cNPS Survey Results - Season 5 Month 1

Analyst & Author: Ella Dane (Ella Dane#0382)

Date of survey: August 3, 2022

Date of publication: August 10, 2022

Previous Surveys can be found in this table

Survey Analysis

This analysis pertains to the survey of BanklessDAO members taken during the Coordinape period ending August 3, sampling 102 Guest Pass holders, 58 L1 contributors, and 66 L2 contributors for a total sample size of 226 members.

** see bottom of document for explanation about Community Net Promoter Scores

Before getting into the sentiment analysis, I want to review several other findings in this August survey.

Contributor Involvement Interests

bDAO has a wealth of incredible brains with diverse perspectives. This is arguably our greatest strength, one we should not leave untapped.

Based on the most recent survey, I compiled this sheet that contains data on bDAO members’ Discord handles, guilds/projects they are interested in but haven’t joined yet, and the number of hours per week they are ready to dedicate to a new project.

First, watch this quick walk-through video explaining the sheet and how to read it.

It is vital that we get people off the sidelines. Check this out!

IRL Meetups & bDAO Community Map

IRL meetups are an essential part of a tight-knit online community.

In the survey, 95% of respondents indicated they would like to attend an IRL meetup.

Below is a high-level graphic of what type of IRL events interest bDAO members most.

bDAO meetups, clearly a favorite, were nearly twice as popular as general meetups.

While surveying meetup interest I also asked where people were located, which led to a surprising finding. (At least surprising to me.)

23% of respondents are located in Nigeria, nearly all of whom are near or in Lagos.

Note the concentration in Nigeria and Ghana and the absence of bDAO contributors in the rest of Africa.

Also note the absence of bDAO presence in South America. Fascinating.

Sentiment Analysis


We measured the community’s satisfaction with BanklessDAO and achieved a Community Net Promoter Score (”cNPS”) of 49, a 9 point increase from the July score.

While bDAO members express concern about the slow pace of improvements, Coordinape, remuneration, and token interaction, members are ecstatic about the community, educational content, and opportunities to contribute.

Community Net Promoter Score Summary


We achieved a cNPS of 49, a great score, and yet this month’s score is significantly lower than the scores measured in November and December of 2021.

A total of 226 bDAO members responded to our survey, a decrease of 106 participants since January (down 32%). Of these, a low number (23 of 226) were counted as Detractors.

A quick analysis indicates that Guest Pass showed an increase in satisfaction with the DAO, L1s indicated a significant increase in satisfaction, and L2s experienced an increase in satisfaction.

Our findings indicate that there is a material gap in cNPS between guest passes (cNPS=64), L1s (cNPS=28), and L2s (cNPS= 44).

Quantitative Results:

Qualitative Results

Along with the quantitative cNPS question, I asked an additional qualitative question to measure praises and concerns for bDAO. From this I have synthesized the following.

Why We Love bDAO

  1. Strong community (52 responses)
  2. Educational Experience & Content (31 responses)
  3. Opportunities to Get Involved (27 responses)

These are recurring themes that can be traced through past survey analyses - a huge success. Here, however, I am going to focus on other unique themes from our August survey that stand out. To hear more about what bDAO members have to say about their community, education, and opportunities, please see past analyses here.


  • “I have been on the discord and seen how active, and organic the DAO is. I almost even got a design gig. BanklessDAO is in the right direction.”
  • “I’m experiencing incredible levels of thought leadership in the PM Guild.”
  • “Bankless DAO has helped me grow my skills and also exposed me to a wider network of amazing individuals. It is a no brainer.”
  • “UNLIMITED possibilities for involvement: technical or otherwise.”
  • “Vibes are awesome, and we hustling bear or bull. BDAO STRONG!”
  • “The people, the passion, the potential.”
  • “Basically it’s the best place to be.”

