Legal Guild Podcast Series - Pilot Project Funding Request

Title: Bankless DAO Legal Guild Podcast (code name: Ab Initio)

Authors: ComeBackKid

Squad: Eagle, Cheetah, ComeBackKid

Date Created: December 29, 2021

Date Posted: January 16, 2022


A Bankless DAO Legal Guild podcast series with each episode focusing on succinctly addressing a specific DAO/Crypto related legal issue via an interview with a subject matter expert.


Why the podcast format? In the context of consuming content, audio is simply the most accessible – it is an “anytime, anywhere” format. Second, it is more time-effective in terms of production. Third, it is also the most cost-effective format. Please see detailed global usage metrics at The audience for these podcasts will consist primarily of lawyers but is also likely to attract other professionals including accountants, tax experts and business executives. Given the time constraints on these professionals’ schedules, a short (20-30 minutes), issue specific podcast will, we suggest, be an ideal format.

The market opportunity for this podcast is rooted in a crypto space governed by legislation that was simply not designed to address the brave new world we find ourselves in. In the US and Canada for example, the primary governing regulatory regimes are decades old. The US Securities Act of 1933, and the Ontario Securities Act of 1990, were simply not designed to address the Blockchain or crypto currencies.

This Bankless Legal Guild Podcast can be the bridge connecting the old world with the new and be instrumental in helping legal, tax and business professionals in crossing the chasm.


The mission of BanklessDAO is to help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralised financial technologies. This journey involves legal risks that need to be carefully considered. The crypto-legal landscape is therefore closely connected to the Bankless mission, as there is the need of setting the conditions (through legal reforms or interpretation) to help the world go Bankless.

It can therefore be said that building a clear, concise, agreed upon set of rules is a must if the dream of a money system by the people and for the people, a truly bankless world, is to be realised.


  1. A pilot project consisting of 4 podcasts to test format and content.

  2. Once optimal structure is determined – a weekly podcast would be ideal.

  3. Addressing specific topics in 20-30 minutes.

  4. The podcast will also link to related topics in the legal guild’s already well regarded newsletter. The intention, where possible, will be to produce podcasts, complementary to articles appearing in the newsletter. The goal will be to convert readers to become podcast listeners as well, thereby delivering more value and making all content consumers more attractive to sponsors.

Explain the project in detail.

A 4 episode pilot of the Bankless DAO Legal Guild Podcast Series consisting of interviews with subject matter experts addressing blockchain and crypto related legal issues across the globe.

Depending on results, this will hopefully lead to a weekly podcasts series.

Upfront costs

  1. Podcast theme soundtrack

  2. Voice over intro

  3. Launch marketing campaign including paid and unpaid advertising

  4. Podcast series marketing collateral

  5. Set up analytics to track KPIs (Google Analytics)

Cost - 20,000 BANK

Per podcast checklist

  1. Identify interviewee

  2. Set up podcast time

  3. Draft podcast/interview questions

  4. Share questions with interviewee

  5. Conduct podcast

  6. Preform required edits and produce transcript

  7. Upload to podcast distribution platforms (Anchor)

  8. Individual episode marketing

  9. Track and report per episode analytics

Cost - 20,000 BANK per episode (80,000 BANK for 4 episode pilot)


Costs to be divided into one time set up items and ongoing per podcast items (please see detailed tasks and associated costs in above section).

Total Budget requested for Legal Guild Podcast Pilot Season 3 - 100,000 BANK

Requesting Season 3

Revenue Generation

The Legal Guild Podcast will seek to monetize the podcast via sponsorships by law firms, accounting firms and professional services organisations.

We also anticipate that revenue will be generated via sponsorships from other DAOs and DeFi protocols that face, and need to address, similar issues in the legal context.


The project will use the BanklessDAO brands.


How will the project’s success be measured?

  1. Growth in audience size from podcast to podcast

  2. Quality of experts willing to be interviewed

  3. Interest in sponsorship opportunities

  • YES
  • NO

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Great idea LG!
Just wanted to let you know there are some short music clips available in our Bright Dash asset repository. These have been licensed under Creative Commons Attribution so if there is something suitable for the podcast you could use it :slight_smile:


@ComeBackKid have you looked at what we are doing in podcast hatchery? If you want we can discuss how adding this show into the hatchery would work and I think this would help cut down on some of your budget needs as they are already roles covered in podcast hatchery program overhead. Shoot me a message if you’re interested!

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Thanks Trewkat, much appreciated!

Thanks for reaching out Soundman. I’ve had a couple of exchanges with Eureka.John, via an intro by Eagle. Glad to collaborate.


Absolutely in favor of this proposal. I appreciate the thought and effort that went into the proposal. Further, could not ask for better talent to spearhead this initiative.

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Thank you Tayy for the kind words!