DAO Dash Season 2 Proposal Funding

Title: DAO Dash Season 2 Funding Request

Program Champion: paulapivat#3817

Authors: paulapivat, saulthorin, RunTheJewelz

Reviewers: McKethanor

Created Date: Sept 18, 2021

Submission Date: Sept 27, 2021

Program Name

This is a request to fund the DAO Dash Project for Season 2. This builds on the work the team has done and funded via the Analytics Guild pool in Season 1 (reference).

The mission of the DAO Dash project is to create data ingestion, storage and display mechanisms to consume and display analytics important for Bankless DAO decision making. The intent is to build a data store that will allow Analytics Guild members (or other data junkies within the DAO) to access and query information to provide insights that are meaningful to the community as a whole.

In Season 1, we will have successfully:

  • Established a dialogue with stakeholders to determine questions/decisions that need to be guided by data (i.e., First Quest, Marketing Guild, Academy Project, Content Gateway)
  • Developed KPIs / Metrics between DAO Dash and participating guilds (Tipping Metrics)
  • Defined data architecture for DAO Dash 1.0 including data pipeline, storage and query environment
  • Stood up MVP infrastructure
  • Established Data Ingestion between Discord and a postgres database (defined by architecture and with assistance from DevOps)
  • Formed a core team: Confirm Team Roles, Project Funding

Moreover, we have used the Analytics Guild pool (from Season 1) to fund work to lay a foundation for substantial progress in Season 2.

Program Justification

For Season 2, our focus areas include:

  1. Gathering additional stakeholder requirements
  2. Engineering the data platform including additional data pipelines, data security, data governance, integrations, etc.
  3. Providing relevant insights through reports/visualizations and dashboards
  4. Capacity Building for bringing more data junkies onto the platform in support of building DAO insights
  5. Planning for Season 3 and Dao Dash governance
  6. Capability building including SQL, Python, R, The Graph, dbt, and Redash education sessions
  7. Planning for S3 Go To Market efforts

Stakeholder Requirements

  • Gather additional stakeholder requirements to cover areas central to Bankless DAO functioning:
    • Governance & Coordination
      • Member Engagement & Retention (Discord, Discourse)
      • Member Participation in Governance (Discourse, Snapshot)
      • Data on Grants, Guilds and Projects funds (Onchain)
      • Data on Contributor Rewards (Discord, Tipping, Coordinape)
    • Education
      • Data on learning progression through Academy (website)

Data Engineering & DevOps

  • Convert data requirements into data pipelines and tables
  • Perform data ingestion and integration from external sources
  • Provide database and infrastructure support for unified data store
  • Provide tooling support and design scripts for scheduling and automation

Providing Insights

  • Create static reports for First Quest, Academy, Operations, Treasury and Grants.
  • Re-package insights including charts, visualizations, tables, dashboards into an accessible package (i.e., “Data Newsletter”) in collaboration with the Writer’s Guild

Capacity Building

  • Bring other analysts up to speed on contributing to and using the DAO Dash Platform
  • We will create a Data Governance role to outline protocols for protecting member privacy and identity, as well as develop standard language around how and when (if ever) we would expose individual users in metrics or reports.

Looking Ahead (Season 3)

  • Begin laying groundwork for DAO Dash to transition into a Web3 Analytics Engine
  • Explore potential external revenue sources as well as passive revenue channels for owners of data (individuals) and Bankless DAO
  • Run more sophisticated analyses including more correlational, predictive and network analytics

Go To Market Outreach

  • Reaching out to other DAOs to gauge interest in leveraging DAO Dash as a SaaS offering
  • As of 10/19/21, there are 22 DAOs that have expressed interest in either investing, collaborating, or procuring a SaaS offering of DAO Dash to support their internal DAO analytics.


The outcome of DAO Dash are insights provided to various stakeholders identified above. Data related to areas of governance, coordination and education will be readily available and accessible to members throughout the DAO. Insights come from being able to answer the following questions:

​​Governance & Coordination

  • Member Engagement:
    • How many weekly active members are there within the DAO by roles (i.e., L1, L2, guests)? (stakeholder: Guilds)
    • What % of new members go on to obtain the “First Quest Complete” role? (First Quest)
    • Of members who obtain the “First Quest Complete” role, how many are active after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month? (First Quest)
    • What is the retention rate between those who complete First Quest vs those that do not?
    • What do tipping patterns tell us about member engagement?
  • Member Participation in Governance:
    • What % of members vote on Snapshot? (DAO wide)
  • Grants & Rewards:
    • How are funds distributed to and from various guilds, projects?
    • What do Coordinape giving patterns tell us about Bankless DAO network health?
    • What do tipping patterns tell us about Bankless DAO network health?