Community Concerns

Slow improvement pace

  • “Slow improvements”
  • “Organizationally it’s hard to move initiatives forward”
  • “Slow pace in governance”

Coordinape, Remuneration & Token Interaction

  • “Remuneration is already way too low and Coordinape rounds to help close the gap are just being attacked by randos.”
  • “Participating in BanklessDAO is volunteering for the vast majority of contributors.”
  • “Currently feels like BANK farming is a strong narrative in the DAO.”

Author’s comment

I’m encouraged by the upward turn in cNPS and the availability of the human resources we have in bDAO.

Let’s go get 'em!


Unattributed NPS scoring sheet source is here

Confidential GUEST PASS responses here (restricted access)

Confidential LEVEL ONE responses here (restricted access)

Confidential LEVEL TWO responses here (restricted access)

Synthesis Scratch Pad here (restricted access)

About Net Promoter Scores:

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a well-regarded methodology for quantifying the whether a brand delivers on its promise. The standardized form of NPS reads as follows: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you recommend X to a friend or colleague?”

In our case, X = “working for BanklessDAO”

The results of an NPS survey can be quantified in a score that ranges from negative 100 to positive 100. Depending on the topic, brand, industry, etc., a “good” score can range anywhere from +0 to +40 and beyond.

Wikipedia discussion of NPS

Lattice discussion of eNPS

In our case, we are measuring “cNPS” which we cleverly coined to mean Community NPS. While there is no clear community standard yet, I believe cNPS relates closely to eNPS (Employee NPS). As for how to interpret the score, according to Jennifer Willy, Editor at, “anything above zero is generally acceptable… Generally, a score between 10-30 is considered good while anything near 50 is excellent.”


Good work on the analysis Ella Dane (Ella Dane#0382)


This is a great one, well done. Appreciate the time you put into this

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I had an amazing read through in the survey, what we need to improve on most basically is our governance fr, our growth has been organic and i love that!..without strong governance it feels like a human body without respiratory organ now feel how it looks like……I’m bullish on bDAO growth!
Awesome survey Ella


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As Livius pointed out: you analysis is a must read.Thank you for that!
Just some things I would like clarification on:

  1. You say that there is no activity in South American ( could that be a language issue?) and most of Africa, bar Nigeria. What role do bankless Africa and, in particular, bankless Brazil play here?
  2. Regarding tokens one feedback was “Currently feels like BANK farming is a strong narrative in the DAO.” I may not get the full context what the contributor is referring to here.
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This is most probably referring to Coordinape, where there is the best place to farm BANK.


Awesome analysis @Ella.Dane I always enjoy reading these cNPS survey results. I wonder why L1 scores fluctuate so much. Guest pass and L2 scores are pretty consistent. But L1 scores are up and down like a roller coaster.

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You are correct. I am unsure. However, I’d like to see the turnover rate for L1s.

Of course, Guest Passes have the largest turnover rate, but the consistency of people coming in and people going out must provide some sort of consistency. I am curious how long active contributors generally belong in the L1 category. Perhaps a quicker turnover rate and a smaller group leads to greater cNPS volatility.

Does anyone know if we have data on turnover and where to find it?

Honestly, I don’t know what is mean by BANK farming. One thing that came to mind was BANK arbitrage between Layer 1 and Layer 2. Or maybe earning and selling BANK immediately. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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I’m not close to either the Bankless Africa or Bankless Brazil projects - I’d love to hear perspectives from people within those projects.

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Thank you for this fantastic report @Ella.Dane

Quick observations:

  1. Folks who contribute to BanklessBrasil are usually not part of the bDAO server, but there is a strong core team of 10-20 contributors there. @Bananachain
  2. Glad to see many contributors from the most thriving economies in Africa.
  3. Interesting to see a lack of contributors from the middle-east and north africa region.
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Well done Ella Dane.


ok, so in this respect there is bDAO activity in Southern America, albeit not captured by our Coordinape . Perhaps one has to agree on how these entities can be tied into the statistics.

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This is a great read.It is insightful as well.
We appreciate the survey!

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