Migrate Local Geographies to Telegram


Migrate local chapters to their own Telegram channel.


The Bankless DAO Discord has a ton of channels. It’s becoming too cluttered to follow along with all of the active development and we need to think of ways to minimize the amount of channels within the Discord. One of the first that comes to mind is forking out the local chapters to Telegram. Generally, there are no core operations that occur in geographic channels so this was one of the first that come to mind.

There’s a few key benefits for migrating local geographies to Telegram:

  1. Collab Land is supported on Telegram. Similar to Discord, each community can create token-gated access to the channel. Taking this a step further, each Local Chapter could set their own individual threshold to access the channel that fits their needs (and not just 35,000 BANK). This creates a more fitting barrier to entry for new individuals that want to dip their toes into bDAO and allows each community to adjust the threshold that’s more in line with their local economy.

  2. Eliminates a long (long) list of channels in the main Discord and provides individuals the opportunity to opt-in on their own local bDAO communities. Moreover, this would create a separate, dedicated area for local community members to communicate rather than having to scroll through dozens of channels to get to their chapter.

  3. Increases surface area of Bankless DAO. Rather than concentrating all the power into the Discord, migrating to Telegram increases the surface area of the DAO across different platforms and has the potential to increase the reach of our growing community.


The migration process will require the Ops Guild to begin asking local chapters in Discord to migrate to Telegram. Each geography will identify a leader to take point on creating the channel and integrating Collab Land.

Once set up, the Ops Guild will create a directory with a link to each Telegram channel for all local chapters and delete the respective geography channel from Discord. The directory will be easily accessible in the main Discord, allowing anyone to join each telegram group depending on their location. This process will likely be slow that’ll take course throughout S2.

Here’s the guide for setting up Collab Land Telegram: Telegram Setup - Collab.Land

Next Steps

  1. Get a temperature check on migrating local chapters/geographies
  2. If passed, ops guild will make the ask to each geographic channel to begin the migration process.


  • Migrate local geographies to Telegram
  • Keep local geographies to Discord

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Migrate - TG is better for localized coordination.

Thanks for the proposal.

  1. I get this point but, in the same fashion as there are lvl0 channels in discord, can we just set up different thresholds for diff local channels, as needed?

  2. This has been fixed by @angyts Now all local channels you are a member of are hidden.

  3. For me this seems like a massive pain from a member POV. At least for SG, the discord channel is working really well - I can find the members under the same usernames as in the rest of the bankless discord, I don’t have to switch platforms when alternating between local and global chat, it feels that the local group is more part of the DAO. If local groups are spun out into Telegram, I fear most of their members will never engage with the global DAO or even be fully aware of its extent.

Have to vote now for now until this is addressed.

This is a great idea. Keeping organic connections is important so having all of those #countries use the same platform should be encouraged.

Is there a cost? I don’t use telegram currently. If so, the DAO should consider covering or get it sponsored.

Hi, I have actually just made all the geographies channels private, after spending quite a number of hours.

I think most people already shouldn’t be seeing so many channels (unless you are an admin or level 2 contributor)…

Otherwise, i like to keep things in one platform. Also i think if certain geographies want to migrate to telegram, there is totally nothing stopping them.


I feel like @angyts already solved the clutter issue with the emoji gating on the geography channels. I also don’t really want to install more software.

I have two thoughts:

  1. I’d love to hear the Local Geographies opinions on this.
  2. While I love the idea of increasing the surface area of the DAO, I feel concerned about splintering and local geographies not having good representation or resultant participation at the DAO.

I think the concern of the channels is largely a self inflicted one at this point, with channel visibility being participatory(to @angyts point).

While it IS a long list to scroll, I think being focused on discord allows us to be able to be as involved or not as anyone wants. Distributing across multiple platforms could compound the issue in creating just one more place to pay attention to, to stay involved.


Two points in favor of moving to TG:

  1. Permissionless. Anyone can start a TG chat. Creating a discord channel requires an L2 to spin it up. If we have roles for each geography, that’s also a lift.
  2. ROLES. Discord only allows for a set number of roles. Creating roles for each geographically region is low value whereas roles like Academy-Dev is more useful.

Possible solution is to nix the roles altogether and just create geography channels when people request them.

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I am definitely interested in a bDAO presence in Telegram for sure I am not sure that it makes sense for Geographies to be there. imo a Telegram would focus on Telegram to Telegram Relationships or just be a Marketing channel that Marketing Guild Maintains

following up on this thread, any update?
maybe we can create some telegram groups and setup collab.land bot and publish for people to join.

Consensus was split on this. We kept the channels in Discord.


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