BanklessDAO Media Partnerships with Global ETH events

author: @Jengajojo
squad: @MinaHasNoIdea , @Jengajojo , @bill0x2a.eth , @GalPe , @Quietfox , @Paulito , @paulDE


As a media DAO it is in our best interest to highlight the top events happening in crypto to be covered by BanklessDAO, especially global ETH events. This proposal proposes a framework for bDAO to offer media partnership proposals to global ETH events in a mutually beneficial partnership. The total ask for the first season is 398500 BANK.


As one of the leading media DAOs in the crypto space, it is our responsibility to showcase the best gathering of the top minds and energetic contributors who are tirelessly building this new paradigm all around the world. Bankless is a famous brand amongst the English speaking world and especially around North America, but that’s not the case with the rest of the world.

By being present in conferences worldwide, we can showcase the strength of the Bankless movement on a global stage, recruit members to work in various international media nodes, spark connections for consulting services in new markets and generally make the Bankless movement be synonymus with the true web3 ethos.


By being present in global events which are aligned to the Bankless values, we have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and showcase the fantastic work which is being done by talented contributors at crypto conferences.

Being present in conferences and events all around the world will help us to

  1. Make the Bankless movement reach new markets where people don’t know about our digital content products
  2. Engage members in different parts of the world to come together and feel the community vibes
  3. Increase utility for the BANK token by giving backstage and general event access to BANK Hodlers
  4. Increase visibility & revenue for bDAO via onsite merch sales and giveaways
  5. Opportunity to connect with other likeminded projects and gather leads for bDAO products and services


In this season, we would like to focus on the following ETH events:

ETH Prague 10-12 JUNE

ETH Barcelona 6-8 July

ETH CC (paris) 19-21 July

In order to iteratively improve upon the execution of these activities, we propose ETHPrague as our first MVP.

Partnership structure:

We will propose the following partnership structure to each event. The actually final version of the partnership might vary depending on the realities of the actual event

Bankless DAO offers:

  1. A 100 word write up in the Weekly rollup about the event 1 month prior to the event
  2. A 250 word write up in the Weekly rollup summarising the event, posted latest 1 week after the event
  3. Five posts on BanklessDAO social pages as well as a translated version of the same in on the social pages of the IMN node/nodes relevant to the location of the event. The posts will be made 1 each week for 5 weeks in a row leading up to the event.
  4. Retweet up to 5 posts from the event organizer, with max 1 retweet per week for 5 consecutive weeks leading up to the event
  5. A shout out for the ETH event in BanklessDAO CC as well as the relevant IMN CC
  6. At least 1 person from bDAO who films key highlights and interviews relevant participants
  7. A (max.) 5min YT video which summarises the event as well as a long from upload/uploads which covers some key interviews and outputs. This is shared on BanklessDAO and relevant IMN social media

In return BanklessDAO asks the event organizers for:

  1. Atleast 3 backstage/VIP/Media passes for the entire event including all side events
  2. Have BanklessDAO listed as an official media partner for the event
  3. Provide permission and possibly a space to sell merch
  4. To reserve atleast 5 seats for L1 (and above) members throughout the event.

In order to successfully deliver this initiative on a regular basis, we propose to establish a squad who governs partnerships between each event and bDAO. The main goal of this squad is:

  1. Coordinate activities between various guilds/projects and the event in order to deliver a streamlined experience to our partners and contributors
  2. Curate a list of contributors who can be responsible for
    1. covering the event from a media angle
    2. network with folks to collect leads for bDAO products and services
    3. Sell merch and showcase Bankless culture and memes

Squad roles:

Project Manager

  • Responsible for end-to-end execution of the action items in this proposal.
  • Works with the squad for each event to make sure activities are progressing smoothly and in a timely manner

Partnership Manager

  • Lead the partnership negotiation and execution for the overall event
  • Sync with bDAO teams and the event organizers to deliver the terms of the partnership
  • Responsible for creating a press release/small write up about the event and submitting it to Weekly Rollup team.
  • Responsible for helping the marketing guild with generation of necessary content
  • Curate/select suitable members for on-site roles along with the PM.