  • What is the number of users who start and complete Academy course(s)?
  • What is the number of mobile vs desktop users? (Academy)

Moreover, data will no longer be siloed and disorganized. DAO Dash will enable members of the Analytics Guild to query, analyze and present insights for stakeholders throughout Bankless DAO.

By the end of Season 2, key stakeholders will have received a static report of metrics and statistics that help shed light on questions surfaced during the stakeholder requirements phase.

A note on Content Gateway

Another project up for funding is Content Gateway. While there are natural synergies between DAO Dash and Content Gateway, we want to take a moment to highlight areas of differences and where we are complimentary.

At its core, Content Gateway is an intermediary layer that allows data/content to flow between applications in a consistent, repeatable and scalable manner that ultimately allows future product teams to ship faster. The primary users of Content Gateway API (application programming interface) and SDK (software development kit) are software developers building applications. For example, the Content Gateway team has plans to build a mobile application that will consume their data.

DAO Dash, on the other hand, will be a unified query environment and insights engine. The primary users of DAO Dash will be data analysts who can generate insights. The primary beneficiaries of these insights are various stakeholders throughout Bankless DAO including contributors, decision makers, operators, and the wider community at large.

As one example, the DAO Dash team will access discord data, including activation, communication and roles. Data analysts can pull data about community members who have obtained First Quest complete roles, as well as % of First Quest complete roles who remain active after 1 day, 1 week and 1 month (i.e., retention and engagement). The data analyst can provide these insights in the form of automated reports and/or dashboards to the First Quest team.

As another example, the DAO Dash team will obtain tipping data from Discord and giving data from Coordinape, combine them to understand network inflows and outflows of tips and provide data to demonstrate the effectiveness of proposals like the Tipping Liquidity Proposal. There are other network “health” metrics and insights the DAO Dash team can enable once we setup our unified query environment and insights engine.

Program Terms & Resource Allocation

This proposal is to compensate team members to accomplish the above objectives within the approximate time period of October 15th - January 15th.

To achieve the above outcomes, we have created the following roles, their respective areas and hours per role.

Note: Roles can be played by multiple individuals, both core team and other members in the community. The table below does not imply how funds are distributed within the team, of which will consist of baseline and Coordinape distribution.

Resource Allocation

Roles Area Hours / Season Rate Total
Project Champion Stakeholder 60 1000 BANK 60,000
Project Coordinator PM 60 1000 BANK 60,000
Data Governance Privacy 30 1000 BANK 30,000
Data Engineering Engineering 240 1000 BANK 240,000
Development / DevOps DevOps 240 1000 BANK 240,000
Analysts Insights 240 1000 BANK 240,000
870,000 BANK
  • Yes
  • No

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Additional Materials

Project Notion Page: https://www.notion.so/bankless/DAO-Dash-41a151ce8ef74fcd893cba3b47223828

Project Multisig Address: 0x3aEF6716a492D5bE3D8A785b4998B94D5171B732

Project Channel (Discord): #dao-dash-project


I’m pretty sure that this project will be fundamental for the DAO when it comes to making decisions based on data. I also really like the concepts outlined in the post. :+1:


Sounds expensive. But sounds like the correct market rate for something of this scale and quality.

Thanks for writing up this proposal. This is crucial to transforming our DAO to one of the most Data informed DAO. I realised Gitcoin is very KPI focused and driven, not sure if they have something similar.

By the way, there is another project out there doing some API integration.

Are there crossovers?

@angyts we are in close contact with the Content Gateway team, they joined our morning standup meeting today in fact. We have been able to make some clear distinctions which we mention in the post above. Both platforms have a couple (not all) overlapping datasets but the purposes are different. DAO Dash is meant to be a business intelligence and analytics application. It’s primary use case is empowering analysts to deliver insights to DAO community leaders in an agile fashion. Content gateway (CG) is more of a framework or SDK (software development kit) rather than a application. CG is not an analytics application but rather something that will empower future developers to quickly integrate with common DAO datasets. The primary purpose of CG to my understanding is to enforce type safety (you get a numeric data type from the API when you are expecting a numeric data type) and scalability (apache kafke/avro wizardy). DAO Dash can push data to CG so others can use it for their own build but DAO Dash can also be a consumer of CG, pulling in data from CG to our dashboards. Hope this helps:)

Also, I like that you used ‘data informed’ rather than data driven. We want to inform decision making and make our content and marketing materials more compelling but we do not want to fall into the classic case of analysis paralysis :upside_down_face:.


Wonderful. Amazing that we have top notch data talents in our DAO. Thanks for explaining.

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I know I can not understand or stay on top of all that the DAO is moving forward but appreciate the efforts to us “non technical” folks or ones that skipped over the computer generation, your explanations are so very helpful and important. I love the mobile platform effort as well as see the need for the DASH. Good on ya and support both efforts. Infrastructure will be critical for sustainability and long term strength of the brand going forward.

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