Creation of the Writer's Guild

@frogmonkee Love it! One more suggestion… maybe the ability to create bounties should be restricted to BanklessDAO members and media nodes. I think that could be a good value proposition for becoming a media node (i.e., access to the BanklessDAO writer’s guild).


this makes great sense to me.

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@frogmonkee great idea, thanks for getting this up and running! I voted and signed up on the spreadsheet.

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I agree, love Trello and happy to contribute with research

Trello is cool, big fan of Notion too, be great to contribute (been writing about Bankless on my newsletter

Great stuff! Looking forward to participating.

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Something else I was thinking about was a way to allow for back and forth ‘discussions’ during the editing process. I’ve no idea how it would work in the code, but it would be helpful for the bounty owner to be able to ask further tweaks to a document after receiving the document/project back.

That said, something like that can’t go on infinitely…there needs to be a set limit on these sorts of requests.


Good thinking.

My hunch is that eventually we’ll have coordination between different SME guilds and soon bounties will include requests for people from the editors guild, graphics guild, and writer’s guild all in one place.

Until then, we’ll try to establish some baseline rules for how bounties will be processed. Ie. We’ll have steps like Outline, Draft1, Edits, Draft2, etc.

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Ah. Interesting thought about specific SME groups. I wonder if it will actually splinter that far?

I like the idea of an ‘outline’ for the process. That’s what I was talking about.

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I have an alternative implementation plan. This proposal isn’t really a proposal as much as a mandate that says, “You will organize in this way.”
As such, I don’t think we need to waste time with voting with $BANK. This forum soft-vote should be enough.

We should consider this passed and start working on the bounty board. Thoughts?


Let’s get to it. Clearly we all think this is the way to go.


Agreed. I think we keep the good momentum we’ve built up and start working on the next thing.

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I’m in the Messari analyst program. For research articles, it’s basically a Messari employee editing the analyst. Write-ups are shared via Google docs and there’s a standardized image / chart format. It’s been a pretty collaborative process and the feedback has been quite helpful especially for someone like myself who hasn’t been writing research pieces for awhile.

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let’s move forward.

but, i’m also curious what all needs to be happen to bring this to an actual vote and then what will change once that happens? i assume it’ll require a completed plan, including bounty board and the process/structure.

i’m also curious what all needs to be codified now and what can be added/modified later?

You could use a sweet open-source tool for tool for this:


@frogmonkee i would love to participate where I can add value. I am in agreement that there is enough momentum that we should continue this effort in the direction of developing a bounty board. I guess the first steps for that would be to do a design sprint with some of our Bankless devs and establish the incentives between both of the staking groups so there is some structural benevolence there. I do think we should put this up for a proposal on snapshot before proceeding with anything else though, just so we have some additional signal from those who are not as involved in this conversation, also we’re establishing precedence for the DAO, so that should not be taken lightly😅

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Agreed there seems to be general consensus for the Writer’s Guild to move forward.

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Just throwing this out there, would love to hear thoughts on this. I’m vaguely familiar with Notion and haven’t used Trello, but I’m very familiar with GitHub. With a Bankless GitHub Org, we could create a repository that would specifically house the bounty board in the projects section. From there, anyone in the org could create an issue from a bounty, fork the repo to work on that issue directly, and invite others to that forked repo if any collaboration is involved. We would need to work with the Bankless devs to get writers added to the Org, but this is may be a way of directly connecting the writing with the bounties. GitHub has built in actions to sync with Notion, and there are workflows to push Ulysses (iPad) writing to GitHub as well.

I’m thinking in terms of organization. I’m happy to help onboard people to this workflow if it makes sense to operate this way and the rest of the community is on board with it.

Anyway, I voted yes here, and I’ll vote yes on an official $BANK vote if it goes that route.

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Just an observation, that the promotion of dubious or clearly biased projects by the writer be avoided, and that there really be impartiality of analysis on the part of the moderators.
I think the proposal is very interesting and I am in favor of it.

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For now, a fast-and-loose rule could be that the person submitting requests cannot fulfil that request. If two parties collude, yeah then it’s not the best mechanism. But I’m willing to forgo edge cases in favor of trusting the community not to steal money.

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