BanklessDAO on Atlantis World metaverse discussion

Hey everyone,

having received a first level of consensus in the DAO, I would like to go into more specifics of BanklessDAO’s possible participation in Atlantis World, as initially suggested by Ryan Sean Adams.
If what has been discussed receives adequate consent and the discussion proceeds, everything will be presented in the form of a proposal.

Yearn has already formalized a grant to Atlantis World

I underline a fundamental point: personally I am not preferring one metaverse over another and this eventual presence should not replace the presence in other metaverses.
Metaverses are like nations and I believe BanklessDAO should have its own “embassy” in an adequate number of them.

Introduction to Atlantis World, featured by CJ from Atlantis World

Atlantis World is a pixel metaverse with token-gating, video calling, gamified DeFi + in-game DAO voting. We believe that as much as metaverse should be open, it should be accessible (lightweight) + plug into DeFi applications in a fun / gamified way.

Existing virtual worlds are inaccessible because they have a 3d/immersive focus, resulting in a high-cost barrier to entry (since in order to enjoy seamless loading experience, users must go out + buy the latest iPad / gaming pc, this technology / hardware is neither inexpensive or readily available globally).

Also, we believe that we are missing a huge onboarding opportunity into DeFi as a collective space by not gamifying leading dApps / protocols inside of virtual worlds with additional interactive learning modules.

We are adding video/audio calling capabilities to user-owned, token-gated spaces inside of our pixel metaverse for communities to interact with each other; whilst gamifying DeFi protocols like Aave / Yearn / Sushi, curating interactive learning modules in our Web3 Academy + gamifying DAO voting.

To provide further value to the space, we’re exploring adding tooling products like CoinGecko to the Atlantis experience, as well as transforming our favourite NFT avatars into versatile, hyper-composable playable characters by building open source sprite sheets + full walk cycles ready to be used by those communities not just in Atlantis, but in all of pixel metaverse.

We’re also building public spaces + rethinking decentralized governance in collaboration with our community. We plan to build the City of Atlantis → ​​a buzzing, entrepreneurial capital owned / governed by its users / inhabitants, where ETH is money + creative culture is king. If users want to open a business, like a virtual cafe, music venue, movie theatre or an independent art exhibition, they’ll be able to apply to occupy land for free until they’re seen to be making revenue (which is always verifiable on-chain).

Adding value to BanklessDAO ecosystem by CJ from Atlantis World

We can provide long term value to the BanklessDAO ecosystem in a number of ways.

  • Building a fully Web3-enabled token gated city for the BanklessDAO community with NFTs, video calling, DeFi + in-game DAO voting! The space will be map sized and totally personalized with Bankless brand assets.

  • Adding a portal to +, a Bankless booth (where users can learn more) and a custom building to Atlantis City.

  • Airdropping token gated space to the BANK community.

  • Creating Bankless stations in token gated spaces of other communities, to enable network effects.

  • Bankless wearables and in-metaverse branded items inside of Atlantis World.

  • BanklessDAO (core) contributors token-gated (NFT/POAP/social token etc) co-working space.

  • Other suggestions from the BANK community.

Atlantis <> BanklessDAO grant funding request and milestones as requested by Atlantis World

  1. Design, build and implement a Bankless podcast station into the current Atlantis World demo, which will enable users to visit the booth, play recent Bankless episodes, use a portal to and other social links: 7,5 K USD

  2. Design, build and implement a BanklessDAO clubhouse building inside our of demo where users would for example be able to go inside, view and play tokenized best all time episode NFTs in photo frame on wall, buy digipsychical Bankless merch, swap ETH + other assets for BANK tokens, etc. We’re also exploring a collaboration with Snapshot, so we’ll either add DAO voting natively to the clubhouse, or later to BanklessDAO City: 10K USD

  3. (Optional)Fully Web3-enabled token gated city for the BANK holders community with NFTs, video calling, encrypted text chat, DeFi + in-game DAO voting! The city will be map sized and totally personalized with Bankless brand assets, even imagine a Bankless Hall of Fame with statues of great contributors and even notorious podcast guests in-metaverse, and the ability to actually host events and podcasts from inside of the city itself: 30k USD
    The city will be airdropped to, governed by and held in the custody of BanklessDAO forever!

Payment method
To be defined, as Atlantis World asks for payment in ETH or Stablecoins

Discord: Atlantis World
Hack FS submission (Won Best DeFi Project on Polygon):
Atlantis World · ETHGlobal Showcase
Yearn announcement:
The Defiant featuring Yearn <> Atlantis + Aleksandr from Axie Infinity:

As indicated in the introduction, I believe that BanklessDAO should move in defining its spaces within the metaverses, creating a visible presence. To date we cannot know which will be the most successful metaverses and it is therefore preferable to disseminate one’s presence rather than focusing on a single metaverse.