On-site Merch Lead

  • Responsible for procuring all merch designs, getting them printed and shipped to the venue
  • Work with the partnerships manager to get a designated spot for merch sales in the venue
  • Lead the merch sales stall and assign member rotations to the merch sales booth
  • Make a final tally of all expenses and incomes

On-site DAOlationships Lead

  • Be the main coordinator for collecting leads for bDAO products and services
  • Identify potential onsite partnerships before or during the event and lead their execution
  • Make sure there is one person with a laptop manning the merch store booth who is only responsible for showcasing avaliable opportunities in the DAO for potential members as well as opportunities for other projects to partner with bDAO.

On-site Media Lead

  • Responsible for procuring necessary AV equipment such as camera, mics etc’
  • Lead the interviews and other shooting tasks during the event
  • Ship the final image and video assets to AV at the end of the conference.

Each role will be a project based role except the project manager which is a seasonal role

Structure for the coming season

  1. Project manager: jengajojo
  2. ETHPrague partnership manager: bill0x2A.eth
  3. ETHBarcelona partnership manager: GPe
  4. ETHCC partnership manager: tbh
  5. On-site roles: tbh (please apply here if you are interested)


We propose that contributors are remunerated in a performance based unlock where upon funds are disbursed on completion of certain predefined conditions

  1. Before the event

a. 2000 BANK/week for the marketing guild for delivering posts on social media paid after all 5 posts are up. Total = 10000 BANK/event
b. 2500 BANK/event for the relevant IMN to translate social media posts from banklessdao and post on their own social media, paid after all posts are shared and a shout out to the event is delivered on the CC BANK to print relevant merch for the event

  1. After the event

a. 12500 BANK for the On-site media lead upon submission of media assets as predefined by AV Guild

b. 10000 BANK for the On-site merch lead upon completing atleast 100 merch sales. For any value lower than 100, an equivalent percentage is awarded. For any value over 100, the merch lead keeps 5% of profits generated per extra sale.

c. 12500 BANK for On-site DAOlationships lead upon submitting atleast 10 qualified leads to the DAOlationships guild

d. 10000 BANK coordinape for all members who helped out on-site

e. 12500 BANK for the project manager upon delivery of point a. and d.

f. 10000 BANK to the AV Guild after a video of the conference is uploaded on YT and shared in relevant social media

e. 12500 BANK for the partnership manager upon delivery of all the above action items.

Financial Summary

Marketing Guild: 10000 BANK
IMN: 2500 BANK
Event team: 70000 BANK
Misc/unexpected costs: 7000 BANK

Total Cost per event = 99500 BANK
Total Cost for the season = 99500 x 3 = 298500

Merch investment

In order to kickstart merch sales for the first event, we propose 100,000 BANK as a initial investment from BanklessDAO to produce startup merch to get things rolling in the first event. Profits generated from the merch sales in the first event will be used to procure new merch for the second event.

Total Ask: 398500 BANK


  • Upon successful execution of events this season, the squad will curate best case practices for the next season
  • Investigate the feasibility of making these events self sustainable with revenue generated from merch sales or other avenues

What do you think about this proposal?

  • Yay! Let’s do this
  • Nay! Needs further restructuring

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Would love to see bDAO getting speaking engagements out of this partnership as well – talk on onboarding, DAOs, governance, startup incubation in DAOs, any of these topics.


This is a wonderful initiative and one that Crypto Sapiens has been using since MCON 2021. How does this team seek to monetize this project from sponsors and the events themselves?


Hey @iSpeakNerd , bDAO actually already got an invitation for one host at the Twitter spaces of ETH Barcelona which would take place right before the event start.


Based off my interactions with event organizers so far this is generally handled separately to the type of media partnership we are proposing. Having said that if members of the DAO do wish to give talks at conferences this is something which could probably be aided by the partnership manager for a given event. Would you like to see something explicitly stated in the terms of the partnership?

Currently the only monetization method is selling merch. We have had some good guidance from @JENetics on how to do this effectively. Suggestions on other forms of monetization would definitely be welcome but have not been discussed yet.

