BanklessDAO Turkey Disaster Relief Fund

Turkey hit by a massive earthquake

South-eastern Turkey got struck by a very powerful earthquake at 4:00AM UTC on February 6, which is recorded as the worst disaster to have affected the country since 1939.

The earthquake hit with a massive magnitude of 7.8 at a depth of 18 km affecting 10 Turkish cities (Kahramanmaraş, Kilis, Diyarbakır, Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman, Malatya, Hatay). The tremor was also felt in neighboring countries including northern Syria, Cyprus, Lebanon, and Israel.

In the course of the following hours, there were several aftershocks with the most severe of them having a magnitude of 6.7. About 9 hours later, a second large earthquake of 7.7 magnitude occurred in the already shaken region at a depth of 2 km raising the death toll.

As of February 6 2023, according to the official figures, 2379 people died, another 14483 got injured, and 6217 buildings collapsed. At least 968 people were also reported dead in Syria. Numbers are increasing by the hour.

Anadolu Agency News :

Ercin Erturk/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

A number of NGOs and rescue teams have been sent to the region along with their dogs, trucks and aid, to help thousands left homeless and those trapped under rubble. These people are now also struggling with extremely severe weather conditions with temperatures in some areas expected to fall to near freezing overnight.

Aydin Arik//Anadolu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

There are also animals trapped under rubbles waiting to be rescued. %20 of the raised fund will be allocated to animal aid organizations.

This donation aims to provide the aid needed by thousands of people left homeless, and animals alike.

The aid will primarily target the needs for shelter, food, hygiene and healthcare products.


  • Contact municipalities
  • Start Giveth project
  • Learn the ropes of supply chain
  • Join the supply chain
  • Buy the items list gathered from official sources
  • Send the items to ground teams

The roadmap will be updated in the updates section of this project as the needs of the victims will change in the longer term.

The List of Supplies Needed:

Distributed by municipalities (en) (for animals) (en)

List Translated in English:

  • Tents
  • Portable Toilets
  • Heaters
  • Blankets, sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Non-perishable food
  • Powerbank, portable charger
  • Extention cable
  • First-aid kits
  • Baby formula
  • Diapers
  • Clean baby clothes
  • Clean clothes in general
  • Boots and jackets
  • Scarves, gloves, socks
  • Electric generators, fuel, solar
  • Bottled water
  • Hygiene products
  • Pet carrier boxes
  • Pet canned food
  • Bandages, cleaners

This is a non-exclusive list that only covers the supplies needed immediately. Thousands of people lost their homes. They will need support for an unforeseeable time ahead of us.

Usage of Funds

The fund will use a Safe wallet with 4/7 policy. At least 4 of the 7 seven signers should confirm the transaction before it can take place. The funds will be off ramped to raybakless’s bank account to be able to buy the supplies.

There are NGOs in negotiations with the government

%80 of the funds will be directed to aid for humans, and %20 to aid for animals.

We will direct our efforts to supplying to municipalities since they are giving out accurate and reliable information and have a system in place to double your contributions from their funds.

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Signers :

Jengajojo: BanklessDAO International Media Nodes Project Coordinator

raybankless : BanklessDAO Turkish Media Node Coordinator

ilk.eth: BanklessDAO Turkish Media Node Contributor

MinaHasNoIdea : BanklessDAO International Media

0xBaer : BanklessDAO Malayalam Media Node Coordinator

*edit : added “sentiment”

  • No, do not donate to BanklessDAO Turkish Media Node
  • yes, donate 5000 USDC to BanklessDAO Turkish Media Node
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  • yes, donate 15000 USDC to BanklessDAO Turkish Media Node
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@raybankless.eth I am so sorry to hear this, On a personal level, please let me know if you need anything that I can help with. I would also like to do what I can to help your community and donate what I am able to, I also have an unimaginable amount of (used by my kids, but in good condition) winter clothes that I would be more than willing to donate.

I think that the BanklessDAO community would like to help how they can, unfortunately I just don’t know how much visibility this will get on forum

From a Grants Committee perspective, I think that there are other alternatives that could be explored.


@raybankless.eth i feel for Turkey, and I would be willing to donate personally, but I feel that the BanklessDAO treasury is meant to pursue our mission: “We will help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture.”

Perhaps there is a way we can use our media reach to create a donation/juicebox campaign rather than the bDAO treasury being put towards this?


Thanks @links for saying things that feel uncomfortable, but true. Set up a Juicbox, a multisig not attached to bDAO, or some other funding mechanism and let’s promote the heck out of it. We can def put a plug and a link in the Rollup next week (not this week cuz we’re not shipping for gap week).
I just don’t think the DAO treasury is for this kind of thing (but perhaps we should talk about allocating a % of it to charitable efforts - terrible term, sorry, cuz none of this is really about “charity”) but I think that if properly “promoted” (yik), we could get more than 5K towards the cause.


thank you,

I also thought about collecting clothes. I can find the right addresses to send the clothes. I don’t think we can handle the process as Bankless Turkish team for now but municipalities has collection addresses, if it is worth sending clothes to those points from the contributors’ perspective, we will appreciate of course.

We can collect the needs from official sources. prioritize and time plan (because as time goes by the needs will change but will not end for a long while) and coordinate a supply chain may be? But i can not do those alone, i would need help from a group of talent that is knowledgable around managing projects.

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Would it be helpful to / would you create a channel/category to help organize these efforts? Simple things, as you said, like a trusted address where to send relief supplies or $$$ is a huge deal.

Have you looked into public good projects that take on these 1 off type cases? I also wonder if there is an alternative to the GC (as they only supply projects with BANK) that we could look into a way that we could fund non-profit and 1 off projects within the DAO? On the line of what Links was saying, I truly think we underutilize the power of our Marketing Dept and the DAOLationship Guild in so many different areas

We have a giveth project open for donations that contributors can individually donate.

and there is Ahbap’s wallet, a very legit NGO that asked and got permission from the government to collect crypto donations for 1 week, that has already collected around 2 mil in stables. One of the reasons we asked for stables, not to sell BANK because we will eventually sell it even if it is just to send some of it to Ahbap.