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I propose the creation of BanklessCHI - Chicago, a pinpointed local resource for people in Chicago, IL and the greater area of the city. It would be a hub for people in Chicago and around the area to have a more accessable point of contact, which at this point in time would be solely myself, in order to expose more people to DeFi, crypto, and Bankless.


What exactly would BanklessCHI provide?

DeFi and crypto is beginning to receive more widespread acceptance, but the knowledge base is still very low and the knowledge base of Bankless is even lower. More people need to be aware of DeFi and crypto - what they are, what the risks are, and how they can learn more and where to go. For the people living in Chicago and the state of Illinois, this is where BanklessCHI would come in.

BanklessCHI would help expand the knowledge and improve the learning curve for people new to DeFi and crypto in Chicago. Provide a safe space to ask questions (because after all, we all started at the same spot), receive resources to help with learning (primarily within the Bankless content bank) whether it’s videos, podcasts, articles, etc.). BanklessCHI would primarily start as a Discord channel and Twitter account, email, and maybe ultimately a website. The Discord channel would be for members to use to talk to each other, as well as for me (for now), to provide educational resources, answer questions, and direct members to other channels within the Bankless community and beyond. The Twitter account would also be used for educational purposes but also to help market Bankless and BanklessCHI, to bring more members to Bankless as well as gain awareness for Twitter users in Chicago to begin to ‘dip their toes’ into DeFi, crypto, and Bankless.

This would provide a local network of people with the same goal - entering the frontier that is DeFi and crypto through the Bankless lens. This could lead to so many possibilities by using the community members. Meetups or educational events can be planned via Zoom and when things get back to normal, in person. This could strengthen, build, and solidify the Bankless community in this area of the United States. It would also allow for already current Bankless members in Chicago to connect, meet, and talk and put creative minds together to potentially build upon what is Bankless and BanklessCHI.


The risk and cost for this is low, as I would start this and run it at no cost until there would be a proven demand. And with the low cost, the risk is minimized as well. Also Discord, Twitter, and email provide no cost to create, allowing this to start running on a quicker, seamless timeframe.


I started my journey through DeFi and crypto via Bankless. The majority of my knowledge base and enthusiasm to Bankless, and I believe that it can touch so many more people globally. The community and energy of Bankless is contagious and I want to spread that to as many people as possible, while helping people actually steer towards a bankless life.


Bankless has barely scratched the surface in regards to its potential of what it can bring to the world, and I believe Chicago is one of the best places to start expanding on a more concentrated scale. BanklessCHI would help grow the overall Bankless community, increase the knowledge and power of DeFi and crypto, provide a safe space to learn on a more localized, communal scale where it can be safe to ask questions, interact with one another, build friendships and connections, and continue the frontier toward bankless, using Bankless.


  • DeFi and Crypto enthusiast, on his own journey toward going bankless.
  • Strong desire to help provide people with a way to being their own bankless journey.
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  • No

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Very nice initiative, this would be like an experiment to try and discover if there could be a model for running local groups we could then scale all over the world! I really like the idea of helping and sharing knowledge, a lot of the stuff needs to be shown and guided through. And as we grow it might turn difficult to really help everyone through the main Discord.

Disclaimer: I happen to love Chicago that I’ve been visiting a few times and I’d find it super cool to go to a Bankless meetup next time I do :smiley:


Thank you for your response and insight!

You summarized it very well, in that I want to provide a ‘channel’ for more personal, interactive help from all members within that given area. Would be awesome to one day have a Bankless meetup here in Chicago!

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Great initiative! Definitely interested in this and hope to see this inspire more. A whole world of Bankless!


It is a nice initiative but I have a question - what exactly would the BanklesCHI provide that the Bankless movement already does not? A monthly meeting at Louie’s to have a drink and chat about crypto? See if we can get the crypto mural painted in one of the underpasses? Leafleting? If not then all the education, questions and discussions can take place on the central platform. I think it is very important to have the banklessFR or RU but those are language specific more than location and just allow for wider participation.

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I think you’ve misunderstood what exactly it is I’m proposing. It’s not primarily just some chat room to have people meet up and talk crypto - it’s meant to be a place for people in the same area discuss and learn together. Whether that’s putting in an article someone found helpful in the beginning of their journey that they think could help someone else. Or, since this proposal is regarding Chicago, someone may know about a conference in crypto taking place in Chicago and letting people know about it and/or a big name in the crypto space is giving a talk (this is hoping that Covid ends in the near future). And it provides a more interactive space in a discord room. The Discord chats are flooded with people and someone’s question can get easily overlooked, or some people may not feel comfortable asking a question or just assume theirs won’t be answered because there’s so many people. The Twitter account would provide local news or events regarding crypto, provide articles/podcasts/videos provided by Bankless and other sources. I would resurface older content that would help people who have questions. And at the end of the day, just like the entire crypto space is supposed to be ‘run’ by the people, BanklessCHI would be taken where the people want it to go. If that includes some of the members setting up a get together at Louie’s and talk crypto over some beers, then so be it! In fact, that sounds better than scrolling through ones of Discord threads. The idea is to expand the Bankless community, build connections, and help as many people as possible on their journey to going bankless.

I really like the idea of local chapters of the Bankless movement. I especially like this one since I’m only an hour from Chicago. I like the idea of having a local Twitter page that will focus on the local happenings in crypto. I think the mission statement / constitution of Bankless needs established before any local groups are formally instituted so that we all can stay centered around a well-defined common goal and purpose; I know there’s a proposal out about it right now. If we form local chapters, I wouldn’t want them to evolve over time into something else entirely having nothing in official writing of what it means to be Bankless yet.


I assume we all agree that being Bankless generally means moving away from centralized banking and towards defi. Just will be nice to have things listed on paper and in greater detail to hold it in focus.


That was extremely well said, and completely agree.

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@AJtheBear I love the idea! I live a train ride away and it would be lovely to come meet up with some of you freaks in person for once :wink:

I hear what @minimax.eth is saying about whether it’s truly necessary, but I think there could be some real value in showing people how to use DeFi in person. Like a Bankless Genius bar.

All Bankless are geniuses, but not all geniuses are bankless.


Lets keep growing.
the reach is unimaginable

well, I am smack downtown Chicago in River North hood so I would most certainly be happy to attend any such meeting. I have to be 100% honest - this is kind of like online dating. You know you have something in common that makes it easy to chat online on the discord channel or this forum but it is naive so expect that we would necessarily “click” in person. Chemistry is required. On the other hand, if we do, we just moved to a giant loft perfect for parties and gatherings. :wink:

This is kind of like there is Burning Man and then there are local "burns’. Also, the best part is that there is no need for a snapshot vote on this. Weather is getting nicer (not today), plenty of outdoor places to hang out. Call for a meet and I will be there. (can I bring my puppy? He is my favorite child out of five)

Happy to rep Chicago with you! Have lots of local crypto contacts and we could easily participate in the Ethereum meetups and other local conferences. Love the idea of a Genius Bar or local popups for crypto - could be sponsored by exchanges etc.


I see there are “Geographies” now on the Discord? Have we asked for a Chicago one yet?

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I saw that and was going to put something in the Discord. Looks like someone’s got a similar idea to me in NYC!

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Looks like we got a greatlakes channel

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