bDAO@ Global Crypto Events S5 proposal

author: jengajojo


The Media partnerships with Global Crypto Events team has faciliated a partnership with ETHPrague and ETHBarcelona in S4. Each event costs 100K BANK and offers membership perks, branding for bDAO and lead generation opportunities for bDAO products and services. With this proposal we would like to ask the bDAO community which events we should attend in the coming year.

S4 Achievements and highlights

  • In S4 we attended ETHPrague and ETHBarcelona, Check out videos from Prague here
  • We awarded 4 passes to members for ETHPrague and 8 passes to members for ETH Barcelona
    . Total 4 x 250(EUR) + 8 x 400(EUR) = 4200 EUR
  • We have continued to collaborate with USM to find the best way to offer merch in the upcoming events.
  • We have collected several leads from each conference and we are in the process of converting two of them to paying clients for bDAO.


By being present in global events which are aligned to the Bankless values, we have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and showcase the fantastic work which is being done by talented contributors at crypto conferences.

Being present in conferences and events all around the world will help us to

  1. Make the Bankless movement reach new markets where people don’t know about our digital content products
  2. Engage members in different parts of the world to come together and feel the community vibes
  3. Increase utility for the BANK token by giving backstage and general event access to BANK Hodlers
  4. Increase visibility & revenue for bDAO via onsite merch sales and giveaways
  5. Opportunity to connect with other likeminded projects and gather leads for bDAO products and services


Partnership structure:

We will propose the following partnership structure to each event. The actually final version of the partnership might vary depending on the realities of the actual event

Bankless DAO offers:

  1. A 100 word write up in the Weekly rollup about the event 1 month prior to the event
  2. A 250 word write up in the Weekly rollup summarising the event, posted latest 1 week after the event
  3. Five posts on BanklessDAO social pages as well as a translated version of the same in on the social pages of the IMN node/nodes relevant to the location of the event. The posts will be made 1 each week for 5 weeks in a row leading up to the event.
  4. Retweet up to 5 posts from the event organizer, with max 1 retweet per week for 5 consecutive weeks leading up to the event
  5. A shout out for the ETH event in BanklessDAO CC as well as the relevant IMN CC
  6. At least 1 person from bDAO who films key highlights and interviews relevant participants
  7. A (max.) 5min YT video which summarises the event as well as a long from upload/uploads which covers some key interviews and outputs. This is shared on BanklessDAO and relevant IMN social media

In return BanklessDAO asks the event organizers for:

  1. Atleast 5 backstage/Media passes for the entire event
  2. Have BanklessDAO listed as an official media partner for the event
  3. Tweet about this partnership in the official twitter channel of the event
  4. To offer 3 normal tickets for L1 (and above) members of BanklessDAO and 2 additional tickets which can be used as giveaways on the twitter channel
  5. Reserve a 30 min slot for a speaker from BanklessDAO

In order to successfully deliver this initiative on a regular basis, we propose to establish a squad who governs partnerships between each event and bDAO. The main goal of this squad is:

  1. Coordinate activities between various guilds/projects and the event in order to deliver a streamlined experience to our partners and contributors
  2. Curate a list of contributors who can be responsible for
    1. covering the event from a media angle
    2. network with folks to collect leads for bDAO products and services
    3. Sell merch and showcase Bankless culture and memes
  • Squad roles

    Project Manager (seasonal role)

    • Responsible for end-to-end execution of the action items in this proposal.
    • Works with the squad for each event to make sure activities are progressing smoothly and in a timely manner

    Partnership Manager (selected separately for each conference)

    • Lead the partnership negotiation and execution for the overall event
    • Sync with bDAO teams and the event organizers to deliver the terms of the partnership
    • Responsible for creating a press release/small write up about the event and submitting it to Weekly Rollup team.
    • Responsible for helping the marketing guild with generation of necessary content
    • Curate/select suitable members for on-site roles along with the PM.
    • Partnership manager should be someone preferably going to the event
    • Sync all marketing activities with Marketing Guild Events POC Son07#9840

    On-site Merch Lead (selected separately for each conference)

    • Creating any physical branding materials for the events
    • Make sure t-shirts, business cards, stickers etc are avaliable for on-site members as well as coordination with USM merch sales + organising this on site

    On-site DAOlationships Lead (selected separately for each conference)

    • Be the main coordinator for collecting leads for bDAO products and services
    • Identify potential onsite partnerships before or during the event and lead their execution
    • Make sure there is one person with a laptop manning the merch store booth who is only responsible for showcasing avaliable opportunities in the DAO for potential members as well as opportunities for other projects to partner with bDAO.

