How To Dao - Educational Video Series

Project Champion: Reinis
Squad: Bankless Latvia (Reinis,, march.401, mib#3323), tundeturner
Purpose: public good,
Affiliation: AV, Marketing, IMN, Bankless Latvia
Authors; Editors: reinis, jengajojo

Funds requested: 540,000 BANK
Project wallet(s): Bankless Latvia multisig - 0x4845d97e565dcf01ce2c523b27b1a355160332e1


  • Create weekly tutorials on DAOs, Defi, Regen and NFTs as valuable educational content.


  • The crew will create one short-form tutorial per week to educate and inform the community about DAOs, Defi, Regen, NFTs. These tutorials serve as a consistent source of content to be repurposed for social media engagement and brand promotion.

Past/Preparatory Activities:

We have produced eight tutorials, which serve as the foundation for this ongoing project. LINK

The first episodes were already distributed on BDAO Social Media channels








As a retrospective, we successfully established a proven concept for our content. The eight tutorials repurposed will provide the marketing department with 2-3 weekly social media posts. Additionally, international media nodes have translated and distributed this content in various languages, expanding our global reach.



Project Breakdown:

We require funding to support video production (studio space rent), we are ready to cover filming, editing, equipment by our own efforts.

Studio Space rent - 300EUR per month (this is where most of the funding will go)

Content production (scriptwriting, equipment, acting, base editing) - currently supported by our own efforts, If the project is successful or generates revenue we would be looking to compensate contributors.

Animation - 7,500 BANK per video

30,000 BANK per video x 15 videos = 450,000 BANK

Compensation Breakdown:

90,000 BANK/season as costs for the project coordinator


Number of videos posted on YT : 1 per week

Avg number of views: 100/video

Number of Social media videos delivered to Marketing Department - 2 per full video


We commit to providing utility to BanklessDAO by continuing to create educational content on DAOs. This content can be used to engage the community and promote the brand. We are open to exploring further collaborations and ways to align with BanklessDAO’s mission and vision.


When using the BanklessDAO brand, we will ensure that it aligns with the mission and vision of BanklessDAO. Our content will reflect the values and goals of the organization.

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Add a poll.

Aside from that. Is this going to have some cross worn done with bankless academy? It may not. Just wondering.

Added poll, thanks.

We havent talked with BA yet, but nothing is off the table, we are ready to collaborate with any BDAO project that is interested :upside_down_face:

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Cool. This sounds good to me.

How does the studio space look?

Is this just animated videos or is there a live element to it?

Do you have any squad background you want to mention?

I always wondered why they took the squad background out of the template.

Again, this doesn’t make a difference in my voting. Just curious.

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Studio space consists of a fiew rooms, we have a white bg room that we have been using until now, but we also have a huge green screen that we wish to implement in future videos as well as an autio recording room (podcast in the future :thinking:) How the videos look currently can be seen here LINK We try to make each video better and strive for improvement always

Squad Background is Bankless Latvia team, we have been working on media for bdao for the past 2 years in marketing department and global events, covering multiple video media projects from short form to long form, as well as our animator is Tundey, he is marketing departments campaign coordinator this season, so we are closely working with them to deliver content


:slight_smile: nice.

I’ll check it out. Congrats on the proposal :slight_smile:


This is a fantastic proposal and very well written and thought out! I think that you also proved the concept with the 8 tutorials is awesome, and each was very high quality, so I’m looking forward to seeing more. I love this project and fully support what you and the squad are doing!

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Hey friends.
This is a grreat opportunitty. And it would be great if we have the script to also be translated and published in our YouTube Channel =).
I encourage our friends in Nacion Bankless and IMN to help with this intiative.

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Love the videos!

About this, why not request USDC from the Treasury directly since you will basically be dumping BANK upon receiving it

I was informed that GC only can give out BANK tokens

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Voted for. And thanks for the efforts. Education is key…