Funding request for Bankless Japan <> WebX Event Partnership proposal

Project Champion: yukiw.eth

Squad: (Discord handle and number of at least two further participants) , Kazzy/DAO Dude (kazthedragondaodude), d0wnlore

Purpose: for public goods

Affiliation: Bankless Japan/ IMN

Authors; Editors: Kazzy/DAO Dude, d0wnlore, jengajojo

Date created: July 13th

Date posted: July 17th

Funds requested: 200k Bank

Project wallet(s): matic:0x2eBde4dC9f6E9121F37a9694f1684715b3199f86


Bankless Japan will be a media partner of WebX which will be held in Tokyo on July 25 and 26, 2023, and to request funding and other necessary support from the DAO to ensure its success.

This ask worth 200,000 BANK will help us deliver an already secured partnership worth 20,000 USD


Project Description

WebX is Japan’s one of the largest Web3 conferences this year gathering a bunch of top-notch players all over the world. We are honorably a part of media partner with an independent booth for 2 days and get an opportunity to promote both BDAO and BDAO Japan. It’s the first time to have a booth and opportunities as big as this chance, so we want it to be the beachhead for the activities of BDAO in Japan, and the expansion of subscribers and BDAO citizens.

Past/preparatory activities

We’ve already sponsored as a media partner in major Japanese crypto events, like DAOATHON, ETH TOKYO/DAO TOKYO, IVS Crypto in this April. [insert youtube/social media links]




This is a one time ask


Since only a few people are in the Bankless ecosystem in Japan(639 followers on Twitter / 7 contributors, as of July 16th), we can increase the entire Bankless ecosystem of people in Japan including subscribers, contributors, and clients of Bankless Consulting in the wake of this WebX collaboration.

  • A booth will be set up to introduce and explain Bankless to members of the Japanese Web3 community who are not familiar with it and make them involved in the BANKLESS ecosystem via subscription to media
  • Organize the side event with several partners to do more of it independently in accordance with WebX Tokyo itself to expand Bankless Card
  • To get and introduce of Bankless Consulting for Japanese Corp or people who want to launch・grow of DAOs for expanding the DAO consulting market of BDAO


Project Breakdown

Plan for using:
Physical Items(incl. merch, business cards, handouts etc): 30%
NFT minting fee: 10%
Booth-related fee: 10%
Compensation: 50%

Compensation Breakdown

Distribution of Bank tokens for 5 BDAO contributors.


Factor KPI Success Metric
Bankless Card 50 of Bankless Card account signups 50≥30
Bankless Consulting 5 of Bankless Consulting new leads 5≥3
BanklessJP audience 100 of Bankless JP new followers 100≥80


We will help banklessDAO in the following ways

  • Get the new leads for Bankless Consulting
  • Increase BanklessJP audience
  • Further collaborations for BDAO JP into Japanese web3 ecosystem


Booth to promote Bankless

NFT for new subscribers

Discount coupon for BDAO JP current subscribers


Do you think we should obligate projects, which seek funding from the Grants Committee, to use the Project Funding Template?


Use the following link to vote on discord: Poll 14

  • Approve
  • Decline
  • Abstain
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The best path forward for this is via Global Events. Join the meeting with @Jengajojo each Tuesday at 12:00 UTC

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Their ask is more than the max budget for an event, so i recommend them to make a proposal. But we can afford it as global events if there are no objections from anyone to use the Global Events budget for this.

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After conversation with the Global Events team, we have decided to fund this partnership proactively with a 200K ask with the deliverables as listed in this proposal along with video content in English and Japanese for our social media.

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