I see 1 person for media production but i think it should be at least 2 people. Especially for video production which i think is really important to have at a high quality.


I think we absolutely need to do this, but to extract a good ROI we’ll need a bigger presence at these events than merch and seats.

I would consider speaking and hosting or co-hosting a Bankless party.

I’ve seen some comments about charging for merch. Charging for merch is not how events work - the goal is to have the best merch at the event and give as much away as possible.

Funding wise, the newsletter and other creative efforts (even Bankless HQ) may want to help subsidize this project since getting the “Bankless” brand out globally directly benefits those projects.


Audience growth from the content generated from there is also indirect monetization


This concern was my reason for asking for a speaking engagement – gets people to come to us instead of having to seek them out @GalPe @bill0x2a.eth and our presence lives on after the conference in recorded form – whether we produce the videos or someone else does.

Twitter is good, but live on stage is better. I would like to see a minimum of 1 bDAO speaking engagement at each event for 100k BANK/per

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Thank you for your comments @Humpty @iSpeakNerd @Behold @raybankless.eth

Building presence at conferences is an iterative exercise. Our goal with this proposal is to first develop a light weight product and iteratively develop it in such a way that it can be standardised to a large degree and we can execute it independent of location.

  1. We would love to have speaking arrangements with these events, infact ETHBarcelona even wants us to do a talk. The issue is: Who speaks and on what topic? how do we judge the quality of the content we deliver and finally who pays for the speakers’ travel and accomodation?
  • Our general solution is that we want people who live around these ETH events to attend them and speak/represent bDAO. But most of bDAO folks are in the US and we don’t spend enough BANK on curating local talents around the world right now. So imo, as our international community grows we will be able to find qualified speakers in the future and in order to grow our international community we need to start being at these global events.
  1. Our primary source of revenue for the first few events is merch sales and based on experience from past conferences such as ETHDenver and Permissionless our merch SELLS!!. At the same time we have indirect revenue being generated for the DAO via the Onsite DAOlationships Lead, this person will generate leads for all of bDAO products and services.
    We would love to organise side events and parties in the future to bring in more revenue and attention, but this is an iterative process based on the learnings of the first few events.

Finally, in addition to revenue, we also offer membership perks which increases the value of L1 and above membership levels.


based on last sentence, maybe we should separate member levels, so that at least one spot is reserved for L3 membership, since there is basically no difference in L1 and L3 membership status at the moment

overall, great idea, I support it
it would increase BanklessDAO visibility in Europe, and overall

what I could advise is to include local nodes to the project, events are in Czech Republic, France and Spain, and I can’t see any of France, Spain and Czech IMN representatives in the proposal

Just curious why the focus is on ETH events, and why not others like MCON or NFT events. I ask this as these types of events provide more of a diverse group of people. DAOs and NFTs have been a pathway for many to onboard into the space. Also focusing on ETH events creates bias. The concept is good just the event focus needs re-examination (also focus is on Europe, maybe explore others globally to rep the different regions).

Our first formal proposal to have official media presence at events is definitely a GO! A lot will be learned from this first attempt, let’s go all in.

This can be later replicated in USA, LATAM and many other areas. Decentralized event IRL involvement.


EDIT: will reach out via DM

Hey @Jengajojo and the rest of the team great idea here can we also include ETHsafari IRL event happening in Nairobi, Kenya on sep 18th-25th i am part of the team organizing the event down in AFRICA. Also i will be glad to be part of the bankless IRL events check our pitch deck need any further clarity i will be glad to share thanks i fully support this initiative. Eth_Safari_V2.pdf - Google Drive


Nice Information thanks for sharing the such valuable content

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Welcome to the bDAO forums @dazzsherly it’s great to have you with us :call_me_hand:

Looking outside of the ETH ecosystem would be good from BanklessDAO. I get that Bankless is known for being ETH maxis, but a lot of other layer 1 ecosystems are building their conferences and it might be easier for BanklessDAO to be part of their growth. bDAO also gets more ROI covering a conference that isn’t being attended by other media groups.

crypto events calendar for 2022:

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