    On-site Media Lead (selected separately for each conference)

    • Responsible for procuring necessary AV equipment such as camera, mics etc’
    • Lead the interviews and other shooting tasks during the event
    • Ship the final image and video assets to AV at the end of the conference.


We propose that contributors are remunerated in a performance based unlock where upon funds are disbursed on completion of certain predefined conditions

  1. Before the event

  2. 2000 BANK/week for the marketing guild for delivering posts on social media paid after all 5 posts are up. Total = 10000 BANK/event

  3. 2500 BANK/event for the relevant IMN to translate social media posts from banklessdao and post on their own social media, paid after all posts are shared and a shout out to the event is delivered on the CC BANK to print relevant merch for the event

  4. After the event

a. 10000 BANK for the On-site media lead upon submission of media assets as predefined by AV Guild

b. 10000 BANK for the On-site merch lead upon completing delivery of items required by the on-site team.

c. 10000 BANK for On-site DAOlationships lead upon submitting atleast 10 qualified leads to the DAOlationships guild

d. 20000 BANK coordinape for all participants who help out with the project generally each month

e. 10000 BANK for the project manager upon delivery of point a. and d.

f. 10000 BANK to the AV Guild after a video of the conference is uploaded on YT and shared in relevant social media

e. 10000 BANK for the partnership manager upon delivery of all the above action items.

Summary of costs
Total Cost per event = 100,000 BANK
Marketing Guild: 10000 BANK
IMN: 2500 BANK
AV: 10000 BANK
Event team: 70000 BANK
Misc/unexpected costs: 7500 BANK

Note: All expenses for any event are paid with a single transaction at the end of the event.

These are some of the events we are considering to partner with ETHsafari, ETHmexico, DevCon, ETH SF, ETH lisbon, ETH India and here is the list of all events. If you have suggestions for other events that we should partner with where you can represent bDAO, please comment and like below.

In light of this information, how many events should we partner with? (remember that each event costs 100k BANK)

  • 3
  • 5
  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
  • 13

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If you did not find any of the above options useful, please select an option below and comment further

  • This proposal needs further refining (comment below)
  • We should not partner with any more events (comment below)

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I generally like the idea of this proposal. However the poll implies that there already is a consensus on spending 100k per event.

In my opinion the first step would be to get consensus on whether events should be sponsored with 100k or not.

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Good suggestion. Might it be possible to combine on-site and / or off-site roles? Has a feasibility check on role creation/ need happened?

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The DAO has spent a similar amount (99k) in the previous season. Although the scope of collaboration is different, the executables require similar amount of time. Although I do agree that there is a lot of room to optimize on which activities we should incentivize at these conferences to derive value for bDAO.

As such the DAO spent 400K in S4 for this project. We have recouped 4200 EUR worth of benefits from this, which can be considered almost break-even in these market conditions. We will get atleast 10 more DAOlationships lead from ETHBarcelona this week, the conversion potential of these leads is yet unknown.

Aside this, some of the top DAOs organise side events to the main event. This could be one area we can perhaps act on.

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I personally think that 100k is a fair ask. It is only that it is not asked to the DAO if we should spend it or not but it immediately asks for the amount of conferences that should be covered.

On a different node. Are there even 13 conferences in Season 5 that would make sense to have a presence at? That would be 1 conference per week on average.

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I voted for further amendments, as the costs to the AV Guild are not appropriately covered. A budget of 10k BANK is insufficient for processing and editing the number of interviews done by the on-site team, and it would be unreasonable to expect the @AV Guild to pick up all the costs from their own budget. We (AV) have endeavored to provide a true cost estimate based on the experience with ETH Prague, and managed to produce 6 interviews and an overview roll available from @EurekaJohn


Good point Chris. Actually, we produced 8 interviews (not 6), plus the overview reel.


Another thing I would suggest is a budget for the on-site media person to hire basic equipment to capture good quality sound and provide some lighting to allow a high-quality output on our YouTube channel. We have to show the people we are working with that we are serious and can produce high-quality output such that bDAO members can be hired, and earn a living wage in ETH or stablecoins.


This is a great start to a very important initiative. Overall I feel like IRL events are paramount in spreading the word and securing partnerships with aligned communities.

I do think the overall amount should be scalable depending on the size and impact of the event. Larger events with more reach should be allocated more budget and attention. Smaller events should be supported, but may not require as much funding.

We should also consider travel and accommodation. While we’re all excited to get out and support the community, we need to assure our members are able to cover basic costs, and still earn something for their efforts. One possibility is to request accommodation from event organisers, as sometimes they bulk book a certain number of flats near the event.

Moving forward, we should be pushing hard to create a strong media presence at these events. Event organisers pay large amounts (tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars) for high quality video coverage. With the right approach, we could address that need, while also giving them direct access to our growing network of crypto savvy contributors.