creating several shorter clips, we can make them both more sharable and easier to consume.


This proposal helps drive more traffic to the Bankless YouTube channel. Here are the ways:

Each video gets its own title driving organic views

For example, someone enters a search query “why is eth money”, and a clip of Justin Drake comes up on search with the title “ETH is Ultra-sound Money”. Right now, if I did the exact search, all the videos that come up are in the 10-12 minute range with some more than that.

This suggests that users tend to watch videos in that range that answer their query. As a result, videos that answer that question outside of the 10-12 minute range tend to not get surfaced by YouTube’s algorithm.

Cross-promotion to full podcast

At the end of the shorter clips, it can point to another shorter clip of a different topic or the entire podcast. Shorter clips give viewers an idea of what the entire show is about.

Higher audience retention leading to organic views

Shorter clips, in the 5-7 minutes range will have a much higher audience retention. I imagine these clips will get somewhere between 30-50% retention. And if that’s true, YouTube algorithm will kick in and surface that video in search, and recommended videos.


Here are tasks for this:

  1. Identify the top 10 clips that can be made into shorter clips.
  2. The proposal team would receive the source videos and create individual clips from them.
  3. Each video would have an intro and then an outro where either Ryan or David says something to the effect of “watch another short clip or watch the entire episode”. Here’s an example of how that outro looks. It’s a templated outro that is used for all short clips. The left is another short clip. The right is the entire podcast where the shorter clip came from.

  1. Our team will do some research on what the title of each short clip should be based on YouTube keyword search volume.
  2. Once the videos are done, we’ll upload them back to the Bankless channel, or pass it over to the Bankless team.

Possible Issues

We noticed that the sponsors of Bankless get a plug at the beginning and in the middle of each show. Do we also plug them in these short clips? How would that work?

One possible solution is to show the sponsor logos at the outro.

Timeline And Budget

We believe this can be accomplished within 2 weeks.

We proposed a distribution of 10k BANK tokens to the team that will execute this proposal. At the current rate of $.07 per BANK, that seems reasonable.


Item $BANK Cost
Payment for team to do the work 10k BANK Tokens
Total 10k BANK Tokens

Metrics For Success

Our team will measure the following metrics to determine whether this proposal was successful:

  • Audience Retention. We believe with each clip being in the range of 5-10 minutes, the audience retention would be 30-50%.
  • Search Traffic Views. We believe the shorter clips will drive more search views then subscriber views. Although, this could time anywhere between 60-90 days before we see this happening. YouTube takes anywhere from 60-90 days to evaluate a new video before deciding if it should be surfaced for search.
  • Endcard Clicks. We’ll track the number of clicks going to both the shorter clips as well as the full podcast for each clip.

If the metrics show the proposal was a success, we’ll create another proposal to create more short clips.


  • Get the top 10 topics to be made into shorter clips from Ryan, David, and/or the Bankless team.
  • Research why other podcast channels have created a separate channel just to hold their short clips. Figure out if that matters because for this test, we should upload the shorter clips to the main channel.
  • Get Ryan or David to do the end-card footage where they talk about if people enjoyed the short segment, they can watch another or they can watch the entire episode.


This proposal is a low-risk experiment to test the thesis that shorter clips will drive more traffic to the Bankless channel. Having shorter clips allow all community members to share with their friends and family on how to go bankless.


  • Vote “Yay” if you think Bankless podcast videos should be made into shorter clips.
  • Vote “Nay” if you think this is not necessary.


Jack | - Entrepreneur and paid advertising veteran of 10+ years. Previously, I managed million dollar ad budgets for a mobile games company. While I was there, I growth hacked a winning ad there that is still used as the benchmark. Recently, I started a Metaverse Build Team and YouTube channel. I’m learning to growth hack YouTube.

The following is not a formal vote, but a way to signal whether the community wants this. A formal vote will be created once all feedback is gathered.

  • Yes - I want Bankless Short Clips
  • No - Not needed

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Yeah, I think short clips will make a difference. As you said you have to find the time to watch long videos and not everyone’s is going to find that time.
Also you mentioned that it will cost 10 BANK to do this. Is this the cost of each video or just a one off ?

Also you actually forgot to put a poll?

A series of short clips could be a good way to attract people who are put off by long videos. But are we talking short clips intended for Youtube or more oriented towards social media?

I love this idea and I think it has a huge potential to reach new people.

I have a little experience with video editing and online marketing. I would gladly work on Bankless short clips.

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I vote Yay! Would also like to contribute making short clips or any other aspect if possible.
I’m going to buy some more art/video editing software and try to put something together.


Hi Kouros,

Sorry if it’s not clear. It’s 10,000 (10K) BANK tokens for the team to do the work of editing, finding the right keywords to use in the title, etc. Good looking out. I added a poll now.

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Yes this is a good point. These short clips are just meant for YouTube. The natural watching behavior there tends to be shorter videos, not hour long videos. There’s another team working on videos for TikTok which has its own entirely different user behavior. The videos there need to be 60s or less.

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hi Clapko, are you on the Bankless DAO Discord?

Hey carlosian,
Great, I think I’ve seen your name in several discords that I’m also a part of. I’ll reach out.

Yes. My username: Clapko#6432

Oh, I was just looking for the original discussion on discord to make sure that it is not lost and here you go. Great idea - (already voted yes) and we should do it. Very important what to call the clips, what descriptions to enter, etc. We need to talk to the SEO specialists to make sure that we are indexed and come up high on organic searches.

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I think this is fine as a first run, since it requires some research to do and getting the first ones going is important. But we shouldn’t stop at 10. And we can’t pay out $80 or 1K BANK a clip in perpetuity.


Love it. Great stuff.

Agreed. 10k to source the 10 best clips from the existing backlog of bankless video seems fair because there is a lot of initial video backlog. It’s worth the cost because there is value in creating initial momentum for a short clips format.

After this first 10, will there be a separate media proposal for an ongoing 2-3 short clips from each long-form piece at a lower cost per clip, or will short clips be part of the larger media proposal that covers multiple formats?


I guess on re-reading I sort of found an answer. I would recommend keeping a log of all clipworthy moments from the entire backlog, and then narrowing down your top ten, so that in future proposals you already know where the good clips are (plus new clips from new content being put out) and can generate decent short clips for each proposal at a lower price point per clip. You want the pay to be fair-to-generous for your actual effort, but to still feel reasonable to the collective so that proposals continue to be approved for funding.

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Hi there, fellow video editor here. Would love to help create these!

Yup, that makes total sense. I’m thinking that a deliverable for this proposal would be a a complete process of identifying the videos, choosing the keywords to use in title, etc. I think it this does well, it makes sense that this would be a media node, and that would solve further compensations.

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Yeah 10 was just a number I randomly thought of. It could be 12.