  • I agree to proceed
  • I am in favor but it is necessary to work on it (indicate your point of view)
  • I am against it

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interesting proposal, and definitely worth a try
one cannot know which metaverse will win, and most probably there will be several metaverses that will share top positions, so having boots in all of them is the best way for Bankless word spreading

I would add that $BANK as a payment method shall be preferred from our side, not $ETH or any stablecoin and that in milestones all items shall be defined, if BanklessDAO is paying for it.

There should be no space for in item 2 - “we’re also exploring a collaboration with Snapshot” - BanklessDAO community should know exactly what we are paying for. In these milestones there is a lot “etc.”, “other” and similar undefined things.


I love the idea of having “embassies” in various metaverses.
I like the fact that this project sees Bankless Dao as one of the major communities to bootstrap the atlantis world. This will offer a lot of opportunities for the DAO. Plus it seems there are alot of flexibility in how the DAO can approach the execution of this idea…

love it… LFG…


I agree with having embassies in different metaverses eventually but I believe this is a question of timing, resource allocation, and ROI, and this proposal approaches it the wrong way around. We should wait for a moment that one of the metaverses is getting a significant amount of daily footfall (currently none of them are) and THEN invest money in building a presence there, which could then be justified as marketing budget.

At current, Atlantis has no footfall so the benefit will only flow in the opposite direction (Bankless to Atlantis). Hence I’m in favour only if there is no cost involved or if Atlantis bears all the cost. Otherwise we are just sinking funds into something with no clear ROI. We should avoid such actions going forward. I don’t see any FOMO reason why we could not come back and invest these funds at a later date, if and when the metaverse has started to take off, instead of doing it now.

Although I am a big fan of the metaverse concept, studying all the other ones currently in existence, this could take years. I know ‘making video calls and governance voting inside a metaverse’ sounds ****ing cool but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If this is really a mutually beneficial partnership, let’s start with a small banner / plot / etc that Atlantis should give us for free, and take it from there. That’s how we should grow any initiatives going forward, imho.


I like this proposal a lot!

The metaverse will be a wide moat, with many islands amongst it. For Bankless to have varying strategic partnerships, I believe, is a very wise move :v:

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Thanks for your feedback.

Since I published the post I think it is obvious to deduce that I would be in favor, but since you have clearly justified the reason for your opposition, I would like to explain to you why I am in favor.

Personally I believe that the time has come, or that in any case we should be close to the moment, in which BanklessDAO will not limit its action internally.

Every major project has a grant commission that is interested in the entire ecosystem, not just in financing internal initiatives. External projects that are generally funded must build something that fosters community growth and well-being. In addition, the investment is often also aimed at having excellent visibility on the market.

From my point of view, absolutely subjective, AtlantisWorld would bring value to BanklessDAO:

  • would create new environments for the community
  • new tools for the community
  • would have a very positive return of visibility, as happened when Yearn granted them the grant to build
  • we would have a return of visibility from the fact of starting to take an active interest in the ecosystem

Among other things, the grant would be divided into two parts:
A) for the points listed as 1 and 2 for 17.5K
B) for the point listed as 3 for 30K
Point (B) would be implemented if we were satisfied with point (A)

I hope that what is written can give you more depth than the reason for the initiative I have carried out.
I do not pretend to have made you change your perspective or vote also because I fully respect your opinion.

Although favorable, the question remains:
Will this project that is still to be launched have sufficient traction and network effect to add value to Bankless, or would it not be better to invest in a more mature project?

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I’m sorry but, with respect, I don’t follow. ‘Visibility’ is a good concept but let’s talk actual numbers instead of hype.

Decentraland’s Daily Active Users is <10k, after 4 years, which is super low. Virtually all of them are already crypto natives and thus likely to follow other sources where Bankless has presence. I don’t know any crypto product that is successfully using any of the metaverses as an acquisition channel, at this stage. If the objective is visibility, then going for another, even less proven metaverse project, is possibly the worst ROI I can imagine, at this stage. I think we should invest these $$$ into things like twitter campaigns etc - or wherever our target audience that is ready to go bankless actually is.

If the point is to create a cool environment for the community (perk) - based on the above I’m highly sceptical this will have the potential to truly engage people anytime soon. If we have $50k to spend on community perks, I would also suggest we spend it with more deliberation, elsewhere. I do like the good intent and energy behind your proposal, but for me it is symptomatic of what I’ve been seeing a lot here - decision-making based on excitement instead of critically funding the most impactful initiatives, based on clearly defined KPIs.

With all due respect, I do not agree with your statements.
I will not go into the merits, but I invite you not to generalize with criticism, rather to offer solutions and build.

I think I was very specific with the above. Anyways, it’s ok, you don’t have to agree, that’s the point of having a forum - to get a multiplicity of voices, I think that’s the point of the DAO. :slight_smile: Buidling - yes, I’m very much on it, ser!

I like the idea. Everything about building in metaverses - I’m in. I would however have a question, as we will be bringing value to their project (content) I don’t see clearly what we receive for this. I understand the part where one can pay to gaing ownership in this metaverse but how will they motivate us to bring value to their project?

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